Top 10 Party Schools in 2024 for Getting Laid in the US

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Everyone wants to know where the top 10 party schools are for getting laid in the United States.  Seems like getting laid in college is more of a priority nowadays since many teenagers getting out of high school can’t accomplish the feat.

I can understand this point of view because I was the same when I was getting ready to apply for college.  I wanted to know where my best chances were to meet hot sorority girls and sleep with them.

Well, here is my ultimate list of the top 10 party schools in America based on stories I’ve heard from passing by.

1. University of California, Santa Barbara

top ten party schools


UC Santa Barbara benefits from an attractive and hard-partying student body.  It also features a great on-campus beach and terrific weather.  Isla Vista, California – which is home to the bulk of UCSB students – is famous for its debauchery, beach culture and outdoor festivals.

This city is known to be well-liked for its crazy parties and hot, blonde California girls.  This University is a bastion for cliquey sorority girls, the culture of UCSB is simply much more conducive to gaming.  This, combined with its beautiful weather, beaches, and laidback yet hard-partying culture make UC Santa Barbara paradise on Earth for young men.

2. University of Southern California

hottest sorority girls

A Few years ago, USC was recognized as one of the top 10 party schools in America.  After spending a couple of weekends there, I can definitely agree.  The school is 10 mins away from downtown LA where you can hit up various bars and clubs like Exchange, Belasco, The Standard, and the list keeps going.  You get a big diversity when going to USC for partying.

I had some great experiences only because I had some friends who invited me to the fraternity and house parties that they serve on a weekly basis.  Hooking up here is not too hard, especially if you have mutual friends who are willing to help you out.  There’s a lot of quality girls who are down.

3. University of Arizona

best party schools

You already know Arizona is a barren wasteland with hot women who are ready to hook up regardless of being shamed.  This school is known to have the largest amount of students enrolled so your odds here are impeccable.

Words can’t describe how easy it is for me to meet a girl on 4th Avenue and have the time of my life.  Because there isn’t much to do but party, I see it as an opportunity for many young men who plan to visit UofA.  I had friends who were over it after a year because they were just getting it in almost every other night!  So prepare yourself before visiting this school – bring lots of rubbers.

4. New York University

get laid in college

After visiting NYU, I am pleased to say the ratio here is far greater than most schools I visited.  Fortunately, many of my friends who were attending NYU were girls which happened to be in my favor.

I was in luck when it came to meeting girls.  It didn’t hurt that my friend and I hooked up too of course.  The school itself lacks parties, but because of the famous nearby East Village, you can hit up the bar and meet many girls without even trying.

New York is also known for its fashion craze, so if you’re into girls who know how to dress up and down, then you better start attending here!  What I really enjoyed about this school was that the drinking never stopped, and the location itself was awesome.  I was able to bring girls over instantly since the bar wasn’t too far from my place.  Nightlife here is insane compared to Las Vegas so check it out when you get the chance!

5. University of Miami

hot miami girls

This sunshine state is known for its party culture so you know the schools here are partying harder than the older folks.  Their reputation precedes them when it comes to partying hard and meeting the freaky girls.

Bars are everywhere so you don’t need to worry about pre-gaming as long as you have the right group of friends.  Just beware, when you attend this school there will be a lot of spending going on because you’re going to be going out every night.

6. Michigan State University

hot sorority girls MSU


Truth is, Michigan State University really knows how to party, especially the city itself during football season.  If you visit during a game and the team wins, consider yourself laid.  They go bonkers in celebration, so the chicks become easy targets.  This alone makes it one of the top 10 party schools in the country.

If a win goes down while you’re in town, you’ll be in for a real treat of getting hammered to the max!  You might want to check out Cedar Village if you want to get trashed with the top-tier college girls.

They have some amazing bars with great deals on beers and food.  Did I forget to mention that MSU has a large Greek letter organization?  It’s true so you know if schools like MSU who have a heavy emphasis on fraternities and sororities go hard, then the girls are easy.  There is no competition when meeting girls here as well because they have it all.

7. Arizona State University

Hot ASU girls

ASU and UofA are very much alike when it comes to partying, but with a little rivalry comes competition.  There’s a lot of expectations here when it comes to partying and meeting girls.

However, this school is known to gossip about parties going down in their neighboring town.  They ranked 3.8 out of 5 which is not too shabby.  They have a whole social media craze going on dedicated to parties at the school.  Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

8. University of Georgia

This Southern state school has nothing better to do than to hook up from what I’m hearing.  Men here, who can talk the talk and walk the walk, will definitely nail any girl.  It’s sort of a bad representation for UGA, but I think it’s awesome!

College is all about scoring, and I guess studying if you’re into that.  Going here will improve your chances of bringing a girl home.  Just like many southern schools, UGA is known for its infamous frat and dorm parties.  I remember a story my friend told me.  He felt like he was in an adult video because everyone was just hooking up right there on the couch!

9. University of Texas (Austin)

Great place for young men looking for college girls who are not afraid to get what they want.  What I noticed here was that girls are more aggressive in what they want.  You will definitely know the signals when they want to hook up.  The school itself is known for its crazy parties and diversity, even though it’s in Texas.

However, bars around the school are known for thirsty men.  Be aware when hitting up the bars near the school.  Many friends of mine recommend to check out 6th street which is your typical bar hopping fiesta.  Don’t miss out on Texas because honeys just keeping coming!

10. Pennsylvania State University

Penn State Girls

Besides the dull weather here, you will notice a cesspool of white girls who are just dying to get in your pants.  I kid you not, many girls here are thirsty because the school itself lacks in things to do.

For example, my friend who recently graduated told me some insane stories about girls who would come over left and right regardless of who they were sleeping with at the time.  There isn’t much to do but drink, study, and sleep.  Why not get your fix on right?!

Anyhow, if you come out here for school, you will not be missing out on much.  Your rate of scoring is very high in my opinion.  My friend that I mentioned is also an average looking dude, he couldn’t get any girls when we were hanging out.  PSU finishes this list of top 10 party schools in America with a bang!

Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with any of these schools.  In case you didn’t know, getting drunk is essential to having a good time and finding easy action.

Personally, USC was my favorite with great diversity – fine girls from all corners of the globe were walking around drunk.

Most colleges, in general, can be easy targets, but these for sure are the ones you’ll want to hit up in America.  Always try to take advantage of a celebration or win, and you’re essentially guaranteed to get some action at the after-party!


  1. Brianmark

    Good list. I attended several of this schools and partied at many others.

    • 199Flags

      Glad you enjoyed it! I agree with you on Southern schools like Alabama. I attended a school not on this list, you can probably tell which one haha.

      Thinking about down South makes me miss those days. Hot Southern girls with a draw are easily some of the hottest white girls in the world, and they like to party hard.

      • Brianmark

        I’m not sure what school you went to, but I’d love to hear about it if it’s a great party school. Florida State should be on this list instead of Michigan State. Party schools typically have great sports teams and are mostly in warm weather states.

        • 199Flags

          This was a guest post. I think the most important metric is girl to guy ratio. If you’re not into sports, there are ton of schools with amazing ratios. I love sports, so there was no sacrificing that aspect for me. I’ll give you a hint where I went; we’re the current champion in a major sport.

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