This is your host 199. I’m a 32-year-old male from the United States.

Before I changed my life, I was lost without ever realizing it. A 14-year addiction to smoking bud took me down a path I will never regret, although by the time I ended that problem, big changes were needed in my life.

One night in my place, I had the deepest epiphany of my life. It was finally time to start my quest of world travel. A quest I had only previously seen in dreams.

In general, I am an incredibly horny male, and there is nothing I enjoy more than making love with wholesome women. To me, it is an art form. When I make love, I paint a masterpiece.

After being almost sexless for years, I realized the problem was not me, it was the American women. They no longer turned me on, and our energies no longer meshed.

I ran into a post on the internet about Asian women that really caught my eye. It prompted me to begin my journey in the Philippines.

Over the past year, I have made love with over a 100 beautiful women from around the world. Now, it is my intention to give back to other men.

Every man should reach his sexual peak.

I went from prematurely ejaculating to making love with model hot women like a M’FN Pro. Nothing gives me more satisfaction, and I am confident any man can achieve the same.

Your Host,
Twitter @199flags

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