Where to Meet Single Women: The 3 Best Places Revealed

Last Updated Feb 11, 2020

Over the years, I have seen guys experience trouble defining the boundaries of where to approach women in public.

Approach anxiety is the real deal, and it stops most men dead in their tracks.  I know if I skip over cold approaching a girl in public who I find attractive, later on, I feel incompetent.

The simple explanation is there are no boundaries.  Let’s begin by discussing the place that shouldn’t be at the top of your list of best places to meet women in public.

Most men’s minds jump right to the bar when they think about meeting women…

This neanderthal way of thinking is the precise reason why most bars are sausage parties full of men who drank too much because they failed to accomplish the goal they set out to do.

Depending on the bar, the bar could be the very worst place to meet quality females.

Consider your local watering hole in a moderately large town where you always see the same people at the same bar.  Don’t go there to meet girls.

However, a popping bar in NYC or Manila packed with single professional women (with a cover charge), yes, go there!

meet women in public

Lots of sausage at bars, coupled with bad breath. I can’t stand women with bad breath. I’d rather meet a plain Jane with good, delicious breath than a Miami stunner with halitosis.

You ever see those poor saps who go into a bar only to get played by the bartender for an extra tip?  Don’t be that guy.

Don’t set yourself up for disaster or enter a tight group infected by one another.  Bar rats are alcoholics, and they have all hooked up with one other.

In the small town where I grew up, a couple of my friends hooked up with at least one sister from every family.

I always avoided local talent; I prefer to avoid being an Eskimo brother at all costs.

Now that we have in place the reason why bars are not one of the best places to meet women in public, let’s move right along to the places you should patrol.

best places to meet women in public

The 3 Best Places to Meet Women in Public (Descending Order)

3.) The Street – Yup, that’s it.  In your everyday routine, you should take advantage of any interaction with a woman.  You know, all those times you wondered if you should have talked to her or not, and you didn’t.  We all have those, but it’s important to keep the number of failed cold approaches to a minimum.  Follow your gut and use a little fear to fuel you.
Remember, places including the grocery store and any place are all game.  Get close to a university!  Beating approach anxiety is similar to weightlifting.  Start slow, then work your way up.

If you are having trouble cold approaching women in public, again, start slowly.  Eventually, you will realize it’s standard to talk to women in public.  Most failures and feelings of regret after approaching a girl in public are all manufactured in your head.  I don’t mind failing as long as I approached the girl.  Earlier tonight, I approached a Taiwanese girl smoking a cigarette outside the 7-Eleven, and she refused to even look up from her phone at me.  I prefer failure over regret.

2.) The Beach – The beach is an excellent place to approach women since you can see exactly what you are getting.  The timing is also ideal since you can build a rapport with the girl before nighttime.  Most girls at the beach are in the mood for fun or on vacation.  Take advantage of their lively energy, embrace it and make sweet love to it.  It’s even better if the beach has a boardwalk.

best places to meet women in public

She won’t bite.

1.) The Mall – That’s right, the mall.  In a lot of countries, people go to the mall like it’s  ’80s or ’90s America.  It’s wonderful.  It brings me back to my youth when the mall was entertaining and forever crowded.  Beautiful women flock to the mall in Asia.

Some of my greatest successes came from approaching women in the mall and handing out my number.

TIP: Handing out numbers is the easiest cold approach.

Even a beginner with a nasty case of approach anxiety can implement the above technique.  I still use this method to this day.

That’s the beauty of the mall, it’s free and full of women.  Also, since it’s daytime, the women most likely aren’t drunks, addicts, or pros.

There are too many positives to list in one article.

Make Every Moment Count

Always remember to make the most out of every moment.  If you are letting moments pass you by and opportunities slip through your fingers on a constant basis, it’s your own fault.

Don’t complain.

One critical lesson I have learned is it’s all in the details.  Formulate a plan and stick to it.  Write down your objectives, and you’ll have a better chance of turning them into reality.

Learn to put in extra work and avoid taking the easy route.

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