What’s up everyone out there?  You may have been wondering why I haven’t posted in awhile.  The reason is that I was working in the shadows during my spare time building the new 199flags site.

My previous theme limited the quality of the site and didn’t properly convey my message (not that I have one).

199flags will now serve as a quasi-personal blog mixed with whatever cookies I feel like putting out at the party.  I’ve come a long way in a little over a year and grew in a lot of ways while fucking up in others.  Like the Sixers keep telling me ‘Trust the Process.’

Most of what I see in the men’s niche doesn’t reflect who I am.  I’ll gladly admit, I’m an asshole who walks around Saigon drinking beer in a Clemson koozie while giving harsh looks to other foreigners for no good reason.

Don’t let people fool you, beer does not affect physique.  All I need is a bed and my legs to keep my core tight.  The rest follows.

My beard is growing at a rapid rate too.  I look somewhat Hebrew with shades of guido-ness.

Anyway, I’ll probably do most of my writing here while boozing because it’s fun, and blogging is supposed to be fun.

I do offer one service which may end soon, it’s still up in the air since I don’t need the cash.

A couple of night ago, I scored the Japanese flag and can confirm, they really make those noises like in porn.

The Future of 199flags

I believe the future of 199flags is going to be a lot more fun and less sales/dating tips oriented.

My plan is to publish whatever the fuck I want or feel is right at the time.  This isn’t a niche site or run by a dude who got laid a few times and thought he figured out the code to get laid.

There is no fucking code.

I’m not a player, I’m just opportunistic like a parasite, and my host is pussy.

To be honest, this makes me happy because I don’t have to waste time making my posts look beautiful or doing any SEO for the most part.

SEO and worrying about ranking a post are what make blogging less fun.

When I read other blogs, I can pick out the exact keyword(s) they are targeting, and it ruins the entire post.

Yeah, I’m guilty of doing it, but it comes with the territory.  No blogger will find success without some type of SEO.

On a side note, I did design this entire site, nothing was outsourced – yet.

My Thoughts on the Men’s Niche

In my opinion, this niche is flooded and backed up like an overused Port-a-John.

Some guys warned me at first, but I didn’t know any better.

My main problem with this niche is the flawed egos populating it.  It seems like a lot of guys are trying to validate themselves.

I could care less what other guys think about me and don’t see why any man worth a damn would care either.

Most of the guys in this niche don’t like me or my content.  Most likely because I’m a huge prick, but does it matter? No.

Then, there are the guys who think they can actually get rich off this shit.  It’s easier to become a star player in the NFL than get rich like some guys in this niche.

Those are the guys who use fitness, male enhancement or politics to their advantage.  Those niches will never die.

Who knows if what they sell is legit.  They obviously don’t care while the money flows into their bank accounts.  I can’t blame them either.

It also makes it easier when you have other bloggers who blindly follow the leader and devote their entire online presence to helping the guys who are already rich make more money.

Pussy Paradise is Sacred

Any guy who is willing to sell-out information about pussy paradise for free is a bitch.

I’m not going to take down the few posts I wrote about a couple of countries, but I’m glad I never followed through on writing batches of city guides or spilling information about sacred pussy paradises.

I do have my first book coming out, but it strictly focuses on the erotic and offers no advice on gaming.  I hope both men and women can read it and masturbate all the live-long day to it.

The main point is any blogger who is willing to sell out a place in an effort to make a buck or inflate his ego is someone I can’t jibe with – ever.

Fuck that shit.

Guys should carve out their own paths and spend countless hours making their missions and journeys incredible the same way I did and still do.

There are countries I’ll never mention in this blog I’ve been to that were beyond what the mainstream sells as pussy paradise.

The best I can offer is an erotic novel written years later describing my experience and all the dirty details.

I treasure good pussy and so should every other guy who has experienced it.

But it won’t stop…

Guys will go on forums and talk about how awesome they are and how much pussy they got (I almost fell into this trap).  Spill all the beans just to seek validation.

My advice is if a guy wants to get validated, seek validation from someone who is actually important.  Not an online community full of who the hell knows what that offers nothing in return.

It’s simple, time is money.  Every move you make or word you type has consequence.  Make sure those consequences pay you back or provide some kind of value at least in your own eyes.

So There It is, Welcome to the NEW 199flags!

Enjoy the fuck out of it because I know that’s what I’m going to do.