Why Every Skilled Gallivanter Needs a Loyal Doorman

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

Golfers have caddies, professional athletes have agents, and the skilled gallivanter has a doorman.

In this article, I will discuss why having a doorman is imperative, drawbacks to having one and examples of why I prefer having one while living the gallivanting lifestyle.

Why Does a Gallivanter Need a Doorman?

  • The doorman is the barrier between the gallivanter and the outside world.  This is important for several reasons.  For example, you’re in hot water with a girl, and her boyfriend or family threatened you.  The doorman keeps drama away from your front door.  In this situation, a loyal doorman will physically remove any problem person(s) or alert the police/security to have the person(s) removed.  The main takeaway is that a loyal doorman provides an extra layer of security.
  • A loyal doorman offers the gallivanter all the local knowledge he needs.  This includes information on where to eat, shop, meet girls or any other pertinent bits of info about the neighborhood.  This is the type of intel that is pure gold while gallivanting.
  • They can make calls for the gallivanter.  This is especially useful when the gallivanter can’t speak the native language.  Loyal doormen will call for food, smokes, beer or other miscellaneous deliveries.  They will also call for a taxi on the fly.
  • A doorman is someone the gallivanter can converse with before getting settled in. In some destinations, the doormen were the only male friends I made since my main focus was dating.  It’s always nice to have a local on my side from the get-go.


The Drawbacks to Having a Doorman

Although I recommend having a doorman, there are a couple of drawbacks:

  • While indulging in promiscuousness, the relationship with the doorman can become cumbersome.  A cool doorman won’t mind, but I’ve had others who attempted to sabotage me.  Sometimes I’d rather skip the doorman hurdle altogether.
  • When they expect tips for everything.  I combat this problem by giving loyal doormen small gifts instead of cash.  A few beers here and there, or if I get a pizza, offer a piece, stuff like that.  It’s amazing how much people appreciate small, thoughtful gifts.

My Experiences

When I was in Cabarete, my apartment was close to the main street.  All the locals I met there always thought it was convenient to come over.  My Dominican friends loved to come over unannounced.

I made an agreement with my doorman in Cabarete to screen everyone.


I should have put one of these on my door in Cabarete.

The doorman blocked people.  We became friends and shared a lot of stories.  He was a family man.  In his eyes, I was a crazy gringo that provided friendship and entertainment.

These are the kind of people I like to meet in my travels.  I enjoy hearing stories from the natives.  Conversating with the natives makes it possible to see the world through their eyes.  To me, that’s one of the most rewarding aspects of travel.

I’ve had quality conversations with almost all the doormen I’ve met in my travels.  They are some of the most real people I’ve ever met.

In Manila, the place I stayed at was luxurious.  The doormen there were less social, but the most professional I’ve met.  I appreciate having someone hold the door for me and my date.

Most recently, in Barranquilla, I formed some memorable bonds with the doormen there.  They always made sure to take care of me and never let a word slip.  I hope to see them again someday.


In my opinion, every gallivanter needs a loyal doorman.  He’s the best assistant a gallivanter can have while on tour.

Gallivanters who use Airbnb can ask the host what’s included.  “Doorman” is included in the list of amenities.  Also, check out my list of essential Airbnb tips.

As always, happy gallivanting!