How to Turn a Woman on Mentally (Pro 2024 Guide for Men)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Good evening, it’s 199 back again on a daily post tear high on green tea and motivation. In today’s post, I teach you how to turn a woman on mentally and with words using my personal methods.

Instead of regurgitating what’s already been offered in the past – which I can guarantee is what you’ll find at least 90% of the time – I’ll teach you methods I’ve used to score with 100s of women.

In my opinion, there are infinite ways to turn women on mentally, and it’s a good idea for guys to check out different methods to see what fits their approach.

I think it’s vital for all men to formulate their own personalized plans to pick up quality women while working on their inner game.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of great outward game and garbage inner game.

Without rooted inner game, the only possibility is ultimate failure.

Understanding the Mind of a Woman

All my life growing up, I heard men tell me that it’s impossible to understand women.

“You’ll never understand women, don’t even try.”

Thankfully, my dad and my mentor never uttered those words.

At age 34, I’ve confirmed that those words are only said by men who have an inferiority complex or limited understanding of human psychology.

Women are not hard to understand with enough experience dating them.

A man with solid inner game never has to worry about understanding a woman.

The confidence that stems from concrete inner game and positive use of the law of attraction creates a ubiquitous animal magnetism that woman can’t help but sense.

That is the first lesson of how to turn a woman on mentally.

Confidence Not Cockiness

Cockiness and inner game have nothing in common.

Every man on the planet who is cocky is imbalanced.

On the other hand, a man who is truly confident will always turn women on without words.

When women see you handle yourself in a confident manner with poise in every step, you effortlessly magnetize them.

At the same time, a confident man can laugh at his own mistakes without feeling embarrassment.

Women don’t want a perfectionist; they want a confident man who’s fun to be around.

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The Importance of Body Language

In the hundreds of dates I’ve had and the hundreds of successes I’ve had throughout the world, nothing has turned women on more without words than my body language.

First, let me explain to you what not to do on a date:

  • Put your hands in your pockets
  • Hunch over
  • Lean your posture back too far (once you go too far, you’ve breached the cocky realm)
  • Sit close to her and get touchy-feely (this is especially true for first dates)
  • Laugh or smile too much (signs of nervousness)
  • Fail to make engaging eye contact

When you’re on a date, maintain a comfortable position while you’re seated.

Sometimes, I’ll sit back like I’m in my own home, although, I don’t suggest this for every guy until you’re more seasoned.

Play hard to get with your movements.

The last thing a woman wants on a date is a guy who’s rearing to jump into the sack or is making it obvious that it’s been a while since he got any.

You have to learn how to play mental chess with a woman and always be a move ahead. Once you can do that, you’ll become the master of your dating life.

The Tone of Your Voice

The art of using the proper tone of voice to turn a woman on can’t be understated.

This is a technique that takes time and practice to master.

If you get it wrong, you will creep the woman out and do the complete opposite of turning her on.

You need to envision your voice as being a warm piece of vaporous silk that penetrates a woman’s ears.

Throughout my travels, I’ve had women tell me that my voice is sexy.

It may sound strange or corny to some, but women aren’t attracted to a lot of the same things as men.

In the case of the tone of voice, it works both ways.

I love a woman with a sultry voice and can’t stand being around someone with an annoying, piercing voice.

Any hint of pretentiousness instantly turns me off, no matter how physically attractive the woman may be.

Find your voice.

How to Turn a Woman on with Words

If you are familiar with copywriting or writing to sell in general, a lot of the same techniques carry over into the dating world.

There are trigger words that can be slipped into sentences that cause tiny fireworks to go off in women’s minds.

These mental fireworks lead to fireworks down below as well.

Here are a few basic words that can tap into a woman’s subconscious:

  • Hard
  • Wet
  • Tongue
  • Bed
  • Hot

Once you know how to get command of your words and tone of voice, women won’t know why they suddenly feel so turned on.

By the time I touch a woman who I’ve seduced, she’s completely enraptured by my being.

Words and actions get women wet.

I don’t need science to back that claim up.

Empirical evidence is enough for me.

The Power of the Aura

Aural energy and sexual energy have a lot in common.

If you’re a negative person who always expects the worse, it will be mighty difficult for you to turn on a woman mentally.

I’ve had sexual psychedelic experiences that opened my eyes up to the vibrancy of sharing energy with a woman.

A man who knows how to master his inner energy and project it onto others can have whatever he wants in life.

Mix that energy with conscientiousness and relentless hard work and you’ve tapped into illimitable power.

This all goes back to inner game, which in my opinion is the most potent tool in the chest for men.

Unique Style

Unique style is crucial.

Every man should work on building his own style.

If you’re walking around in stained t-shirts, worn shorts, and old sandals in public, don’t expect women to come to you unless you’re Brad Pitt.

There’s also the other side of the spectrum: men who overdo it and appear try-hard.

Both sides of the spectrum can and will instantly turn women off because appearance is important, which leads us to the next section.


Men and women who don’t take care of their bodies and let themselves go aren’t attractive.

Both men and women can keep up an attractive appearance for most of their lives if they exercise, eat healthily, meditate, and work on their energy.

This section is self-explanatory.

Every trick in the book short of hypnotism isn’t going to turn a woman on mentally for guys who are overweight slobs.

Looks certainly play a role when it comes to turning on women, however, most men put too much weight on this facet of a successful seduction.

Show Off an Interesting Hobby

I’ve seen skinny hipsters pull incredibly hot women through the aphrodisiacal powers of music.

Even my pedestrian ukulele skills have led to the bedroom time and time again.

women like men who play guitar

It’s all about the uke

A man who is confident enough to play guitar and sing in front of women will always have a chance to score.

This study found that a woman is more likely to give her number to a guy carrying a guitar case than a gym bag.

The amazing part is that more than 33% gave their number to the guy in the experiment when he carried a guitar bag while just 9% forked out their number when the same guy carried a gym bag.

Let that sink in.

More muscle doesn’t equal more girls.

I grew up on the beach, and the surfers in the area were always scoring.

They killed two birds with one stone by engaging in a sexy hobby that keeps them physically fit.

Men without interesting hobbies, motivation, winning jobs, etc. have a much lesser chance of turning on girls mentally.

It’s not to say they can’t if they have stable inner game and somewhat of a bankroll.

Final Thoughts

I could write an entire book on this subject, but this is an article.

The factors I’ve mentioned are the most essential items to consider for men who want to successfully learn how to turn a woman on mentally or with words alone.

The main takeaway is to focus on getting your inner game in order.

Once that is there, your ability to expand your sexual prowess and attractiveness will grow exponentially.

Additional tips:

  • The confidence it takes to cold approach a woman while dead sober is enough to turn most women on.
  • Blazing bud or a drunken state is enough to instantly make most men appear less attractive.
  • Some women will be attracted to you and stay attracted to you no matter what you do “wrong.”
  • Other women won’t give you the time of day no matter what you do or only after you’ve methodically put in a mountain of hard work.

Cheers and good luck.

If my article helped you improve, I encourage you to share it with others on social media or link back to it in one of your own articles.

Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions.

-Will Smith


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