How to Organize Your Tinder Matches Quickly & Easily

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

Are you having trouble keeping track of your Tinder Matches?  One significant problem with Tinder is the lack of sorting options for your matches.

When racking up matches, it becomes difficult to pinpoint who you really want to focus on.

Recently, Tinder added a “super like” feature in the dating app, that in my opinion, is next to worthless (UPDATE: I’ve since learned how to make Super Like productive).

The Super Like feature failed to rectify the lack of sorting.

In this article, I will share a simple technique that will help you organize your Tinder matches.

Some guys may say to themselves, Whoa, dude went deep

A lot of Tiner Matches

Here is a screenshot of my Tinder profile today. I started this profile about 6-7 months ago while in Colombia. It has now grown out of control. Time to start a fresh one before leaving the country to make new leads.

How Will This Tip Help You to Organize Your Tinder Matches?

There are three principal reasons:

  • Your opening line will serve as a permanent marker.
  • The first line is brief, so the preview of the comment can help alert you that this is a match you want to escalate with.
  • The message helps to personalize your introduction, which builds immediate familiarity.  Building familiarity quickly is critical for converting a match to a date.

The Opening Line Explained

Okay, here goes: when I explain the method, it will seem simple, and that’s the best part.

It’s a simple method that will help you better organize your Tinder matches.

The message has four levels of sorting:

  1. The first level signifies moderate interest (you’d maybe hook up with the person).
  2. The second level signifies higher interest but still not someone you’d surely chase after.
  3. The third level displays sincere interest.  You want to go on a date with this match, and you think she is attractive.
  4. The fourth level alerts you that you really want to meet her.  She is one of your top choices.

The following are Tinder opening messages you can use for the 4 different levels:

  • 1st level – hey, hello, good morning, good afternoon, what’s up
  • 2nd level – how are you (I like to always keep this the same)
  • 3rd level – the girl’s name
  • 4th level – adjective or custom word of your choice

Now to give you a better picture, let’s do 4 examples – 1 example for each level:

  • Level 1 – “Good morning”
  • Level 2 – “Good morning how are you?”
  • Level 3 –  “Good morning Michelle how are you?”
  • Level 4 – The fourth level depends on where you are in the world.  In some countries, the girls will like when you tell them they are pretty.  While in America and other First World countries, I would avoid that route.  For example, I’m in the Philippines; I’d simply say “Good morning pretty Anne how are you?”
Tinder Opening Lines

Here is a visual example of how the message looks in Tinder at each level. I sent the girls these messages today to keep the example fresh.

If you are in America, you may need to spin it more to your liking.

Keep in mind, these lines are not elaborate opening lines or used as the key factor in finding success.

I don’t use fancy openers unless she’s smoke.

This method can be used as a framework to organize your Tinder matches, and eventually, you will tweak it to your liking and figure out what works best for you.

Sometimes, I use custom messages if it’s a girl who’s blowing my mind in her photos.  Custom messages are easily seen in the previews since they are different from the method’s format.

I recommend to always start with a fresh Tinder profile when traveling to a new place or embarking on a new journey.  That way, your profile is much better organized from the get-go.

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Why Does It Work so Well?

There are a few reasons.  When the girl replies, you will see the first message you sent her which contains your filters.  You will then instantly know your level of interest.

If she doesn’t reply, you can sort through your message previews using the search function.

This technique is helpful when you want to message the girls you’re highly interested in who didn’t respond to your first message.

Simply jump to the message previews where you can see girls’ names.

You can also copy and paste these messages to save a ton of time instead of trying to create a unique message for each girl.

Tinder sessions should only last a few minutes.


This tip may seem trivial to some.  It’s intended to help men with a high volume of matches or in exotic countries with increased foreigner value.

In hindsight, I could have organized my efforts more efficiently if I had implemented organizational methods of this nature when I first started traveling.

When I’m working all day on the road while still trying to date on a constant basis, optimizations like the one mentioned here are great time savers that increase my success.

I hope this tip helps guys better organize their Tinder matches.  It’s one of many little dating tricks in my arsenal of time savers and organizers that boost my online dating success.

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