The route to opening your third eye is an adventure unlike any other. In my opinion, it’s essential for all men to experience ego loss and the euphoria that comes with it. Way back when before I began chasing exotic women and smoked entirely too much cheese, I was adept in the art of third eye chakra healing and ego loss.

opening your third eye through meditationIt all started for me at the age of 15 on a Science Club field trip in Baltimore.

The following fourteen years were packed with digital moments and soaring highs that would land most people in a mental hospital.

I’m the kind of person who needs to do at least twice as much as everyone else – excluding alcohol.

My body has an incredible ability to metabolize and extract the effects from substances.

That’s not to say that I didn’t eventually need to stop altogether once major fits of depression began wreaking havoc on my life.

Looking Back

When I look back on those days, I love what I see, but I’d die if I tried to replicate those days at age 34.

Additionally, I took what I learned from those third eye experiences and figured out how to enhance my everyday sober life.

That’s the beauty of opening your third eye, you can take what you learn and use it for the rest of your life.

As I write this, my forehead feels stimulated.

When your third eye is open, you don’t need to open your eyes to see.

Everything is laid out right in front of you.

Before I jump into my story, I’d like to share a portion of a quote by Maynard Keenan from Tool that’s inspired me since I was 18:

“The trick is to use the [psychedelics] drugs once to get there, and maybe spend the next ten years trying to get back there without the drug.”

One of my best friends I met at Clemson is the biggest Tool fan I know.

We were able to see Tool together for the first time in San Francisco a few years back at the Bill Graham.

The experience exceeded my expectations.

Now, to the third eye story…

The National Aquarium in Baltimore

In the early a.m., my good childhood buddy hopped into the seat next to me.

The bus was packed with a rowdy and eclectic group of high schoolers.

These “field trips” were more of a party and a different type of science experiment than anything educational.

My buddy reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of foil.

He unwrapped it and inside, there were two mystical sugar cubes.

He passed me one and kept one.

We proceeded to let the cubes melt under our tongues.

The bus began rolling, and we were on our way to Baltimore from the beach.

Halfway there, the bus stopped to get food.

After we ate, my buddy and I linked up with this hippy chick who was a couple years older than us to burn a j.

At the time, I felt no effects from the sugar and began wondering if I would at all.

The j wrapped up, then we were back on the bus of pandemonium.

People were drunk and high off all types of stuff, but my buddy and I were the only ones in our circle of friends who were cubed up.

About ten minutes later, I closed my eyes.

I suddenly began flying through an endless bright-green grass field with a lone twisted tree in the middle.

It was as if a monk had entered my mind to show me the ways of the world.

Soon, I landed under the tree to absorb my surroundings.

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, and this waking dream had the same clear appearance as life with my eyes open.

It was the first stage of my third eye opening.

Then my buddy tapped me…

My buddy abruptly tapped me on the shoulder, and I disconnected from my vision to acknowledge him.

He said, “I think it’s working.”

I replied, “It’s definitely working.”

When we landed in Baltimore, I felt like a child who had just arrived at the park for the very first time.

Everything I saw and touched interested me.

I started talking to classmates who I never took the time to know before then and asking them all sorts of questions to get to know them better.

They were perplexed, yet open to conversing.

They couldn’t help but soak up the energy of the moment.

Then, we entered the planetarium, where the complexion of life itself changed forever.

I stared up while seated next to one of my closest girlfriends, and we melted together.

Later, I linked back up with my friends.

We went over to this two-way mirror that became see-through with the flick of a switch.

The point was to sit across from your friend and when the switch got flicked, you could see your friend sitting across from you.

With the switch off, you see yourself.

We couldn’t handle it.

That’s when the maniacal laughter and euphoria set in.

We had to move outside…

An indoor environment was too restrictive.

Once I stepped foot outside, I looked down the road into infinity.

At that moment, time no longer existed.

Extreme euphoria swallowed my being.

It was my first taste of ego loss, and I’ll never forget that moment.

That was the peak for me.

It proved to me how minuscule our existence truly is, yet how phenomenal it is.

I tapped into my being and reset my mind.

For the rest of the night, we couldn’t stop smiling, laughing, and appreciating the small things in life.

The Bum and the Teacher

Before we left Baltimore, I sat down next to a bum who was sitting on a bench.

He was repeatedly throwing two dice on the ground in front of him.

His existence intrigued me.

He had completely lost his mind, but my presence and energy brought the little bit of like he had left to the surface.

He spoke about his son in broken sentences.

I had this picture of me sitting beside him where he looked happy and normal.

The strangest part was that my buddy came over and said I was wasting my time talking to him.

Then the guy who was the head of the Science Club walked by.

He looked over at me and gave me this half smile like he knew exactly what was happening.

Even twenty years later, I can picture the mystique of that moment like it happened yesterday.

The Next Day

Opening my third eye for the first time was excellent, but it comes with consequences.

When a person opens up doors in their mind and being, it comes with extra responsibility.

For over a decade, I had experiences similar to this one at outdoor music festivals.

I learned that there’s nothing worse than a know-it-all hippy who thinks he’s got it all figured out.

The point is that it’s easy to get lost after experiencing third eye opening and ego loss.

Most people will take the wrong path while others humbly accept the knowledge.

For this reason, this type of third eye experience isn’t for everyone.

Socrates once said:

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing, and I am not quite sure that I know that.”

This is the exact reason I quit philosophy as a minor in college and almost never engage in philosophical conversations.

In my opinion, philosophy and the third eye have nothing in common.

Where am I now?

Going back to the quote by Maynard; that’s where I am now.

I prefer to keep my energy and mind balanced.

There’s a little bit of those third eye experiences in every day of my life.

Without those days, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

All Good 2007

all good festival 2007 marvin's mountaintop

Back in the summer of 2007, I reached the summit of existence with a group of close friends who consisted of only the most hardcore people I know.

Nowadays, none of them are hardcore, including myself.

We still talk about the energy we found on top of that mountain together.

It’ll bind us in this lifetime and beyond that too.

It’s what led us to that unique spiritual awakening in the first place.

Looking back, I can’t tell you how many times fresh fungus tickled my third eye.

I know that feeling well; sometimes all it takes is a bit of meditation to get back there.

I’ve gone on three-day binges on that mountain without sleeping.

Mixing the fungus with other substances to turn my field of view into fractal art was the goal.

Final Thoughts

Opening your third eye is not an act you should take lightly.

The best route to get there is through meditation and the understanding of the 7 chakras.

People who can learn how to unblock chakras get the most fulfillment out of life.

After working my way up the ladder, I returned to the sacral chakra to indulge in my hedonistic side.

Cheers and best of luck on your spiritual journey!

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Mind Lab Pro® - Your brain is your universe