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News Flash! Tinder Isn't Easy

  •  Are you having trouble converting Tinder matches into sex?
  • Wasting countless hours trying to impress girls on Tinder you’ll never actually meet in person?
  • Don’t know what to say to get her number?
  • Did you give up and tell yourself only studs get laid on Tinder? Get out of the friend zone!

Improve Your Photos

Get You More Butt

Turn You Into a Playboy

Let’s Get Right Down to It

Tinder is the only online dating app you should be using because it is the best online dating site in the world.  No other matchmaker app will deliver the same amount of women looking for men.  None!

Where does 199 come into play?

Let me break this down quick for you.  You won’t find anyone else on the planet having the same success I have on Tinder.  If you can, please identify the guy.

In 2016 alone, I made 1000s of Tinder matches and banged over 100 Tinder girls from all over the world.

You’re not going to find a relationship coach or Tinder coach with the same level of online dating expertise.  This isn’t some BS Clickbank offer, this is the real MF’N deal!

I’m an online dating expert, and I worked from the ground up.  My dating services will turn you into an international playboy or master of your own city.

Why Should You Hire 199?

I can be your online dating coach and show you all the methods I use to skyrocket my success on Tinder.  This is the info I don’t share publicly on 199flags.

I refined my Tinder methodology to a level of 100% optimized.  I have the kind of knowledge only a master can possess.  I’m the type of person who puts in countless hours mastering a specific craft.  My current craft is picking up Tinder lays worldwide like a boss.

Here are some ways I can enhance your sex life:

  • Help you find a girlfriend
  • Be your personal Tinder Coach
  • Share my secret internet dating tips
  • Feed you Tinder opening lines that convert into sex
  • Show you how to get a girl’s number or do it for you
  • You can ping me live with questions, and I will convert the date for you.
  • Be your personal matchmaker – maybe you don’t have time to deal with women.


Insane Match Totals!


Contact Glen directly at with all inquiries.