Discover How Cordyceps Will Change Your Sex Life Forever

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

After smoking bud and watching online adult vids for fourteen years, I quit both at the same time. The next day, I went to ease my withdrawal with a round of masturbation, and for the first time in my life, I experienced the dreaded erectile dysfunction.

This occurred at age 28 – terrifying, to say the least.

My body was in a state of shock.

My morning wood went on vacation, and my sexual energy diminished. Since I’m mostly anti-chemical medications, I researched how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally.

I ordered several bottles of “testosterone-boosting” herbs, started taking them, and nothing really worked.

Soon I discovered, there is no single erectile dysfunction cure…

Depressing Times with Low Sexual Energy

I refused to take Viagra or Cialis at age 28. The last thing I wanted to do was complicate the problem by needing male enhancement pills to get hard or aroused.

My life was in a bad place. Read my story here.

I tested the nofap waters to see if it would help. It barely did, my hang time was low, and I required constant stimulation to stay up. The experience was dreadful.

To break my cold streak, I slept with a 40-yr-old woman, and the sex was lackluster at best.

I know this all sounds depressing, so let’s fast forward to the part where I rose from the ashes.

Rising from the Ashes

After leaving my obsessions to work and make money behind, I shifted all my focus to my sex life. My sex life is more important to me than money – A LOT more important!

I took a trip to the Philippines and engaged in untamed promiscuousness. My erectile dysfunction finally retreated, and my sexual vitality returned. However, my performance was not exactly where I wanted it.

If I slept with 3 women a day, by the 2nd and 3rd woman, my premature ejaculation problem went away. There was always the burden of getting that first one out.

boracay sexual energy

“Boracay Perfect Day” by Angelo Juan Ramos

When I first arrived in the Philippines, I immediately hooked up with a local. I came in my pants after we started making out and grinding. She understood my predicament, and we had a laugh about it. Keep in mind, my previous fling was a 40-yr-old woman.

My entire Philippines campaign was surreal. It helped me evolve in many ways as a man. By the end, I made love to 46 women. My first book is a narrative journey detailing my escapades in the Philippines.

After the Philippines, I flew to Thailand. The women are beautiful in Thailand, but my sexual energy was low after the Philippines. I only slept with one Thai girl during my 10-day stay. This is not my style and is disappointing in hindsight. I plan to go back on a rampage.

Update: I’ve been back to Thailand 3 times and had some unforgettable Thaimes!

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More Ammunition for the Next Trip

After Thailand, I returned home and planned to go to Eastern Europe for my next adventure.

Instead, I bumped into an article that shifted my route to the Dominican Republic. The guy reported meeting a ton of Dominican girls in a short time. It made my jaw drop with joy.

I signed up for this dating site and started messaging girls. Dominicanas are warm and sensual – fiery women. I knew I made the right choice to go there.

beautiful beach

After gaining wisdom from my previous experiences in Asia, I knew I had to improve my sexual prowess for this adventure. Never in my life did I want to feel sexual exhaustion again. If I do, stick a fork in me and put me six feet under.

This time around, I decided to avoid bottled brands. Instead, I encapsulated my own supplements. I read about Maca Root, Fo-ti, and some other interesting supplements to boost sexual energy and help me reclaim my virility.

I went online and bought a bunch of “00” vegetarian capsules and a capsule filling machine. I bought all the supplements online in powdered form.

The Magical Mushroom for Male Delight

You are probably wondering, well what the heck is this magic mushroom he wrote about in the title?

This magic mushroom grows off dead caterpillar carcasses, it’s Tibetan, and I would pay high-dollar to get it from the best sources in Tibet. Instead, I settle for the next best thing which is lab-grown in the US, particularly the CS-4 strain.

You are probably still wondering.

The name of the supplement is Cordyceps. It’s sold commercially. Companies bottle it and sell it. In my opinion, it’s always better to encapsulate it yourself using a high-quality powder.

Cordyceps for Sexual Energy

Credit: Susanne Sourell (Suse) at Mushroom Observer

Since my first excursion in Asia, I have spent hours upon hours encapsulating my own powders before every trip. You may be asking why? Because it turns me into an animal in the sack with increased levels of sexual stamina.

