My Top-Secret Hair Growth Oil Recipe for Men Revealed

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

Ever since I can remember, my hair has been one of my top priorities.  Over the years, I have tested many natural and essential oils for hair growth, and this is the mixture that has worked best for me.

My hair oil mixture is a base castor oil hair treatment mixed with all the best natural and essential oils for hair.

In this article, I outline the items men need to make my hair growth oil, provide an instructional video, and directions on how to apply my hair oil mixture to the scalp.

I then explain why this is the best oil for hair regrowth, removal of dandruff, and hair thickening for men.


  • Castor Oil – Heritage Organic Castor Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Jojoba Oil – Desert Essence Jojoba Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil – Aura Cacia Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil – Aura Cacia Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Optional) – Aura Cacia Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil (Optional) – Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil
  • Neem Oil (Optional but crucial as Dandruff Treatment) – Organic Neem Oil
  • Emu Oil (Optional) – Pure Emu Oil
  • Tamanu Oil (Optional) – Organic Tamanu Oil
  • Shower Cap – Disposable Shower Caps 100ct
  • Small Glass or Shot Glass for small batches
  • Small Pot
  • Old Clean Towel

Below is my instructional video for mixing the oils

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Directions for Mixing the Oils

  1. First, create a hot water bath in a small pot – Only a shallow amount of water, a couple of inches is perfect.  This is where men will place the glass containing the oil mixture to heat it up.  The mixture shouldn’t be too hot.  Making it hot enough to easily stir and open the pores is perfect.  Avoid burning the scalp with an overheated mixture.
  2. Next, pour a generous amount of Castor oil into the glass (See video) – Castor oil hair treatment is well-documented as beneficial for the hair and scalp.  The oil is extremely thick.  This is why it is important to use heat during application to increase absorption.  Castor oil hair treatment is also good to use on its own for massaging into the hairline.
  3. Add small amounts of Jojoba & Olive Oil (See video) –  Jojoba oil is my new favorite oil for the skin after my buddy in California offered it to me.  It is the fastest absorbing oil I have ever used.  Olive oil in hair also has a host of its own benefits. When adding these oils, take into consideration hair length.  Men with long hair need to make a lot more than men with short haircuts.  The goal is to drench the hair and scalp in the oils.  It’s better to have a little extra than too little.
  4. Add optional Neem, Emu & Tamanu Oils – Use a dropper to add these oils.  For me, the neem oil isn’t optional.  The benefits it gives my scalp make it a must-have.  The biggest problem is the scent of neem oil.  It is similar to a pungent garlic smell.  Emu and Tamanu oils are a bit pricey, yet still useful to supercharge the scalp benefits.
  5. Now it’s time to add each of the essential oils – Rosemary and tea tree are the most important on the list.  Rosemary and tea tree essential oils are used in common natural hair care products to promote hair health.  I get bad dandruff, and both of these oils help to eradicate it.  Add 1-2 drops of each oil.  The Lavender and Eucalyptus are optional.  Some men are anti-lavender, not me. It has a calming effect on the mind.  The eucalyptus has a pleasant menthol scent and adds an extra tingle.
  6. Move the oil mixture to the hot water bath.  Try not to use thin glass or it may crack from the heat.  Men who are making a small batch can use a shot glass.
  7. Heat the oil until it swirls around in the glass freely.  Make sure all the ingredients mix well.  Don’t let it get too hot.  Remember it is going on the sensitive scalp skin.

How to Apply

Most men have short hair.  This makes the application of the mixture a breeze.  When applying it, make sure to start with clean hands and clean hair.  This way the pores are clear before the mixture is applied.

Men who have long hair, start by massaging the warm oil into the scalp.  Try to cover the entire scalp with oil.  It is important to massage the scalp while applying the warm oil to increase circulation.  The goal is to get as much blood flow to the scalp as possible.

My trick is to concentrate on the parts of my scalp that I’d never want to go bald – the front hairline and the crown.  Since I started using this oil five years ago, my hairline hasn’t budged.

During the first two years of use, I noticed hair regrowth along my hairline.

Perks of Using My Hair Growth Oil

The beauty of my oil mixture is that it’s chemical-free.  With Rogaine, men have to keep applying it, or the hair that had regrown falls out.  For the record, I have never used Rogaine or any chemical treatments, but I have heard they stop working without constant application.

hair growth oil for men

Since using the oil, my hairline hasn’t budged.

In my experience, my mixture doesn’t need to be constantly applied.

Directions Continued

Once the hair and scalp air are completely saturated in oil, break out a cheap shower cap.  I had bought a huge bag of cheap ones years ago for a separate project.  They ended up being perfect to use for this treatment.

