Before starting to write this Philippines girls review, my conscious crept up into me a bit.

Before reading my review, please be aware that I’m not putting a tag on a race of people.  I respect all races.  In my opinion, everyone is equal.

This review serves only to share my experience and help guys decide if Pinays are right for them.

The review is divided into several categories.  The most important attributes of any woman are the face, body, personality, sexual fire, and level of femininity.

I will go through each attribute and then add some closing thoughts on foreigner value.

Philippines Girls Faces

In this category, the average Pinay does not score very high.  This does not mean there aren’t some knockouts in the mix.

While in the Philippines, I saw Pinays with incredibly beautiful faces and many others with faces like the girl pictured below.

Philippines girls face

This is a very accurate representation of a normal girl from the Philippines. Most likely, guys that talk about how easy it is are in this range pictured here.

Philippines girls skin tones range from a darker, golden brown to a pale nearly Korean skin tone (Koreans will get so mad if they read this).   The darker and lighter Philippines girls are both very attractive

The darker and lighter Philippines girls are both very attractive IMO.


This is a what a lot of Cebuanas look like aka girls from Cebu. I wasn’t a huge fan of Cebu but did have some special moments there.

Filipina Girls Bodies

Pinay bodies range and some have big tits – which is rare for Asian girls.  Don’t expect big curves in general.

If you like girls on the skinnier side with modest features, you’ll like girls in the Philippines.

I love girls with big curves, but I love girls with tiny, perfect little butts too.  Most Philippines girls are petite.  This is a huge turn on for me.


This a normal Pinay body – nice and plush.  Expect this shape but skinnier.  Credit to Jack Versloot on Flickr

Here are the positive highlights to create a more clear picture:
  • Small curves but some Philippines girls have big curves
  • The softest skin you may ever feel in your life
  • Very petite
  • Beautiful, exotic skin tones
  • Long, gorgeous black hair
  • Quite possibly the tightest pussies in the world
Here are some negatives you may experience:
  • Bad teeth
  • Underwhelming looks if you are not into Asian girls
  • Lots of Ladyboys – Be cautious who you meet
  • Obesity is on the rise.  There is a lot of fast food in the major cities.

As you can see, there are more positives than negatives.

Pinay Personalities

From my experience, personalities ranged, but there were some common themes.

First off, let me say I love how feminine and caring Philippines girls are.  It wasn’t unusual for me to wake up to one cooking breakfast or cleaning my place.

I’m not hating on women and saying they shouldn’t work, but this is the type of woman I love to have around.

In general, the women are very gentle and sometimes shy.  I think they are shy on some of the islands mainly because they have not seen many gringos.

They equate us to people they have seen on TV shows or in movies.  An automatic leg up for us.

Overall, they are normal and fun to be around.  I made some friends with beautiful Filipina girls whom will always be special in my eyes.

They represent almost everything I love about women.

Tip: Be careful even though they are gentle and innocent, like all other women, Philippines girls can be sneaky.  Take normal precautions like locking your stuff up.

Levels of Sexual Fire in Cute Filipinas

This will range, but you will find that you need to do most of the work.

If you are a submissive type of guy, you most likely will not love Philippines girls.

philippines girls

Philippines Girls can be fiery

For us dominate types, it’s a field day.  What’s strange is out of all the women I have bedded, the one who pushed to take control the most was a Pinay in Cagayan de Oro.

When she persisted to take control, I lost my erection.  It was a rare instance.  All the other cute Filipinas I met were submissive.

Overall, they do not have a lot of sexual fire, although, you will be surprised with what you find from time to time.

Philippines Girls Level of Femininity

They have very high levels of femininity!

If you are looking for girls who lift weights, run marathons, and have wind burnt skin go elsewhere.

Pretty Pinays are at home taking care of their families and their bodies.

philippines girls

I love the gentle nature of Filipina girls. Credit to kentzyn at deviantart.

It gives me the shivers just thinking about how hot a beautiful, feminine Pinay truly is.

Foreigner Value for Gringos in the Philippines

In the Philippines, your value will be sky-high!  Use Filipino Cupid to pick up lays like a champ.

I picked up enough lays to write an entire book about it (more on that soon).  There is no reason you can’t do the same!

Philippines girls will help men who have lost confidence or want to learn what it’s like to game.

Don’t expect to get off the plane and get upper-tier talent, but anything below that is fair game.

Guys with literally no game who have no clue how to please a woman will still attract cute Filipinas.

That’s why you will see a lot of guys on the internet talking about how it’s the easiest place to get laid in the world.

If you want to get upper-tier talent, I can offer advice that will make your trip much better.  I know places to stay, where to go and

I know places to stay, where to go and little-known island pussy paradises where it flows like fine wine.  Email me at for more information.


Philippines girls are beautiful Asian women that like to please their men.

If you like larger, aggressive women, for example, Dominicanas, than Pinays may let you down.

This gringo will always love cute Asian women.  I love Latinas, whites, blacks and everything in between but nothing gets me going quite like the mystique of an Asian woman.

sexy beautiful pinays

I’ve died and gone to heaven

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