Top 10 Best Asian Dating Sites for Men • (2024 Reviews)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Welcome to my guide to choosing the best Asian dating sites. With the enormous amount of options available, it can get difficult for men to choose just one dating site in Asia. Opportunists often set up fly-by-night sites to make a quick buck, then disappear into the depths of Southeast Asia.

This guide will help you evade that risk and spend your time wisely to find your Asian match. Additionally, this guide is for foreign men who are seeking Asian brides and serious relationships with single Asian women across Southeast Asia.

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There are currently thousands of single Asian women who are seeking foreign husbands and boyfriends. If you’re serious about dating and/or marrying an Asian woman, you have plenty of options if you play your cards right.

How do I know this? I’ve spent the better part of the past five years living in Southeast Asia. I’ve dated in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, and more. I know from experience how to choose the best legit Asian dating websites. I also know how to spot the scams, which I talk more about at the end of the guide.

To make it easier for you to navigate, I created a section for each country or group of countries. If you already know which country interests you the most, the Table of Contents below will come in handy.

The 10 Best Asian Dating Sites

#1 General Dating in Southeast Asia

The first site is best for men who are unsure about which country they intend to target and are open to meeting women from across Southeast Asia. You may want to use this site first to discover which country interests you the most. Then, you have the choice to transfer to the country-specific site to chat with a larger group of women from a single country.

The women using the sites included in this entire guide are single Asian women who are serious about meeting a foreign husband or boyfriend. These sites are foreigner-friendly because most of the women using them speak basic English or are fluent English speakers.

Click Here for the site I recommend for general dating throughout Southeast Asia.

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#2 The Top Philippines Dating Site

pretty filipina

The Philippines is one of the countries I’ve spent the most time in, and Filipinas are the women I’ve gotten to know the best. The Philippines is very foreigner-friendly because everything is in English. When you land in the Philippines, you’ll have no trouble navigating through the airport or around major cities.

This also means that Filipinas generally speak great English. You may find that they speak better English than your countrymen. A lot of foreigners who are ready to settle down often choose the Philippines first in their quest to find an Asian bride.

Additionally, Filipinas are more than happy to meet foreign men and are looking for serious relationships with them. The site I recommend as the top Philippines dating site has the most female members of all the sites on this list.

Remember, the Philippines consists of thousands of islands, and there are beautiful Filipinas throughout the islands eager to meet foreign men.

If you’re over 40, 50, or even 60, it doesn’t matter. Women of all ages will be glad to get to meet you.

  • Click Here for the best Philippines dating site I recommend for foreign men seeking Filipina brides and girlfriends.

I also recommend my complete Filipino Cupid Review that tells the inspirational tale of my first trip to the Philippines.

#3 & 4 The Top Thai Dating Sites for Foreigners

Thailand is probably the hottest spot for foreign men seeking Asian wives and girlfriends. This is a good and bad thing. It means more competition, but it also means more beautiful Thai women who are eager to meet foreign men since they’re aware of it.

Thai women generally speak less English than Filipinas, yet more than most other Asian countries, such as China.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Thailand, mostly Bangkok, and I can tell you without a doubt that Thai women are both gorgeous and lovely women. You’ll be blown away by the women you meet in Thailand and the country itself.

Below are links to two of the best Asian dating websites for meeting Thai women that I highly recommend and have used with success:

Interested in more options? I recommend my complete list of the best Thai dating sites.

#5 The Top Vietnamese Dating Site for Foreigners

beautiful Vietnamese women

Vietnamese women are perhaps the most underrated women in Asia. In my eyes, they’re the most beautiful Asian women, right next to Taiwanese girls. I’ve spent most of my time in Asia in Vietnam and the Philippines, and I’m pretty sure I’ve pulled ahead by now to have spent the most time in Vietnam.

Vietnamese women drive me crazy in a good way. They possess a unique allure that does a fantastic job of drawing me to them. You may find that they have the same effect on you. From my experience, Vietnamese women are extremely caring, loyal, and open to meeting foreign men.

However, if you’re not committed from the beginning, they will turn their back on you in an instant. This means that if they sense you’re talking to other Vietnamese girls and not 100% interested in them, you’re toast because they won’t take you back.

If you’re serious about meeting a Vietnamese woman to make your wife or girlfriend, be sure to make an excellent first impression and show her that you care. Once you have her, she’ll do anything for you and stay committed.

  • Click Here for the top Vietnamese dating site that I recommend.

#6 Top Chinese Dating Site for Foreigners

Similar to Vietnamese women, Chinese women are underrated, especially by American men. I’m American, and the first trip I took to Asia included the Philippines and Thailand. When I returned home to San Francisco, a Chinese guy happened to be my SuperShuttle driver.

Since I was the only one in the van, we had a chance to talk during the ride. I was telling him how beautiful I think Thai and Filipina women are, and he kept giggling. When I asked why he was laughing, he replied, “Chinese women are the most beautiful, you just need to know where to go in China.”

Once I returned to live in Asia full-time and had the opportunity to see more Chinese women in person, I understood exactly what the driver was talking about. The moral of the story is if you’re an American like me, you may be pleasantly surprised by the Chinese women living in China.

  • Click Here to sign up for free to the top Chinese dating site I recommend for foreigners.