The reason the caps work so well is that they stay tight against my scalp and are disposable.  The oil can get messy.  Reusing a shower cap filled with oil is not a good idea.  Also since the cap stays tight against the scalp, the heat gets trapped better while the oily hair stays compressed.

Men can wrap their heads with a towel to better trap the heat beneath the shower cap and increase the effectiveness of the oil.  It’s better to use an old towel since the oil can leak out of the shower cap a bit.

Keep the hair soaked in this hair growth oil for 1-3 hours.  From my findings, leaving it longer is unnecessary.  Although if the hair is damaged, dry, thinning, or it’s the first few times using the oil, longer soaking times may boost the benefits.

Washing out the Oils

This is the fun part.  Having short hair is a big luxury for this step.  For men with longer hair, washing out the oil is a bit of a process.  The good part is this is not something men need to do every day.

Men who follow my steps should only apply the oil 1-3 times a week.

I have tested applying the hair oil every other day and found no extra benefit.

Men who have short hair need to shampoo twice at a minimum.  It may take a second shower after applying the oil to get the rest of it out.

For men who have long hair like me, it has taken me up to 4-5 washes to get it all out.

For men who are suffering from dandruff and using this oil to combat it, my go-to dandruff shampoo is Neutrogena T-Gel Extra Strength Shampoo.  This is one of the only products I use that isn’t all-natural, but this stuff flat-out tackles even the most stubborn dandruff.

Nizoral also works well to banish dandruff, especially in tropical climates.  Its active ingredient is an anti-fungal named Ketoconazole.

After using the shampoos for two washes to rinse out the oil, I use a round of bar soap.

I’m addicted to good bar soap.  Keeping my skin healthy while traveling is of the utmost importance after experiencing a staph infection in my elbow that required surgery.

The two soaps I use are Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap and Sulfur chamomile soap.

After completing several washes, there should be no traces of oil, and the scalp should feel refreshed.

Less than a year ago, I ran out of dandruff shampoo and my hair oil while in a foreign country.  Dandruff returned with a vengeance.

This past month, I used my hair growth oil with T-gel, and the dandruff is completely gone.  The oil also seems to have thickened my hair.

Why Is This the Best Oil for Hair?

  • It helps regrow and thicken hair. It worked for me.  I’m sure it doesn’t work for everybody, but it’s worth a shot.
  • It heals even the most stubborn dandruff.  Men who know how stubborn dandruff can be may find relief with my recipe.  Salicylic acid stopped working well for me.  I had used this product, Jason Dandruff Shampoo, for years.  One day, it stopped working.  Dandruff Tip: Cut back on sugar dramatically while trying to heal from it.
  • My hair oil mixture makes hair shinier and more hydrated.  I like when my hair looks good.  It feels good these days with all the messy man buns out there when I look around and know mine is healthier and more well-kept.  A lot of people hate on man buns.  They look good if done correctly.  Top knots are a different story.
  • It’s important for men with long hair to know how to care for it.  Taking care of long hair is like a pet.  My hair growth oil is a great way for men to keep their locks looking healthy and attractive.  Women tend to compliment my hair and find it attractive.
  • Hair grows faster.  I’ve experienced a faster hair growth rate since beginning my hair oil routine.  It also keeps the skin on my scalp healthier overall.
  • Say goodbye to itchy scalp problems.  There is almost nothing worse than an itchy scalp.  Picturing nails against the scalp gives me the shivers.  The skin on the scalp is sensitive and not meant for itching.
  • The anti-aging benefits for the forehead skin.  When applying the oil, men can massage it deeply into the forehead, especially the area closest to the hairline.  Make sure not to get any of the oil in the eyes!  Natural stuff can burn worse!  That is why I suggest using only 1-2 drops of the essential oils.  Also, make sure not to touch the face while mixing the oil.


From my findings, my mixture is the best hair growth oil for men.  To make it, I experimented with different oils until I found the perfect mixture.

I started with castor oil alone, but the problem was the sheer thickness of the oil.

After adding all these other natural hair oils and essential oils, the oil mixture absorbed better than the castor oil alone.

I have tried several processes with numerous ingredients.  The process explained in this article has worked best for me.

Traveling with the oil

Men who want to travel with the oil can purchase leak-proof travel bottles and premix a large batch at home first.  It can then be heated while on the road inside the containers and used directly.

Extra Tips

Mix large batches and heat up the mixture as needed.

Make sure to massage it in well to get the blood circulating.

Try mixing a dab of it with shampoo.  The soap emulsifies the oils.  This is especially true with neem oil.  I like to use a little dab of neem and tamanu every time I shampoo.  A couple of drops of rosemary and tea tree is good too.

Men with beards can boost beard health with these oils.