Overseas Dating Sites That Really Work • (Ultimate 2024 List)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best overseas dating sites. Over the past 5 years, I’ve traveled from continent to continent. Along the way, I’ve found dating sites overseas that actually work. Whether you’re looking for a foreign bride, girlfriend, or something more casual, the sites below will get the job done.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to stick with a handful of sites that offer true value. Too many men get lost in the abyss of free overseas dating sites or sites that promise sex or easy marriage, only to realize later that they were duped.

By following this guide and using the sites below, you give yourself the best chance of achieving a successful online dating experience and finding your exotic dream girl.

I broke the guide into different parts of the world. Use the table of contents below to jump to the part of the world that interests you the most or browse the entire globe.

Dating Sites in Southeast Asia

beautiful asian woman

I’ll start with the most popular place in the world for men who are seeking foreign brides or girlfriends, Southeast Asia. I’ve spent most of my time abroad in Southeast Asia and find Asian girls the most attractive women in the world, both inside and out.

Dating in the Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam

The easiest place to communicate with women if you’re an English speaker is the Philippines. In the Philippines, most women speak great English. The good news is Filipinas are also very open to meeting foreigners and marrying them.

Click Here for the #1 Filipino online dating site I recommend. I’ve used this site extensively over the years, and it’s stood the test of time.

You’ll find Filipinas scattered all over the islands eager to meet foreign men and fewer men use this site compared to popular dating apps.

Thai and Vietnamese women are also open to meeting foreign men. Many foreigners travel to Thailand to fall in love, and the Thai girls are aware of it. Vietnam is slowly catching up, which is more of a good thing than a bad thing.

I prefer Vietnam, although you may find that Thai women are more attractive.

Click Here for the best Thai dating site I recommend and here for the top Vietnamese dating site for foreigners.

Dating in China, Korea & Japan

You’ll find that communicating with Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese women can be a lot more challenging than women from the other Asian countries listed above. I’ve spent significant time in Taiwan, and Taiwanese girls are extremely beautiful.

The girl I dated in Taiwan spoke good English, so it’s not impossible to find women in these countries who speak English. You may also want to impress them by learning the basics in their native language.

They’ll certainly be impressed if you surprise them with even just a few words since most men don’t take the time to learn their language. You’ll instantly stick out to them, and they’ll know you’re serious about a relationship if they notice that you put in the extra effort to learn about their culture.

These are the overseas dating sites I recommend:

Indonesian Dating

The last country I want to include in Southeast Asia is one of my personal favorites, Indonesia. Indonesian women exemplify exotic beauty and charm, and they vary greatly.

There’s a mixture of both Muslim and non-Muslim Indonesian women. I’ve dated both and can say without a doubt that Indonesian girls fascinate me.

In my experience, Indonesians are very friendly and welcome foreigners into their country. In other words, I have yet to experience any serious hostility toward foreigners there.

Click Here to meet Indonesian women online and find out if Indonesia is the right choice for you, ya never know what you may find.

Ukrainian and Russian Dating

Overseas Dating Sites That Really Work _ Find Your Foreign Dream Girl featured image

Most men are blown away by the beauty of Ukrainian girls, and the same goes for Russian women. During my time in Ukraine, I discovered that Ukrainian women are eager to meet foreign men for marriage.

If you’re going there to play around, you may not have much fun, but if you want to find a Ukrainian bride, you have plenty of options.

Ukraine is also very, very affordable. Once you land there, your money will go far. A tourist visa grants you more than enough time to get to know Ukrainian women once you’re on the ground.

Overall, Ukraine is a country that’s best suited for foreign men who are serious about finding a Ukrainian woman for marriage.

Russia is more of a chore to enter as a tourist, but it’s 100% worth it if you’re serious about meeting a Russian bride or girlfriend.

Don’t make the mistake of ordering a Russian mail-order bride. Instead, go there to see what you’re getting yourself into before you commit.

Plus, you give yourself the best chance of finding true love with a Russian woman if you put in the effort to go to her country to meet her. The beauty of the women in Saint Petersburg alone is enough to make a man never want to leave after he arrives.

Click Here to sign up free for the best Ukrainian dating site to meet women searching for foreign husbands or here to meet Russian women interested in foreign men.

