Seducing Cebuanas is easy, although there is one big problem you will face.  In this how-to guide on dating Cebuanas, I will detail what they are like, how to seduce them, best game to use and best hotels in Cebu.

My knowledge comes from my four-month journey through the Philippines in 2014.  It was one of the most glorious adventures of my life.  The experience was cleansing in every aspect – spiritually, mentally and physically.

Today, I will share my knowledge to help men better understand Pinays in Cebu..

What Are Cebuanas Like?

dating cebuanasCebuanas differ from other Pinays.  They are darker and the most petite of the Pinays.  If you like pretty, petite Asians you are in for a real treat in Cebu.

They have the calm Asian nature and will take care of you.

The biggest problem is all the prostitutes in Cebu.  This is the problem I mentioned earlier.  I will go more in depth as I move through the article.

Overall, if you stick to using the right methods to meet Cebuanas, you will find sweet ones left and right.

If you go down the wrong path, you will go through a parade of hookers and ladyboys like I once did.  It’s not very fun in my opinion.

Where to Stay in Cebu

One problem with Cebu, while I was there, was the lack of options on Airbnb.  It wasn’t a huge problem since hotels are affordable.

I recommend using and looking for a room at the [sociallocker id=522]Quest Hotel[/sociallocker] first.

As a second and super cheap option, check out the Tune Hotel.  It has good logistics for meeting girls at the mall, but the first hotel I mentioned is the best logistical option.

The hotel allows guests and makes sure you stay safe with the girls.  They know a lot of guys are traveling to find Cebuana prostitutes.

That’s not what we are doing, we are looking for the wholesome Cebuanas.

With these two options, you will have a nice foundation.  Do some browsing on Agoda to get a better idea.

Pro Tip: It’s east to get a taxi from the airport, but go to the departures and find a taxi with a meter.  Otherwise, you’ll get ripped off.  The taxi drivers will know the hotels.  Be careful because begging children charge the doors but won’t try to open them.  I felt bad for them.

How to Seduce Cebuanas

I will break this section down into three parts – day game, internet game, night game.

Let’s make sure you are equipped with all the best tools going into your journey.

Like I said before, if you follow my methods, you will meet wholesome Cebuanas and not the prostitutes.

Day Game

The best place to pick up Cebuanas during the day is at the mall.  The Ayala Center mall located right near the hotels is the best meeting place.  It has a big open area in the middle full of restaurants and activities.  I had some really pleasant times there with women and enjoyed my stay thoroughly.

Ayala Center Cebu Philippines

A shot I took at the Ayala Center while in Cebu

There is also the SM City mall.  The SM and Ayala malls are everywhere in The Philippines and usually the best options.

Below is a map of Cebu.  All the red dots are malls.  As you can see, there are a bunch.

map of malls in cebu

Map of Malls in Cebu

Stick to these places, they are your safest bet and are always full of women.

Pro Tip: Write your number down on a piece of paper 10-15 times then go hand them out at the mall.  It takes barely any confidence to hand a girl your number.  Then sit back and enjoy as they come flocking in.

Internet Game

Internet game is the most important game to use for seducing Cebuanas.  The best site to use is Filipino Cupid.  The best free alternative to Filipino Cupid is Dateinasia.

Dateinasia is a very basic setup, but if you optimize your dating profile you can have high success on it.

Most of my lays came from Dateinasia because I hadn’t started using Filipino Cupid until the second part of my stay in Cebu.

Pro Tip: Don’t be cheap, get the Filipino Cupid Platinum membership and ball out.  All you have to do is skip 1-2 money wasting nights at the bar to cover the cost.

Night Game

cebuanas night game

Beware of night gaming Cebuanas

In my experience, night gaming Cebuanas is a terrible idea.

I went out one night to J ave in Mango Square and was disgusted by what I saw.

The girl I met there asked if I wanted to pay her later for sex.  I politely told her, I don’t pay for sex.  Then she told me, every girl in the place was a prostitute.

At that point, the club transformed into the dinosaur scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  In a fit of complete disgust, I fought through a mess of ladyboys and prostitutes and jumped into the back of a cab feeling like a caged animal everyone wanted to poke.

When I got back to my hotel, I washed my hair multiple times to clean out the hooker scent.  That was my first and last time in Mango Square.

That should give you an idea of the night scene.  Some people love this kind of time.  Old gringos were hitting it up hard and making out with girls on the dance floor who looked like their grandchildren.

The point is stick to day and internet game, and you will find pretty, wholesome Cebuanas.

Pro Tip: Try using Badoo, I noticed Cebuanas were using it.


If you follow my guide, seducing Cebuanas is easy.  Any gringo who hooks up with prostitutes in Cebu is a fool.

There are a ton of good Pinays in Cebu, you just have to know where to look.  Use my guide to tear it up and make the most of your time in Cebu.

Hopefully, you find some pretty Cebuanas the same way I did.

If you are interested in a more detailed trip plan see my seduction trip planner page.

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