How to Have Sex on Tinder All Day, Every Day of the Week

Last Updated Jul 29, 2020

Remember my article 31 Reasons Tinder Can Blow?  Well, I’ve figured out how to get around all those drawbacks.

Tinder has turned into an absolute goldmine.

Lining up multiple dates per day and not spending a cent has become commonplace.

It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life!

If you search how to get laid on Tinder, some guy is selling a process to hook up with 10 girls in 5 weeks.

My methods have the potential to get men 10 or more scores in less than 1 week!

I scored with 20 girls in 9 days during a recent conquest.

The Keys to Scoring on Tinder

  • Implement a sound methodology
  • Contact as many girls as possible in as little time as possible
  • Know what to say to cut to the chase
  • Know when to let go
  • Stay conscientious
  • Portray the best possible photos.  This is a process in itself, but once men get it dialed in, matches will flow like kegs at a tailgate.
  • Time is everything.
  • Persistence
  • Properly handle rejection
  • Consistency

How Well am I Doing?

It’s been going so well for me that I have hot girls messaging me first (a Tinder anomaly).

Kyiv would have been much better if I used my current method.  You can check out my report on hot Ukrainian girls here.

These days, I have less time to chase girls.

With my new method, I don’t spend much time setting up multiple dates per day.

Sometimes, I spend a total of 3 hours to pick up 2 scores in 1 day!

The beauty is I am spending no money on the dates – literally nothing!

A portion of the lovemaking has been extra adventurous.

They are hot before we meet due to my methods.

Like usual, aphrodisiacs have been keeping me pumped up like a well-oiled machine.

I added a bunch more to my arsenal and can now aid my body in almost every way imaginable.

Additionally, there is an important vitamin I take to enhance all aphrodisiacs.

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Let’s face it, most men aren’t trying to make real connections on Tinder.

The whole point of Tinder is to spend as little time and money as possible to score.

Say goodbye to insufferable conversations or taking girls out for expensive first dates.

By using my methods, men can reach previously undiscovered levels of success.


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