Fastest Acting Aphrodisiacs for Men • (Complete 2024 Guide)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Good evening out there in the world, tonight I’ll be continuing the aphrodisiac run here at 199flags with my list of top 5 fast acting aphrodisiacs. I know that not every situation allows us guys enough time to boost the libido or get pumped before a planned night in the sack with a hottie, preferably Asian.

In fact, my favorite aphrodisiac, cordyceps, does not make this list since it usually takes at least a couple of hours to kick in.

fast acting aphrodisiacs

There is a way to speed up the process, which I will share later in this article.

Over the years, I’ve tested over twenty herbal aphrodisiacs and bumped into several foods that get the job done as well.

In this article, I’ll share the foods and supplements that give me the most effective kick in the shortest period.

I will also explain when and how to take them for the optimal effect.

I’ll kick off the party with a food that most men probably don’t think of when they hear the word “aphrodisiac.”

1. Watermelon

Yup, watermelon! During a liver cleanse I did just a few months ago, I ate a lot of watermelon on an empty stomach for breakfast.

The first morning I ate a watermelon from the Saturday market in Manila, I noticed a sharp libido boost just 15 minutes after eating the melon.

The arousal was so fierce that I ran a Google search to see if watermelon is indeed an aphrodisiac.

I bumped into a Texas A&M study that credited the high level of the amino acid citrulline in watermelon for its aphrodisiacal effect.

Citrulline has a Viagra-like effect on the body because it relaxes blood vessels.

Once ingested, certain enzymes convert citrulline to arginine.

Arginine then boosts nitric oxide, which increases blood flow.

watermelon aphrodisiac

How to get the best effect?

It’s best not to combine watermelon with other foods since it digests very quickly.

Try to eat it alone on an empty stomach, ideally first thing in the morning to get the full effect.

I noticed the sweeter the melon the stronger the effect.

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2. Bee Pollen

One of my favorite food supplements is bee pollen because it tastes great, is packed with nutrients, and gives my manhood a near-instant boost.

I wrote about how I discovered the powerful aphrodisiacal effect of bee pollen in a previous article about ED you can check out by clicking here.

In the case of bee pollen, I didn’t need to find any research to back up its effectiveness.

I supplemented with it for about a year straight, and it always gave me a libido boost.

There are a lot of articles claiming that it’s a “potent” aphrodisiac without much scientific evidence to back up the claims.

You should take care to ensure you’re not allergic to bee products before experimenting with bee pollen.

In my opinion, the aphrodisiacal effect of bee pollen stems from the fact that it’s a potent source of nutrients.

It contains roughly 200 substances, including vitamins and amino acids.

bee pollen aphrodisiac

How to get the best effect?

I try to take it on an empty stomach.

There’s no need to eat a meal first, at least in my case it’s never upset my stomach.

The bigger the spoonful the stronger the effect.

On a handful of occasions, I took at least a tablespoon before meeting a girl.

3. Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed certainly isn’t my top pick when it comes to aphrodisiacs, but it does kick in quickly.

I’ve felt the effects of horny goat weed as soon as thirty minutes after taking it.

On those occasions, I took three 00 capsules right after waking up with my first glasses of water in the morning.

Horny goat weed is one of the most popular and well-known herbal aphrodisiacs on the market.

For this reason, you should be cautious when purchasing it in capsule form.

horny goat weed aphrodisiac

How to get the best effect?

I prefer to stack horny goat weed with other aphrodisiacs because while it does give me a libido boost, it doesn’t give me the super-human boost that a good wave of cordyceps can.

Yesterday, I wrote about eleuthero root aka Siberian ginseng.

I’ve found that stacking Siberian ginseng with horny goat weed levels out the stimulating effect of the goat weed to create the ultimate performance boost.

I take two “00” capsules of the goat weed and three “00” capsules of eleuthero root.

You can check out a capsule machine that will make you 100 capsules in one swoop here.

4. Love Potion Essential Oil

One of my secret stash items that’s making its first appearance on 199flags is Love Potion essential oil.

I love this stuff and have been using it for years.

Whenever I have a girl coming over or am going out for a date, I spritz this stuff in the air and get it circulating.

In my experience, the Love Potion is no joke.

It instantly gets me in the mood, and I’ve seen the effect it has on women.

My last girlfriend in Manila was a fan of it.

She liked when I sprayed it on the bed while she was over.

I will say that the scent isn’t for everyone; it will take some time to grow on you.

Some guys may be turned off just by looking at the packaging, but I don’t mind as long as it gets the job done.

How to use it

I keep a small plastic bottle with a sprayer that can handle water with oil.

A lot of cheap spray bottles get clogged.

Amber glass bottles work well with fine mist sprayers.

You can also opt for a diffuser.

Also, I only use a few drops instead of 18 as it says on the bottle.

It only takes a few drops to raise the temp in the bedroom a few degrees.

5. Cayenne Pepper

I love me some cayenne pepper.

The best part about cayenne pepper as an aphrodisiac is that it can work alone or mix well with any other food or supplement on this list.

The way I take cayenne pepper certainly isn’t for everyone, especially anyone with an ulcer.

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, increases blood circulation.

I know when I take cayenne, I get an immediate energy shot.

When I take it along with other aphrodisiacs, it boosts the effects of anything I take.

cayenne pepper aphrodisiac

How to get the best effect?

I buy big bags of non-irradiated cayenne pepper to ensure I’m getting the most benefits from it.

When I take cayenne, I mix up to a half teaspoon in a little bit of water and take it quickly, like a shot of liquor.

I love the burn, but I know not everyone can handle it.

The Power of Green Tea

My secret sauce when it comes to boosting the power of an aphrodisiac and making it kick in quicker is green tea.

I’m not going to act like I understand the science behind it, but it’s worked hundreds of times for me.

Even green tea alone gets me in the mood for a wild ride in the sack.

Whenever the girl I’m dating comes over, I drink a strong cup of green tea just before her arrival.

This practice has never failed me.

Green tea improves my focus tremendously and gives me a clean energy boost.

When that energy carries over into the sack, it makes for a mighty good time.

green tea aphrodisiac

I’d also like to add fresh ginger root to this list of fast-acting aphrodisiacs as an honorable mention. If you can stomach chewing on fresh ginger, it’ll pay off when it comes time to jump in bed with your girl.

Final Thoughts

You now have some powerful aphrodisiacs to add to your arsenal, along with proven ways to get in the mood in the snap of a finger.

I’m always testing different combinations and cycles to see what gives me the magic boost.

I also prefer to keep my body guessing or else it gets the chance to build up a tolerance.

By constantly switching things up, I never give my body the chance.