In late October, I lost all my Tinder matches after my account went “under review”.  My matches reported me for being ornery.  It’s difficult to get an account reopened after a review.

In my opinion, Tinder makes it too easy to report a profile.

The option to report pops up when a user unmatches another user.  Also, a user can report a user while swiping without matching first.

I’ll admit, I did send a handful of frisky messages, but sometimes a man prefers to cut to the chase.

My New Tinder Profile

I lost around 2000 matches.  At first, it felt like a bummer, but it was actually a blessing in disguise.

I needed to start working again, and the hunt was taking up all my time.

Last month, I stayed in Bangkok and created a new Tinder profile. It’s not a process I want to do again.

The funny part is my second profile went under review after getting frisky again, but Tinder gave it back this time.

I think Tinder focuses on removing bots.

Tip:  Watch what you say to Asian girls, they are quick to report a user on Tinder.  They are sweet in general, but some of them think they are the Tinder police.

Tinder Matches Galore in Bangkok!

After I created my new profile, it gave me the chance to see how many matches I could rack up in 24 hours.

The results were outstanding!

In 24 hours, I had 657 Tinder matches!

tinder bangkok

I didn’t use any tricks.

I had my distance set to 4 miles and the age range between 18-32.  My location was outside the center of the city.  If I had been there, I probably could have done even better.

tinder matches bangkok

Thai girls are beautiful in general.  They are usually slim and petite.

A lot of the matches were gorgeous Thai girls.  If I had put in the work and went out on real dates, I could have scored some hot Thai women.

My priorities for the month were work and fitness.  I did score several times, including two 18-yr-olds.  The play was all free.

One night, a girl with massive mams came over and went down below while I had an interview on Skype.

Conclusions on Tinder in Bangkok

Racking up Tinder matches in Bangkok is easy.  The hard part is getting the top-tier girls to meet.

Thai girls are flakier than other nationalities in Asia.  I like them a lot, but there are qualities I don’t like too.

Tons of foreigners spoil them every day, which leads to more greed and the overrating effect.

The overrating effect is when girls put themselves on a pedestal.  It’s common in America.  It’s much lesser in Bangkok, but it does exist.

I like to date the younger Thai girls.  I found a nice, sweet 18-yr-old who lived close to me, and I met her around two times per week.

Keep an eye out for the ladyboys on Tinder!  There are a ton of them.

I’d say roughly 50 of my 657 matches were ladyboys.  I used a liker app and didn’t look at every girl.

Men should now have an understanding of what it’s like to use Tinder in Bangkok.

In a little over 48 hours, I reached over 1000 matches.

tinder matches in asia