The Foolproof Guide to First Date Sex for Men (3 Methods)

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

Are you having trouble closing on the first date?  I did too before implementing the right methods.  Through trial and error, and going on numerous first dates, I discovered how to consistently have first date sex.

There are 3 methods that make that give you the best possible chance of leading the date to your bedroom. I call them the “Power 3.”

How to Score on the First Date: The Power 3

The three methods include: allowing a girl to justify her actions, saying you need to buy things for your place during the date (food, water, beer, etc.), and my personal coinage the “Lead the Fish to Water” method.

In this article, I will define the three methods and describe how to implement them.

#1 Allow a Girl to Justify Her Actions

This method can actually get the girl to come straight to your place.  The essence of the method is to allow the girl to justify, in her mind, a valid reason to come to your place.

Here are some of the lines I’ve used:

  • “I’ll give you a free English lesson.”
  • “I’ll cook you dinner.”
  • “I am still getting ready to go out, you can come here first if you want.”
  • “We can watch a movie and relax.”
  • “I’m feeling lazy today.  Do you want to meet me in front of my building first?”
  • “I can pay for your taxi.”
  • “I have beer or alcohol here we can drink instead of going to a noisy bar.”

With these quotes, you should get the gist of the method.  The key is to develop a sense of assurance in the girl’s mind.

She’s not coming over to have sex.  She’s only coming to do the things mentioned in the quotes.  I have used this method time and time again with success.

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#2 Tell Her You Need to Buy Some Things for Your Place During the Date

This is best used when you are close to a supermarket.  If you are buying clothes or anything that is not cold or heavy, the method will not work.

You want to buy things like beer, meat, water or anything that fits the heavy or cold description.  This naturally leads the date back to your place.  Before you know it, you will be in your place with the girl.

#3 My Personal Coinage, the “Lead the Fish to Water” Method

This has worked for me countless times.  To convert this method is simple: arrange a meeting point close to your place.  A place where the date can’t take place.

The best places are bus stations, train stations or any other places of transit.

Here’s a breakdown of how to successfully use this method:

  1. Meet the girl at the station.
  2. When she asks what you want to do, respond “I don’t know.”
  3. While this conversation is taking place, start walking toward your place with her.
  4. During the walk be charming and make her feel comfortable.
  5. Do not touch her too much during the walk or say anything about sex.
  6. She will be mesmerized by your charm and not realize she is going to your place.
  7. Once close to your place, mention that you live close by.
  8. Invite her inside.
  9. The rest is history.

How I Scored on the First Date

getting laid on the first date in whatsapp 2

In this instance, I offered her Spanish lessons on Skype or in person.  She didn’t have Skype and wanted to meet in person.  I then asked her when we can start.  Case closed.

In this case, I met the girl in the mall, and we talked for a bit first.  Then I told her that I needed detergent and things for my place.  We walked back to my place after, and she insisted on carrying the lighter bag.  She also didn’t want to take a taxi or ask for money for anything.  Great overall date.

getting laid on the first date in whatsapp 3

Here is where I set up a date for the “Lead the Fish to Water” Method.  We talked on the way to my place, and by the time I got to the door, I invited her in.  She accepted.  La estacion estudio is the name of the train station.  Below is the outcome.  I ended up taking this same girl’s backdoor virginity, but that’s another story.


She asked me when I would return to Medellin and said she was thinking a lot about me.


Now you know how to score on the first date like a boss.  The best part is that you’re not incorporating alcohol to get the score.  It should only be used as described in the first method.  This means the girl is genuinely interested in you.

These methods may seem deceptive, but scoring is an art.  Women understandably don’t want to feel like sluts.  With these methods, you make her feel better about having sex with you on the first date, and that’s more important than the sex.

Always remember, don’t talk about sex before the date.

Also, never get too touchy-feely until she is inside your place.  Let your touch do the talking and not your mouth once you’re inside your place.

Post Overview

  • She must justify a reason to come to your place
  • Buy things for your place that are cold or heavy while on the date
  • “Lead the Fish to Water”

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  1. Martin from Colombia

    Great strategies, love the examples. Keep up your good posts!

    • glensickemore

      Hola Martin! Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed the examples

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