Cebuana Dating in 2024: The Ultimate Guide for Single Men

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Seducing Cebuanas is fairly straightforward, although there is one monstrous hurdle most men will face in Cebu.  In my Cebuana dating guide, I detail what the women of Cebu are like, how to seduce them, the best time of day to meet them, and the best hotels in Cebu.

Cebu was one of my primary destinations during my four-month journey through the Philippines in 2014.  It was one of the most glorious adventures of my life, and I loved it so much that I wrote an entire book about how it changed my life forever.

The Pinays healed me from the inside out during a time when I was battling substance abuse, experiencing difficulty adjusting to a sober lifestyle, and the dreaded erectile dysfunction.

My Philippines exploration cleansed me: spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Today, I will share my knowledge about Cebuanas to help men better understand the dating world in Cebu…

What Are Cebuanas Like?

dating cebuanas

Cebuanas differ from other Pinays.  They are typically more tanned and the most petite of the Pinays.  Men who adore pretty, petite Asian girls are in for a real treat in Cebu.

The good news is a Filipina dating a foreigner is common, and there are tons of Cebuana singles.

The women of Cebu possess a calm, caring nature and will go out of their way to take care of their boyfriends or husbands.

However, allow me to explain the hurdle I mentioned earlier.  Cebu is crawling with pros due to the vast number of middle-aged sex tourists who visit the city.

Men who follow my guidance on how to meet and date Cebuanas will have the best chance of finding the sweet Cebuanas who aren’t gold diggers.

Men who go down the wrong path will fight through gauntlets of pros and ladyboys like I once did.

Where to Stay in Cebu

In 2014, Airbnb lacked rentals in Cebu although I’m sure that has changed since then.  Airbnb is always my first choice unless I can find a local deal through pipelining.  If you are a first-time Airbnb user, click here for a $40 discount.

If Airbnb still has some catching up to do, then hotels are the next best option and perhaps still the best.  I thoroughly enjoyed my hotel stays in Cebu.

I recommend using by clicking here to see the best current deals for hotels in Cebu.  Check out the Quest and Red Planet options via the link – Quest is the classier option while Red Planet is the best budget hotel in Cebu.

Back in 2014 before the Tune Hotel became Red Planet, I found a couple of solid deals at the Tune for around $7 a night.

Hotels in Cebu typically allow male guests to bring girls back to the room without any problem.  Hotel security will even go out of its way to ensure guests’ safety by holding girls’ IDs, then call the room when guests leave to protect against theft.

There were several instances in Cebu when I heard the sounds of lovemaking permeating from several rooms at once into the hall.  It was hilarious; I’ve never heard anything like it.

Between Airbnb and, men should be able to find reliable accommodations in Cebu.

Tip: After arriving at the airport, go upstairs to the departures and find a taxi with a meter.  The taxi drivers at the arrivals section will almost always try to rip off foreigners.

I had an interesting first ride into Cebu.  The driver told me to look out for Koreans and their distinct beauty.  He praised their pale skin.  The route to the hotel also opened my eyes up to the Third World.

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How to Date and Seduce Cebuanas

I break this section down into three parts – day game, internet game, and night game.

Like I mentioned earlier, Men who follow my guidance will meet wholesome Cebuanas and avoid the pros.

Day Game

The best place to cold approach Cebuanas during the day is the mall.  The Ayala Center Mall was my favorite spot to do some hunting.

It has a large atrium in the middle, lined with restaurants and other activities.  I had some memorable times there with local women.

Ayala Center Cebu Philippines Cebuanas

A shot I took at Ayala Center while in Cebu

Cebu also features the SM City Mall.  The SM and Ayala malls are everywhere in the Philippines and usually the best options.

Below is a map of Cebu.  All the red dots are malls.

map of malls in cebu

Map of the Malls in Cebu

Stick to these places, they are the safest bet and always brimming with Cebuana singles.

Tip: Men can jot their number down on several small strips of paper, then go hand them out at the mall.  It takes barely any confidence to hand a piece of paper to a girl.  Even if the task is completed awkwardly, women will respond.

Internet Game

Meeting Cebuanas online is a great way to date the more wholesome women.  Filipino Cupid is a great place to score a Cebuana. The best free alternative to Filipino Cupid is Dateinasia.

Dateinasia is a very basic setup, but men who optimize their dating profiles can find success.

UPDATE 2018: Dateinasia has fallen off in recent years but could still be worth a look.

Surely Tinder is another top dating app in Cebu at the moment.  However, it could be filled with pros.

Night Game

cebuanas night game

Beware of Cebuana nightcrawlers

In my experience, night game in Cebu is tricky.

Where to party in Cebu?  There are more than a few places to stroll in Cebu at night with plenty of nightspots to hit up.

I went out one night to J. Ave Super Club in Mango Square (which apparently is one of the best places in Cebu at night) and left early feeling disgusted by what I had encountered.

The girl I met there asked if I wanted to pay her for her “services.”  I politely explained my antipathy toward purchasing pros.  Then she explained to me that every girl there was a pro.

I looked around and noticed that drunk middle-aged men were making out with girls who didn’t look a day over fifteen.

At that point, the club transformed into the reptile scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  In a fit of disgust, I launched through a crowd of ladyboys and pros before jumping into the back of a cab with my legs dangling out the door.

When I got back to my hotel, I washed my hair multiple times to purge the repugnant scent.  That was my first and last time in Mango Square.  I recount the filthy incident in greater detail in my book.

My Cebu dating guide should give men an idea of what to expect from Cebu nightlife and entertainment.  Some people love this type of nightlife like the old gringos who flock to Cebu girlie bars.

The main takeaway is men should stick to day and internet game if they want to meet non-pros.

Tip: Try this site, I noticed Cebuanas using it and not many men are on there compared to Tinder.


Follow my guide to seduce and date Cebuanas.

Avoid the money-grubbing pros.

There are a ton of wholesome Pinays in Cebu, men just have to know where to look.

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