#7 Top Indonesian Dating Site

pretty Indonesian girl

Since we’re on the topic of underrated, Indonesia may be the most underrated country of all the countries on this list. If you think outside of Bali, since every foreigner on Earth is camping out there, you’ll find that Indonesian women outside of Bali are magnificent. I know this from experience.

Indonesian women are in a class of their own. The multi-cultural environment makes for exotically gorgeous women you won’t find in other more commonly traveled Asian countries. Just writing this section makes me want to book a ticket back to Indonesia for a month because it’s always such a pleasure to visit there.

The bottom line is Indonesia should be on your radar.

  • Click Here for the top Indonesian dating site I recommend for foreigners.

#8 The Top Japanese Dating Site for Foreigners

Japan is one of the most magical countries in the world, and Japanese women are a big part of the reason why. While Japanese women are undoubtedly gorgeous, most of them are uninterested in foreign men.

However, don’t let that thought scare you away because there are Japanese women interested in foreign men, and the site I recommend is the best place to find them.

Out of the countries included in this list, Japan and China are going to have the biggest language barriers. When I stay in Taiwan, I do a lot of talking with my hands because almost no one speaks more than a few words of English (but I love it).

Japanese women don’t have much of a reason to learn English since Japan is an advanced country with everything they need right at home.

  • Click Here for the site I recommend for meeting Japanese women who speak English and are interested in meeting foreigners.

#9 Top Korean Dating Site

pretty korean woman

As long as North Korea isn’t on your list of destinations, there’s plenty to enjoy in South Korea. From my experience, Korean women are more westernized than you’ll find in Japan or China, which means more Korean women speak English.

I met a Korean girl in Indonesia who spoke perfect English. Her accent surprised me because it sounded American, yet she lived in Korea her whole life.

Korean women are extremely beautiful. Breaking the ice with Korean women can be more challenging since they can be shy and reserved. Although, I’ve noticed that the Korean women I’ve met outside of Korea are usually social and outgoing.

If you plan to travel to Korea to meet your mate, Seoul is a wonderful city to visit, and your money will undoubtedly go further. Traveling to and around South Korea will cost less than Japan. Of the places on this list, Tokyo is the most costly to visit and live in.

  • Click Here for the top site I recommend to start chatting with single Korean women today.

#10 Top Singaporean Dating Site

The reason Singapore is #10 is that it’s the last country I think of when considering meeting Asian women. That’s not to say you can’t meet a wonderful Singaporean wife. I’m only saying that it’s not the first place most men look to find an Asian bride or girlfriend.

Similar to the Philippines, Singaporean women speak great English – or “Singlish” as its often referred to. The first time I traveled to Taiwan, I met a Singaporean girl for a date. Before the date, I had no clue that Singaporeans spoke perfect English. When I arrived to meet her at the bar, she had yet to arrive.

After a beer, she arrived, and I couldn’t believe her accent when I first heard it. Her English was more proper than most Americans. We had a lot to talk about and had a great date.

If you want to skip over the language barrier en route to meeting your future Asian wife or girlfriend, Singapore is a great place to start.

Of the countries on this list, Singapore will cost more than most, yet less than Tokyo.

  • Click Here for the top Singaporean dating site for foreigners.

Bonus Online Dating Tips for Foreigners Seeking Asian Women

  • Be yourself. Asian women are looking for men who are confident with themselves and will love them. Don’t feel the need to impress them with your possessions or bank account. Always remember, it’s not America.
  • Don’t be afraid to search outside major cities. For example, in the Philippines, Manila is not the first place I would look for a Filipina wife. Manila girls are more westernized and jaded since there are myriad foreigners there solely to meet them. Filipino Cupid gives you the opportunity to chat with women from all over the islands, think outside the box of Manila and Cebu.
  • Keep your opening lines short and sweet. Remember, a lot of Asian women speak basic English. There’s no point in using clever opening lines that only an American woman would understand. Also, don’t look needy by writing your entire life story in your opening message. I’ve seen a lot of men fail by making this mistake. If she’s interested, she’ll respond to a simple message.
  • Be extra careful and NEVER send money! During your search, you may come across elaborate sob stories designed to infiltrate your bank account. No matter how sad the story sounds, don’t send money. It’s that simple.
  • Schedule a video chat before meeting. I recommend this tip in all of my online dating guides because it’s essential and often overlooked. You don’t want to be that guy who thought he met the love of his life online, only to realize later that he got catfished like Manti Te’o. Even a quick video chat before meeting confirms that the woman you’re talking to is who she says she is.
  • Think within your budget. The best choice is to marry an Asian woman and retire in her country. You not only get to live in a potential paradise for cheap, but you also avoid the risk of the western world negatively influencing her. There are more than enough horror stories written by men who met a sweet Asian woman in Asia only to have their lives ruined after bringing her home.

Final Thoughts

These are the best Asian dating sites for foreign men who are serious about meeting Asian wives and girlfriends. You may be tempted to try other Asian dating websites, and if you do, you may learn the hard way that a lot of them are scams.

The sites included in this article I’ve used extensively with success, and they’ve been around for quite some time. They have safeguards in place to protect both female and male members. They don’t promise easy marriage or offer “services” to link you with a woman who’s ready to marry you.

Instead, they do a great job of recruiting single Asian women who are interested in meeting foreign men. They also do a great job of offering user-friendly sites that are easy to navigate for men of all ages. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re over 40, 50 or even 60-years-old, these are the sites to use.

Where will you begin your search?


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