When it comes to Asian women, it’s tough to compete with Thai girls.  They are fiery, sexy, petite, feminine, varied, and sweet if you find the right one.  Dating a Thai girl puts dating in the Western world to shame.  Good luck finding a Western girl who will cook, clean, massage, still work, and take care of you in the bedroom.  The best way to meet Thai women is by using the best Thai dating sites.

A lot of guys go to Thailand to date Thai girls or find a Thai wife to bring home.  I personally wouldn’t recommend bringing a Thai girl back to your home country, mainly because Thailand is an AWESOME place to live.  You could also destroy her levels of purity due to the negative influence of Western women.  For example, Asian women in Asia are awesome, but the Asian women born and bred in America are terrible.

I’m a 32-year-old guy who has been to Bangkok at least five times.  Each visit gets better because I developed a deeper understanding of the women and which Thai dating sites are best to use.  Every experienced online dater knows there are a ton of gimmick sites out there.  That’s why I am going to share with you the 5 best Thai dating sites I use to consistently get laid in Bangkok.

The best Thai dating sites ranked in order of quality (lowest to highest):

Below I will outline my 5 favorite Thai dating sites ranked from worst to best.  I’ll give a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each.  Then I’ll share my experience.

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Dateinasia Review

At one time, Dateinasia.com was THE Asian dating site.  It was easy to pluck cute Asian girls from all over Southeast Asia.  Unfortunately, those days are over, although, the site does still work.  During my first journey in the Philippines, I found a ton of hot Pinays on here.  I used it in Thailand with some success.  Don’t count Dateinasia out before you try it.


It’s free to use and does have a lot of users.  You can find girls from pretty much any Southeast Asian country.  The chat platform isn’t the greatest.  If you’re interested in a girl, you’ll most likely want to bounce the conversation to the LINE app.  Almost every girl in Thailand uses Line instead of Whatsapp or Viber.  I’m not a huge fan of LINE.


Since Dateinasia is free to use, the site gets flooded with a ton of guys who have no intention of traveling to Asia.  They go on there to try and engage in Skype sex which puts a lot of girls off from the get go.  You’ll run into some fake profiles and hookers.  Girls can get away with posting only one photo; don’t ever trust a girl who has one photo.  The competition is higher because of all the guys who caught onto the Asian dating site.  I’ve met old expats in my Southeast Asian travels who mentioned Dateinasia.  All of the broke jokes on there paint a negative picture for the men.  It’s hard to get laid if you’re broke, regardless.

thai dating sites dateinasia

My Experience

I’ve had a lot of success using Dateinasia, but that was back in 2013-2014.  I signed into the site less than a year ago, and it still looked like it had some potential.

I mainly used it during my first trip to the Philippines.  The quality was decent.  I ended up wasting a lot of time making leads on the site. I was only a rookie at the time.  The quality of my dates skyrocketed once I started hitting the streets more and using Filipino Cupid.

Overall, I don’t recommend spending much time trying to find cute Thai girls on Dateinasia.  There are better Thai dating sites to use which I will discuss next.  If your budget is super low, go ahead and use Dateinasia – just don’t expect high-quality Thai women.  My overall Dateinasia review is mediocre.

thai dating sites badoo review

Badoo Review

Badoo is a great dating site that works almost everywhere.  I recently saw an older gentleman on Badoo in Danang and realized how far their site has come since I first started using it years ago.  A few years back, Badoo was mainly in the Caribbean and South America.  Now, it is everywhere.  I don’t recommend using Badoo without investing in some of their paid options.


Badoo is best to use in Bangkok or other large Thai cities.  You won’t end up finding many women at all if you use it in smaller Thai cities or beach towns.  If you are in a major city, you’ll find a decent amount of girls here.  The chat interface is easy to use.  Girls can post a lot of photos which allows you to really see what you’re getting.  In Thailand, Badoo is a lesser-known Thai dating site which can cut down on the competition.


The rate of success you have on Badoo depends on your online and text game. If you don’t know how to close or convince a girl to meet you, you’ll get drowned out by tons of other guys hitting on the girls.  Guys from all over the world can change their location to a Thai city to hit on cute Thai girls or try and convince them to do a video chat for you know what.  This is offputting for a lot of girls and, in turn, hurts your chances.

My Experience Using Badoo in Thailand

I’ve used Badoo in Thailand for a limited amount of time in Bangkok.  I did find success with a real pretty Thai girl after only using the site for about an hour.  I think if you put some time in, you can definitely score some hot Thai girls off Badoo.  My overall Badoo review is mediocre but worth putting a limited amount of time into finding diamonds in the rough.

thai dating sites thai friendly

Thai Friendly Review

Thai friendly is probably the most popular Thai dating site, and it’s an absolute sh*t show.  It’s flooded with both men and women and has a better girl-to-guy ratio than Dateinasia.  If used correctly, you can pick up some seriously hot Thai girls.


There are a TON of Thai women on Thaifriendly.com, and for the most part, the quality is there.  The site has a pay option which I like.  If you pay for a monthly membership, you can send unlimited messages and receive a few other benefits.  Unlimited messaging makes it much easier to meet the hottest girls on the site.

The search filter works great, and I like the way they list out the women.  If you’re in the mood for finding a younger girl, it’s easy to search whatever age range you like.  You can also see if the girls are online if they read your message, and how long it has been since they were last active.  These are all key features in my opinion.  This way, you can focus on messaging the girls who are online.


The free option can and will cause problems.  Guys will bombard the hottest girls, and there’s a lot of creepers on there who freak the women out.  There’s an option to post messages directly to girls’ profiles.  A lot of guys who aren’t willing to pay will send the creepiest messages to girls begging to meet them.  It makes me wonder if they’ve ever talked to a girl before.

