A Simple Trick to Cure ED That You’ve Never Thought Of

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

When it comes to ED, the stress of trying to reverse it can break any man. Tonight, I’ll share with you a simple trick to cure ED that I guarantee you’ve never thought of.

If you’re here right now, chances are you’ve tried natural cures to erectile dysfunction, nofap, no porn, or other activities that start with “no.”

My time battling ED was brief, and it was 100% not a physical problem.

A study found that 40% of men experience ED to some degree before age 40.

Are you tired of failing to solve the problem?

There’s nothing worse than coming up short in the bedroom or not being able to get up and running.

I’d rather be broke with a working tool than a multi-billionaire with a broken one.

The problem most men face when trying to cure ED is they get too aggressive.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of throwing you know what at the wall until something sticks.

This isn’t the best way of going about reversing ED.

Stress and ED

stress and ed

First, I’ll talk about stress and ED.

In my opinion, nothing causes ED quicker than constant stress or burnout.

Once a man becomes burned out, things can go haywire in a hurry.

The first thing guys battling ED should focus on is to reduce the stress in their lives by any means necessary.

Is your job more important than your manhood?

Are you in a toxic relationship that’s beyond the point of repair?

Perhaps you’re living beyond your means paycheck to paycheck?

If you choose to remain in those situations, you’ll never get to the root of your ED problem.

In a way, ED can be a major wake-up call that’s telling you to make a change in your life.

Power moves are what make or break your life.

I’ve always gone all-in when I do something and made drastic changes when I’ve needed to for my own mental well-being.

I left a high-salary position and office on the Vegas strip behind because it felt like the right thing to do.

The last person I wanted to become was the bald guys who worked their way to the “top,” all so they could drive a BMW and have a trophy wife.

Those are the kind of guys that get ED.

Happiness and ED are like oil and water.
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Inner Game

Now, for the simple trick to cure ED that you’ve been waiting for.

Reversing or curing ED requires no medication or natural remedies.

You may be wondering, how is that possible?

Well, in my opinion, most, if not all, of the ED problem is in your head.

I know there are physical causes of ED, and I truly feel for those guys, but most guys need to get their inner game right.

A lot of guys can fall into the trap of not realizing that anything is wrong with their lives.

They fail to take a step back and look at their lives on a macro level.

I find that it’s necessary to meditate and look at my life from an outside view to see how I can make it better.

Just one power move in the right direction can enhance your inner game and bring you one step closer to reversing your ED problem.

Once you get stuck in the same toxic cycle within a comfort zone, no magic pill is going to cure your erectile dysfunction.


It’s easy to become impatient when battling the ED bug.

You can wake up one morning with ED and want it to go away just as fast, but chances are that years of toxic activity are what led to that fateful day.

In my case, smoking bud for 14 years straight caused my ED problem.

Once I stopped, my entire body was confused.

For weeks, I woke up soaking wet in the middle of the night due to intense night sweats.

I got used to taking hot showers in the wee hours and changing my clothes all the while having the most insane dreams possible.

ED was just part of the equation.

I wanted the problem to go away at the snap of a finger, but it was the 14 preceding years that landed me in that predicament.

I went on several random dates to test my manhood, and when the dates did lead to sex, the sex was downright horrible.

My Secret

In the midst of the healing process, I traveled to Hawaii to stay with relatives for a few months.

It was there that I met a Filipino guy who recommended I check out the Philippines.

I did some research on the internet that led me to believe it was absolute paradise there for foreigners, and how right they were.

Once I landed in the Philippines, I had more sex than I ever had in my life in just a few months with women who genuinely turned me on.

Opening my eyes up to the healing powers of meeting women in a foreign land was a major turning point in my life.

I arrived while still battling ED and left with a Ferrari in my pants.

The secret?

It was all about the women, the great sex, and lots of it.

That’s my simple trick to cure ED.

To this day, I’ve never experienced a hint of ED while living abroad.

I’ve taken herbs to boost my libido and my experience in the bedroom, but I’ve never needed them to get hard.

This is the ED cure that no one talks about and most men don’t know about.

There’s a little more to it than just having sex with exotic women.

For example, I don’t think a guy who travels to meet escorts will reverse or cure his erectile dysfunction problem.

The key is to soak up the exquisite femininity the indigenous women have to offer.

I love women, and I know that every man needs a feminine touch to feel whole.

The problem in today’s world is that genuine femininity is becoming more and more scarce.

For this reason, once I find a wholesome feminine woman, I latch on to her as long as I’m in a place.

This goes back to the toxic relationship problem I mentioned earlier.

Reversing ED while in a toxic relationship is a tall, tall order.

Final Thoughts

If you want to read exactly how my simple trick to cure ED works, then I suggest you read my first book.

It’s about much more than just sex.

It explores the mental aspect of the healing process and provides men with an unconventional approach to cure ED that actually works.

I hope you can see now that ED is a wake-up call.

It’s your body telling you that you need to hit the reset button as soon as possible.

If you choose to stay in your current comfort zone, then your only choice may be medication.

Do you want to rely on that crutch for the rest of your life or reverse the problem all together?