Before I started to write the following Philippines girls dating guide, my conscious and I had a pow-wow.  Please be aware that I’m not putting a tag on a nationality.  I respect all races.

My review serves only to share my experience and help guys decide if Philippines girls are right for them.

My review is divided into several categories.  The most distinctive attributes of any woman are her face, body, personality, libido, and femininity.

I go through each category before adding my closing thoughts on foreigner value.

Facial Features

There is a lot of Spanish blood flowing through the Philippines that gives most Pinays a distinctly different facial structure than other Asian nations.  The shape of their eyes differs from Chinese, Japanese or Korean girls.  Although, there are Philippines girls with Chinese blood.

While in the Philippines, I saw a lot of Pinays with facial features similar to the girl pictured below.

Philippines girls face

Philippines girls’ skin tones range from a darker, golden brown to a pale, almost yellow color.  The darker and lighter Philippines girls are both beautiful in my opinion.


She is from Cebu, Philippines.

Philippines Girls Bodies

Pinays’ bodies range dramatically, and some are amply built – which is rare for Asian girls.

I love girls with loud curves, but I love girls with petite curves too.  Most Philippines girls are petite – a huge turn on for me since I’m average height.


She has a common Pinay body. Credit to Jack Versloot on Flickr

Here are the positives:

  • Typically, Pinays have small curves, but some Philippines girls are voluptuous.
  • They possess pillow-soft skin.
  • Very petite
  • Alluring, exotic skin tones
  • Long, gorgeous black hair

Here are the negatives:

  • Dentistry is progressing.
  • The Philippines could be underwhelming for those curious guys who miraculously aren’t attracted to Asian women.
  • The vast population of ladyboys
  • Westernization rapidly infecting major cities.

As of now, there are more positives than negatives.  I just spent over a year in the Philippines.

Philippines Girls Personality Traits

From my experience, Pinays’ personalities ranged quite a bit, but there were some common themes.

Philippines girls are usually caring and go out of their way to please others (although westernization has begun spoiling this once-golden attribute in the metro).

It wasn’t unusual for me to wake to my Filipina girlfriend cooking breakfast or cleaning my place.

In general, the women are gentle and sometimes shy.  I think they are shy on some of the islands mainly because they have not seen many foreigners.

Pinays frequently equate foreigners to people they have seen on TV shows or in movies – an automatic leg up for foreigners.

Overall, most Pinays are cheerful and enjoyable to be around.  I made lasting friendships with beautiful Filipina girls during my time there.

Tip: Be careful, even though most Pinays are gentle and innocent; like all other women, they can be sneaky.  Keep an eye on your valuables and lock them up until you completely trust a girl.


Libido will always range, but the Phils is built for dominant men.  I prefer to dominate, which is why I’ve been meaning to return to Latin America from Asia for years now.

Submissive men will need to do some (minimal) digging to find what they’re after in the Philippines.

philippines girls

A strange instance: out of all my escapades in the Philippines, there was the rare Pinay in Cagayan de Oro who wanted to take charge.

She persisted after I told her I’m not into it, and I lost my enthusiasm.  It was an unusual occurrence in the Phils.  All the other girls I dated were submissive.

Overall, Pinays kept me happy in the bedroom.  My last year there, I dated a girl who is half Chinese for six months, and we never had any problems in bed.

Level of Femininity

Pinays can be extremely feminine.

UPDATE: Again, westernization is rapidly reducing femininity in the metro.  I don’t know about other parts of the Phils though.

Guys who are looking for girls who lift weights, run marathons, and have wind-burnt skin should go elsewhere.

Pinays are typically at home taking care of their families and their bodies.

It gives me shivers down my spine just thinking about the most feminine Pinays I met during my time gallivanting around Mindanao particularly.

Foreigner Value in the Philippines

In the Philippines, foreigner value isn’t quite what it used to be in the major cities, but it’s still there.  Read my updated Filipino Cupid review to see my most recent results.

My first book, Tales of an Oversexed Gringo, details how my first trip to the Philippines in 2014 healed me from the inside out.  It’s how 199flags all started, and I’ve continued to grow since then.

Updating my posts on the site now, I’m realizing how far out of control my ego had gone just a couple of years ago.

My vocabulary was in the gutter, and most of the writing on this site was tasteless.  I’m in no way, shape, or form a person who believes in current PC.

However, I now value class, discipline, respect, and integrity above all else.  If you browse the site, you’ll see that all of the posts have been updated.

I’m currently in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically, and more disciplined than ever before.  There is always more room to grow, but if one thing is for sure, I’ve become a better person over the past couple of years.

Sure, I still date women and partake in memorable bedroom activities while indulging in a promiscuous lifestyle.  Life has just evolved, and I appreciate what the universe tosses my way.

In 2014, Philippines girls helped boost my confidence, reverse my erectile dysfunction and remind me how much I love genuinely feminine women.

The dilemma in today’s world is the growing disconnect between men and women.  What’s going on in America at the moment is revolting.

Here’s the problem: women don’t want men to be horny (castration).  In return, men conclude that they are being assaulted and need to protect their meretricious modern-day masculinity.  Both men and women could do well to get back in touch with their primal roots.

You think cavemen and women had these problems?

Now, getting back on topic…


Philippines girls are lovely Asian women who like to please their men.

I will always have a soft spot for Pinays.  Experiencing their exquisite femininity made me a better man.

I also love all the other colors in the world, but the calm mystique of Asian women is what I cherish most.

sexy beautiful pinays

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