Dating in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic)

I had the pleasure of dating Dominican women during the early part of my travels, and I often reflect on that period. It was hands down one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life.

Caribbean women, particularly Dominicanas, are fiery, exotic, gorgeous, and most importantly, open to meeting foreign men. During my time in the Dominican, I met several men who married and stayed there.

The DR is a beautiful little island country with cheerful people and a lot of fun stuff to do. However, it’s important to be careful in the major cities.

You may favor Santiago over Santo Domingo. Personally, I love Santo Domingo and prefer the Dominican women who live there.

These are sites I recommend:

Dating in Latin America (Colombia, Brazil, Peru & More)

beautiful exotic latina

How’s your Spanish and/or Portuguese? If you speak either language, you’re already miles ahead of the guy who can’t.

One of my favorite countries in the world is Colombia. I was lucky enough to spend a good chunk of time there and meet the local women. Needless to say, they blew me away.

I have yet to visit Brazil, but I know it’s just as mind-blowing, considering what I’ve heard from buddies. The key to finding success with Brazilian women is to learn some basic Portuguese.

During my time in Colombia, I learned that the language barrier can be intense. I saw guys strike out with Colombian women because they didn’t speak Spanish. The time I put into relearning and improving my Spanish before my arrival was well worth it.

The bottom line is to learn some basic Spanish or Portuguese, and you’ll unlock the opportunity to meet your Latina dream bride or girlfriend. Believe me, Latinas are open to meeting foreign men, and their beauty will stun you when you experience it in person!

Dating sites I recommend:

African Dating

gorgeous woman posing

Last but certainly not least, Africa. I have yet to experience Africa in person, but I’ve only heard great things from my fellow travelers who have had the pleasure of spending time there.

During my travels in Asia, I was lucky enough to meet women from South Africa and Nigeria. To my eyes, Nigerian women are stunningly gorgeous. However, be very, very careful when seeking a Nigerian girlfriend or wife online because there are well-known online dating scams that bait foreigners.

Stick with the site I recommend and NEVER send money to women on any overseas dating sites. I always recommend video chatting with a girl to confirm she’s real once you’ve been chatting with her for a while. You want to be sure the person you’re chatting with is who they say they are.

With that warning out of the way, I wouldn’t let fear or paranoia stand between you and your African dream woman. Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria are all great countries where you’ll find African women interested in meeting foreign men.

Click Here to sign up for free to the best general African dating site. You’ll find single African women interested in foreign men throughout the continent there.

The Best Global Dating Site

Are you unsure about where you want to go? There’s a great site for you. This site specializes in recruiting women from all over the world.

You’ll have the luxury of chatting with women from every continent to see where your dream wife or girlfriend is in the world. It’s amazing to have the whole world at your fingertips, and you never know where your travels may lead you.

Sounds exciting, right? Click Here to sign up for free and start chatting with women from all over the world today.

Tinder Overseas

Tinder is a great app to use while traveling because women from all over the world are using it. Having said that, it’s a tougher crowd than the other sites I mentioned above.

If you don’t already know about the Tinder experience, women on Tinder are colder than women using the sites above. Part of the problem is the backpackers who use free dating apps like Tinder to ask girls for sex.

Their lack of self-respect causes women to think that all foreigners are just looking for sex. The best way to avoid this stigma is to use the other sites I recommended and skip Tinder altogether.

Are you looking for fun?

If you’re someone who’s just looking for fun instead of a foreign girlfriend or wife, then Tinder can be a blast if done the right way. Trust me, I’ve had a lot of wild encounters with girls from all over the world who I met on Tinder.

I’ve had so much fun using it that I literally wrote the book on how to be successful on Tinder and effortlessly attract women across the globe.

It’ll skyrocket your results to unbelievable levels. You’ll have stories to tell for the rest of your life once you learn the techniques I’ve learned.

Final Thoughts

That’s my guide to the best dating sites overseas. I’m already excited for you because your journey to find a foreign wife or girlfriend is going to be a blast! Stick with these overseas dating sites instead of splitting your time between too many.

Think of it as an ax striking a tree. The more you hit the same spot, the faster the tree falls. The more you focus on one site the quicker you’ll meet your dream girl.

Believe me, there are more than enough women using these sites, and the level of competition is lower than on Tinder, Bumble and similar dating apps.

Where do you plan to find your dream girl?


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