Moroccan Women Dating Guide 2024: The Jewel of North Africa

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

The simple truth is that Moroccan women will knock your pants off. They are beautiful, pack in great figures that come with more than ample curves, and can be great fun to chill out with.

But in a Muslim country, is there much chance of a casual hookup or do you need to put in a serious commitment before you score?

We are going to take a closer look!

Heading to Morocco for the women? Here is what you need to know

If you want to know just how stunning Moroccan girls are, then just take a look at the actress Leila Hadioui.

They have that matchless Mediterranean look that makes them look like the scintillating beauties of Southern Spain.

Moroccan ladies typically have darker-olive skin, brown eyes, silky-smooth black hair, streamlined faces and sturdy feminine bodies that will send your hormones into overdrive.

Sounds like heaven right?

Check out the video slideshow of beautiful Moroccan women below:

Well, unfortunately, there is a catch.

A buddy of mine advised me before I went, “If you are looking to hook up there and are not Muslim, then don’t even bother trying.”

Unfortunately, this statement has a lot of truth in it.

Morocco is not the place to go for hookups unless you plan on coughing up some cold hard cash.

Anyone who has ever been to Morocco will tell you it is, in fact, the main sex haven for middle-aged white French women – much like Thailand is to white guys.

They are everywhere and cleaning up too.

This is a frustrating fact because Morocco has some stunning women who look downright gorgeous.

I caught myself having to hold my jaw up on several occasions when perfect women casually walked by me flaunting their impeccable curves.

What to Expect on the Ground

The simple matter is that in Morocco the guys get to date whoever they want while the women are expected to date Muslim guys only.

That said, the country is changing fast, and many younger people are starting to be much more open in their behavior.

More and more the problem is behind the scenes, where the conservative society and the girls’ families do their very best to prevent them from having fun.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Last year, two teenage girls were caught kissing and hugging on a rooftop in Marrakesh, Morocco as their cousin took a photo.

Hot, right?

Well not quite, as after seeing the photo, one of the girls’ mothers called the cops on them.

They faced a three-year jail sentence under Morocco’s anti-homosexuality law before being acquitted!

As you can see, you need to be super cautious in your approach when in Morocco.

Cold approaching a girl in the street and heavy hitting on her is an absolute no-no.

How to Angle Your Approach

The good news is that you can still score if you play the game just right and put in the work.

To start with, I would strongly recommend using a GPS faker on your phone, then hitting the main dating sites long before you get there (pipelining).

The best Moroccan dating sites are Tinder, LoveHabibi, and Eskimi, and you will be happy to hear that they are FULL of hot women.

UPDATE: Guys are having a lot of success using this site to meet gorgeous Moroccan women who want to meet foreigners.

Putting in the work before you go will surely allow you valuable experience into what works and what doesn’t so far as the women go.

I picked up a few great tips along the way to help you out:

  • Try to find the French Moroccan girls who have lived at least part of their lives in France. They are essentially Western girls who are down for the usual stuff as long as the Moroccan side of the family doesn’t find out. Once I figured this out, I managed to get some good scores in.
  • So far as the local girls go, look for less traditionally dressed girls, as they will be way more open-minded. Also, always focus on the girls you see drinking alcohol rather than coffee in the clubs.
  • Here’s a final tip that I picked up from a guy who had spent a few years on and off there and was with his Moroccan model wife. He swore to me that a great way to get stunning girls was to hit as many fashion shows as possible. He told me that before he met his wife, he had pulled some total angels out of those places and converted nearly all of them.

Where to go?

If you hope to stand a better chance of meeting a girl who is adventurous enough to go the distance before marriage, you should definitely head to the main cities like Agadir, Marrakesh, Tangier, and Fez.

There you will at least find girls who are down for some fun, provided you are willing to pay.

You can find these girls around the nightclubs or around the more upmarket hotels standing in the lobby or outside.

This is a solid backup plan for all of you who want a guaranteed score with a hot Moroccan girl.

As far as the regular girls are concerned,  you are going to need to play a slower approach.

Trying to get a girl anywhere near your room – even after 2 or 3 dates is a real challenge – if you are staying in a hotel.

I know a few guys who rent places for a month at a time to get around the fact that the Moroccan women won’t deal with the ‘shame’ of being seen entering a hotel room with a guy they aren’t married to.

The smaller, off-the-beaten-path places are great spots to experience lots of girls eyeing you up, though the chances of getting them into bed are a notch above 0.

Word travels fast in those places, and the women are too closely tied to their families to risk word getting out.

marry a moroccan woman

You will be able to get phone numbers and hang out in public places like the beach, which is still a quality experience in its own right.

What guy could turn down the chance to hang out with a few hot Moroccan girls who are obviously interested in you, right?

But once again, your chances for a casual hookup all goes back to being in a conservative Islamic country; the biggest roadblock there is, as a guy I met put it.

The same guy told me he had picked up a girl and taken her back to his hotel.

Five minutes after entering his room, the security turned up and started smashing the door down until he opened the door.

They dragged the girl out, and that was the end of that.

Can you imagine?

What are the best clubs and bars in Morocco?

If you have ever entered a cool looking bar only to discover that they don’t even sell beer, you will be ready for Morocco.

It can be a challenge to find a good place to drink, but luckily there are some good clubs in most of the major cities where you can get a refreshing (but expensive) drink.

Your best bet is to start with Marrakesh, which has been called the Ibiza of Morocco.

It certainly has the best nightlife and has the most places where you can drink too.

When you get there, try heading to Pacha which is a solid club with loads of local girls.

Another great place to find girls is Silver, where there is also plenty of drinking options.

Here’s a video featuring five additional options:

Final Thoughts

Listen, Morocco is not the place to go for a quick, easy score.

The country will definitely demand you to be on top of your game.

But having said that, when you do score, the payoff will bring your confidence to uncharted heights.

Moroccan women are hot and relatively inexperienced, to say the least.

That means they are going to do their very best to please you and make sure you leave with a smile on your face.

Getting them won’t be easy, but believe me, waking up next to a Moroccan beauty with a big smile on her face is unquestionably worth the effort.


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