This is the HUGE con – LADYBOYS!  there are a ton of ladyboys on the site.  Thai Friendly had to create a filter to search for ladyboys.  If you’re into ladyboys, this may actually be a huge PRO, lol!  Personally, I’m only into female organs.

If you use the search filter, it’s easy to avoid the ladyboys, however, expect them to message you.


My Experience

I personally paid to use Thaifriendly a few times and can recommend it.  I met some hot Thai girls by using it and picked up some quality lays.  The free option is basically worthless unless you have enough time to kill waiting between messages.  The site sets a timer between messages if you are a free member.

I like to get in and out.  I’ll send a ton of messages, then see who responds, and finally, plan my dates.  My favorite thing about the site is the number of girls using it.  Whenever I signed on, there were a ton of cuties online.  If you’re a paying member, the response rate is high.  Overall, Thai friendly is definitely one of the best Thai dating sites.  My overall Thai Friendly review is excellent.

thai dating sites thai cupid

Thai Cupid Review

My favorite sites worldwide are always the Cupid sites because I have to pay to chat.  This means fewer men to compete with and a lot more available women.  Girls always seem to flock to the Cupid sites.


Thai Cupid is a pay site so there are way fewer guys getting in your way to meeting beautiful Thai women.  There is never any shortage of women to choose from.  If you opt for the Platinum membership, a lot of girls will message you first.

Girls will automatically trust you more since you are a paying member.  They also won’t think you’re broke, even though a half-broke guy can still afford a membership.  Pretty Thai girls aren’t attracted to broke guys.  If you’re staying in a crowded hostel on Khao Sarn Road expect to get bottom-barrel quality or a girl who’s banged at least 50 Westerners before you in the same hostel.


You have to pay which will turn some guys off, however, it’s always nice to weed out broke guys.  It’s comparable to the gringo fatigue in El Poblado, Medellin.  Super hot girls that have developed conditioned negative responses to all foreigners because of the loads of backpackers hitting on them all day.  Overall, I experienced almost zero cons.  You won’t find quite as many girls as on Filipino Cupid.

My Experience

My first trip to Bangkok, I used Thai Cupid successfully to pick up some quality Thai women.  During my more recent trips, I almost exclusively used Tinder and cleaned up.  I did use Thai Friendly recently with great results, although, it was more time consuming than Tinder.  My Tinder methods for success never fail me.  My overall Thai Cupid review is an excellent score.  Even with minimal game, you should be able to find interested girls.  Age shouldn’t be a problem whether older or younger.

Tinder in Thailand

Tinder as many of you know is always my go to, worldwide.  I’ve used it with high amounts of success.  Check out this post where I racked up nearly 700 matches in less than 24 hours in Bangkok.  My last time in Bangkok, I pulled in a few girls with barely any effort.  They ended up coming straight place.  One girl with massive mams gave me a BJ while I interviewed for my current job on Skype.

tinder bangkok


Tons of girls to choose from.  If you optimize your profile and use my techniques, you should be able to create a kick ass Tinder profile that will win over tons of girls.  The key to picking up the hotter girls is going on actual dates.  Although, I was able to score some top-notch poon with little effort.  If you play the numbers game and know how to use Tinder effectively, getting laid on Tinder.


If you don’t how to properly use Tinder, it’s a bunk app that won’t get you very far.  I always see guys complain about Tinder because they don’t know how to use it and take their Tinder experience to the next level.  Check out my post on why you have no matches on Tinder.  It’s one of my most valuable posts people who confront me often overlook.  I’ve had guys pay me to reiterate a lot of the information contained in that post.  The way I see Tinder is if you’re familiar with building websites, it’s basically WordPress.  Out of the box, it’s not worth much.  If you know what you’re doing, it’s the most golden dating app out there.  I’ve been working my tail off lately to make that paper and still picking up casual bangs with girls from all over the world.  This is all from Tinder.

Conclusions on the Best Thai Dating Sites

Every guy is different, what works for one guy won’t work for another guy.  I also understand there are guys from all different age groups reading this article.  Older guys most likely won’t do as well using Tinder.  Tinder is best for guys in their 20s-40s who know how to post good photos and have quality text game.  If your text game blows, you’ll fail.  If your photos blow, you’ll fail and so on.

Guys of all ages will do great with Thai Cupid.  Older guys will definitely do best.  There will be girls who want marriage, probably a few gold diggers, and women who aren’t going to judge you based on your game.  The limited competition also makes it a lot easier to find girls.  On Tinder, there are a ton of guys hitting on every girl and trying to get them straight to their place.  Most guys don’t know how to ask.  They kill their chances from the start by being too forward and then wondering why they failed.

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I’ve been doing this for so long that it comes naturally to me.  I don’t think twice about what to say to girls, I don’t overvalue girls or ever dwell on a single girl, and I really just don’t give a crap anymore.  My last desire is to try and impress women.  Any guy who thinks a woman is out of his league is merely a guy who hasn’t lived up to his full potential.

From my years of experience, I learned a lot of getting laid is luck and playing the numbers.  Some girls will like you while others won’t.  Then there are the girls on the fence you will need some game to bang.  Westerners should be able to scoop Thai girls fairly easily.  There are a lot of Thai prostitutes and ladyboys so always be careful about who you meet.  I’ve been on so many dates that I have a good feel for who is and isn’t worth my time.  Time is valuable, don’t waste it hitting on cute Thai girls that don’t want to meet.

Good luck in your hunt!  By using these dating sites, you will inevitably do some damage and get some sweet Thai tang along the way.  I’ve always had great success in Bangkok using my methods.  If you follow my advice, you should have no problem.