What’s up everyone out there?  You may have been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while.  The reason is that I was working in the shadows during my spare time building the new 199flags.

My previous theme limited the quality of the site and didn’t properly convey my message.

199flags will now serve as a gallivanting and general men’s blog mixed with whatever cookies I feel like putting out at the party.

I’ve come a long way in a little over a year and grew in a lot of ways while failing in others.  Like the Sixers keep telling me, “Trust the Process.”

Most of what I see in the game niche doesn’t reflect who I am.

I’m a gallivanter who walks around Saigon drinking beer in a koozie without a care in the world.

Don’t mind the experts, beer does not affect physique.  All I need is a bed and my legs to keep my core tight.

My beard has grown into a small forest.

I’ve realized that blogging is supposed to be fun and should only be a tool to achieve a mild income for some of us writers.

The super successful bloggers – making six-figs or more – were lucky enough to start early.  Although having said that, it’s still possible to create a highly profitable blog with a clever plan and perhaps years of writing.

I’ve already ended the one service I offered here.  I did just publish my first ebook.

The Future of 199flags

I believe the future of 199flags is going to be a lot more fun.

My plan is to publish more helpful and entertaining content.  199flags isn’t a niche site or run by a guy who scored a handful of times and thinks he figured out the code to dating success.

News flash, there is no code.  Every guy is different and needs a unique approach to finding success with women.  Sure, there are common themes, but not as many as these know-it-alls want men to believe.

I’m not a player by any means.  I’m just a guy who loves women.

Meticulous SEO can make blogging less fun.

When I read other blogs, I quickly pick out the exact keyword(s) they are targeting, and it ruins the entire post.

Yeah, I’m guilty of doing it, but it’s necessary to run a successful blog.

Zero SEO = Zero success

My Thoughts on the Men’s Niche

In my opinion, the game niche is flooded and ruining a good thing.

A few guys warned me to stay out of the game niche, but I didn’t know any better.

My main qualm with it is the flawed egos that populate it.  It seems like a lot of guys are trying to validate themselves while selling products to men who are lost.

I couldn’t care less about what other guys think of me and don’t see why any man worth his salt would either.

Bachelor Paradise is Sacred

Any guy who is willing to post information about bachelor paradises for free should be ashamed of himself.

I’m not going to take down the few posts I wrote about a couple of countries, but I’m glad I never followed through on writing batches of city guides or spilling information about sacred paradises.

The main point is any blogger who is willing to sell out a place in an effort to make a buck or inflate his ego is someone I can’t jibe with.

Men should carve out their own paths and spend countless hours making their missions and journeys noteworthy.

There are countries I’ve visited that I’ll never mention in this blog.

But it won’t stop…

So There It is, Welcome to 199flags 2.0!

Happy Gallivanting!