When taken correctly, I last as long as I want with a rock-hard erection. Girls are impressed by my performance. They always come back for more when I deliver a high-octane Cordyceps performance.

The last couple of times I made love here in Colombia, I didn’t take it, and my stamina decreased. My findings proved the effectiveness of Cordyceps for increasing stamina.

Below is a video of Paul Stamets on TedMed talking about Cordyceps. It is not the best video, but it lends credibility to the herb.

Paul Stamets is a leader in mushroom cultivation, and Ted features some knowledgeable speakers.

Erectile Dysfunction in the Rearview While in the DR

I took Cordyceps the entire time I was in the Dominican Republic and never experienced sexual exhaustion. In total, I slept with 51 women in 4 months, including 4 threesomes. In my final month, I met 31 women in 21 days and had 3 of my 4 threesomes.

pretty dominican girl

Also, for one of those months, I was sidelined while recovering from a staph infection in my elbow that required surgery. It was the worst pain I ever felt. I crashed a motorcycle and like a dummy didn’t keep the wounds covered at all times. At the same time, I had a bout of dermatitis from using cheap laundry detergent. I almost wanted to die from the itch, but nothing could stop me.

My first threesome was bonkers! During a 24-hour period, I made sweet love to 4 women, was in my first threesome (FFM) and capped it off with a 5th girl in a 36-hour period. Not many men have the sexual energy to accomplish that feat. Guess what I took the whole time? Cordyceps.

Cordyceps and Maca: The 1-2 Punch

I have a routine of Cordyceps and Maca that takes my sexual energy to the next level. Specific dosages and timing the dosages for better effectiveness.

Now, I barely have to take supplements. I wake with raging morning wood and have 100% confidence when I bed women. Morning wood is one of the most important signs of male sexual health.

I’m physically and mentally stronger. My body language is better. I’m more motivated. My sexual energy is higher. Life is good.

Here’s what I use:

Cordyceps Sinensis Powder iHerb Bulk Supps
Organic Maca Powder iHerb Bulk Supps
Empty Vegetarian Capsules Bulk Supps
Capsule machine Bulk Supps

If you are short on time and want to get something bottled, the only product I recommend is from Paul Stamets. He is probably the best mushroom cultivator of our time.

For additional ideas, read my new natural ED treatment article.


  • Erectile Dysfunction can be treated without chemical drugs. You need a mental and physical approach.
  • Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction and Male Enhancement are the real deal!
  • Proper usage of natural remedies will boost your libido. You must unlearn the negative patterns you have taught your mind.

Please remember, I’m not a doctor. I’m only here to tell you my story and what’s worked for me. Kindly read my disclaimer for more information.


  1. Richard Nyak

    Cordyceps is like having steroid when you do your work out. Plus it’s natural herbs i would recommend this instead of viagra

    • 199Flags

      That’s a great way to sum it up. I’m glad you had a positive experience from using it.

    • 199Flags

      Viagra didn’t work for me the one time I tried it. It actually worked against me.

      Cordyceps works by increasing cellular oxygen absorption which has too many benefits to list. It’s not a magic pill like pharmaceuticals, it’s more something you can use for the long haul.

      The more you use it, the better you can gauge the doses and when it is worth taking. If you drink a cup of green tea after taking it, you should have a pure speed rush. I can’t drink coffee without getting the jitters. This combo gives me no jitters just clean energy.

      Also, don’t get the stuff that claims to be better because it is mycelium. Mycelium is what the fruits grow off. You want to get the whole mushroom fruit.

      2019 Update: Viagra definitely works lol

    • Richard Nyak

      Cordyceps is the shit i have been having morning boner quite reguraly now aiiiii

      • 199Flags

        Haha yup, waking up with a rager is a common occurrence and the healthiest thing for ya. It replenishes your manhood while you sleep.

  2. Charles Sledge

    Never heard of this before will have to try it, sounds fun haha

    • 199Flags

      Yeah it’s legit. I’ve been using it for years now. It’s a staple for my travels when there is a lot of sex to be had.

  3. Comfortably off

    What dosage do you take of each of these herbs?