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Author: 199flags

10 Rules the Best Online Dating Profiles Follow

The best online dating profiles are not easy to make for the inexperienced.  There are dumb mistakes first-timers will almost always make.  In this article, I provide 10 rules you must follow when creating a successful online dating profile…

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How to Seduce Cebuanas: A Gringo Guide

Seducing Cebuanas is easy, although there is one big problem you will face.  In this how-to guide on dating Cebuanas, I will detail what they are like, how to seduce them, best game to use and best places to stay while in Cebu. This knowledge comes…

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How to Get a Girl’s Number on Tinder (w/ Photo Guides)

This article serves as a guide on how to get a girl’s number on Tinder.  In the article, I provide real examples that show you how fast and easy girls’ numbers are to get.  This was done in America which is more challenging than Asia or Latin…

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Every Great International Playboy Has a Great Doorman

Golfers have caddies, professional athletes have agents, and the international playboy has a doorman.  In this article, I will discuss why having a doorman is so important, a couple drawbacks to having one and some examples of why it was nice having…

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Philippines Girls: A Gringo’s Guide to Dating Pinays

Before starting to write this review on Philippines girls, my conscious crept up into me a bit.  Before reading this review, please be aware that this review is not putting a tag on a race of people.  I respect all races.  In my opinion, everyone is…

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Tinder Plus Review | The Ultimate Guide for Men

This Tinder Plus review will serve as a continuation to my last article.  If you use the dating app, you have probably seen the option to upgrade to Tinder Plus.  When most guys see this, they most likely are on the fence to purchase.  I am…

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Thank Tinder for Making Bachelor Travel Better Than Ever

When I first started traveling to meet women, I didn’t use Tinder.  Now I use it for much more than picking up lays.  In my opinion, right now is a better time than ever for single guy travel.  Especially for us horn-dogs that are looking to get a…

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