Manila Girls • The Ultimate 2024 Dating Guide for Men

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

If you’re here, then you want to know what Manila girls are like or perhaps you’ve been to Manila before and are on the hunt for a fresh update.

Before I begin, I’d like to inform you that this is not a city guide, ladyboy guide or mongering guide.

There’s enough of those on the internet to make a man’s head explode.

I just looked at a post that a guy must have spent days writing that’s 1000s of words of the same BS that’s already been written 1000 times.

Those posts don’t hold up well.

What makes my perspective different?

I’m not a monger, I’ve spent years in Manila, and I watched the climate change over the past several years.

A lot has changed in Manila due to “city guides.”

Due to these “city guides,” Manila is no longer a bonafide poosy paradise or paradise for short as I like to call them.

However, it’s still a great place to meet and date women.

The key nowadays is to seek quality over quantity.

What’s the point of this post?

To describe what Manila girls are like RIGHT NOW, not what they were like just a few years ago when the place was still a paradise.

Manila Girls’ CURRENT Personalities

Over the past several years, girls in Manila have become less pleasant in the opening part of most conversations, and I don’t blame them.

They’ve been treated like dogs for so long that it wore down their patience.

I can only imagine how annoying it must be for them to be asked for sex by dozens or even hundreds of guys daily.

If you know what you’re doing, these guys actually make it easier to meet and date beautiful Filipinas – more on that later.

hot manila girls

Most of the foreigners I’ve seen in Manila make it so obvious that all they are looking for is sex that it’s hilarious.

I’m not the type of guy that likes to get down on another man’s game, but the lack of game in Manila is a sight to behold.

Aside from the women losing patience, they are also expecting more.

There are so many foreigners competing for the women these days that the shoe is now on the other foot.

If you want to score with non-pros in Manila, you need to take a different approach than just a year ago.

So all in all, you get women with less patience, who are more westernized and expect more.

This is how it is.

It’s up to you whether that’s a dealbreaker or you’re interested enough in Pinays to jump through a few hoops.

How to Successfully Date Girls in Manila

Now that you’re aware of the current dating climate in Manila, I’ll tell you what Manila girls like from my years of dating in the Philippines.

The girl I dated the longest in Manila is sweet as pie, half-Chinese, beautiful, willing to bend over backward to take care of her man, funny, and strong.

You may be wondering why I didn’t marry her?

Well, I’m not quite ready.

Let’s rewind to when I first met her.

I asked her to meet me for a drink.

We met and immediately hit it off.

Then we dated for about 6 months with lingering meetings to follow.

Let’s rewind again.

One day we were talking, and she told me that she had been considering meeting a few other guys when we first met.

I asked, “Why did you choose me?”

She replied, “Well, a couple of the guys sent a d*ck pic, another seemed boring, and you made me laugh and asked me out for a normal meeting.”

In other words, you’re up against guys who can’t help but send photos of their genitals before trying to meet a girl.

That’s how easy it is to beat the competition.

If you can momentarily refrain from being a horndog and treat a Pinay like a human being, you’re already ahead of most of the competition.

You can also check out this article 5 signs a Filipina likes you for additional info on dating in Manila.

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The Downfalls of Dating Manila Girls

I may have made it sound like heaven, but there are some downfalls of dating in Manila you need to be aware of.

The main realization that guys need to make is that beautiful women won’t be flocking to them like before.

Unless you do some quality pipelining, you’ll need to put in more work than before to score.

This could mean a few failed dates.

I’ve come to realize that a few failures typically precede success.

It just happened to me with the last girl I dated.

The date before her was insufferable, but I kept on trucking.

It could also mean having to deal with insults, bad attitudes, and westernized traits that are growing in Manila culture.

Girls in Manila have so many options right now that you mean nothing to them until you can prove your worth, not just in dollars.

If your confidence isn’t there or you take things people say personally, you might as well not even show up.

The girls on Tinder aren’t sweet like before.

If you want to find the sweetest girls online, Filipino Cupid is the way to go.

The girls there are getting hit up, but not near as much as on Tinder.

Plus, they are looking for boyfriends or husbands, not a guy swooping in for a quick score.

Also, once you do find a steady girl, there’s a very, very big chance you’re not the only guy in her life.

If you’re not an experienced dater, they can easily deceive you.

Me, I can tell, but sometimes I don’t care if all I’m looking for is the sex too.

Is It Still Worth Traveling to Manila for the Girls?

It depends on who you are and your expectations.

I think it is if you have patience, intermediate or higher game, don’t take anything personally, and have confidence.

In reality, those qualities will get you the score anywhere.

And that’s the exact point of this article.

I could pick up scores in America just as easily as in Manila, but I prefer Asian girls.

If you’re going to Manila with no game and think the girls will flock to you, you’re in for a rude awakening.

They may flock to you, but the quality undoubtedly won’t be there.

Trust me, the first time I went to Manila, it was still paradise.

I witnessed the metamorphosis firsthand over the years.

Those days are over, the same as paradises all over the world.

It’s actually a good thing for guys who have game, but for the gameless, it’s a bummer.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of paradises still out there, but you’ll rarely find true paradise in a game blog or forum as of right now.

If you’re going to Manila to monger, it’s still an absolute goldmine, but make sure you wrap up cowboy.

Final Thoughts

Manila girls are still sweet and some of the best in the world for guys who know what they’re doing.

My last year there, I saw a ton of guys walking around with local women I wouldn’t date.

Those are the guys who experienced the rude awakening.

One guy was complaining on my Filipino Cupid review article about how all his “good looking” friends were the guys I saw with the locals I wouldn’t date.

I’m not saying I’m special.

I’m just an average guy who knows what girls are like in Manila and how to win them over.

What I like about this post is it will stand the test of time, unlike city guides.

Manila is constantly changing, but the girls will only become more difficult to obtain.