In the past, psychedelics were a huge part of my life and so was having a steady girlfriend.  This combination led to times of making love while riding a mutual psychedelic trip into the great beyond.

Those experiences have never left my mind.  The sex was that damn good!  This was before aphrodisiacs were a part of my life or really any form of male enhancement (for me aphrodisiacs have subtle psychedelic properties).

At the time, I was in college and partying it up with my friends.  Especially, when we had big football weekends.

A Psychedelic Sex Checklist

The point of this post is to help people who are on the fence of trying this to make a decision.  Here is my guide on how to get the most out of your experience.

  • Make sure you are with a girl you trust and have strong feelings for.  I think it could still work with a stranger, but it’s a dice roll if you run into a loose cannon.
  • Stay away from the chemical psychedelics and go for the more spiritual natural psychedelics.
  • You want to aim for more of a body high type trip than a visual type trip.  In my experience, psychedelic sex is not enjoyable on a visual trip.  I’d rather lay in the grass at a music festival if I’m taking that route.
  • Make sure you are in a good setting where you will feel comfortable.
  • To really maximize the pleasure try to have relations outside in a beautiful-nature-type setting.  This really adds to the experience.
  • The biggest perk here is if you have a GF, she should be on birth control.  To get the full benefits, you gotta go raw dog.
  • The rest is up to you!

I think if you follow these steps, you will have great success.  Psychedelic sex is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Why I love Doing This

I will now break down why I think it is so awesome.

  • When I do it, I get as aroused as I can possibly get.  Literally pulsating with constant energy.
  • This is the closest it gets to feeling like an animal.  That may sound weird, but getting in touch with that part of yourself is a real treat.
  • My performance is sky-high.  I think this stems from having absolutely no performance anxiety and being completely in the moment.
  • I never want to stop, and it’s hard to finish.
  • When you do finish, it’s amazing – think brain fireworks.

My St. Louis Sexcapade

I will recount one experience I had that is a good example.  A few years back, I was hooking up with a girl who went to college in St Louis.

We met on the music festival scene.  She was a little blonde Georgia peach.  Anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for Georgia peaches and Carolina blondes.

We went to a college party and before it, I dosed.  She didn’t know I did.  As the night went on, the next thing I knew, we were burning deems.  We were flying high for sure.

When the party ended, we went back to her place, and she felt tired.  Meanwhile, I was still soaring.  I told her I had dosed, and she decided to take one too.  Once it kicked in, she got horny and wanted to have sex.

I don’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t do it inside and wanted to break out of her place.  Once she was feeling it, we decided to go to the park in the middle of St. Louis.  Mind you, it was around 2 AM, and St. Louis is not exactly the safest place.

When we got to the park, a switch flipped inside of me.  We started passionately kissing.  Before I knew it, we were rolling around in a small field aggressively stripping each other down.

We didn’t care about the dirt, the only thing that mattered was our pure, animal passion.

199flags having psychedelic sex

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For hours, we made love right there in the public park like animals in the wild.

I’ll never forget the moment I came.  I had her bent up against a tree while the sun was rising.  The exquisite beauty of rising sun finally allowed me to finish.  The most amazing part was watching my nut flow down her leg.

We embraced after – the gratification felt unreal.  Our energies were completely in sync.

On the walk back to her place, I felt some discomfort in my foot.  During our wild animal sex, I cut it deep on something.  When we got back, we cleaned it out, and she bandaged me up.  For the rest of the summer, I had my foot bandaged, and people constantly asked me what happened.  When it was the right person, he or she heard a delightful story.

For the rest of the summer, I had my foot bandaged, and people constantly asked me what happened.  When it was the right person, he or she heard a delightful story.

Before we went to sleep, she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “That’s the craziest sex I’ve ever had.”  I reveled in delight.

I still couldn’t sleep and listened to some tunes while burning some Gouda.  It was an unforgettable night in St. Louis.

Terrence McKenna’s Experience

For anyone that isn’t familiar with Terrence Mckenna, you can read a quick biography here.  He was a unique person and a prominent figure in the psychedelic scene.  The following is a narrative of him recounting a sexual, psychedelic journey he once had:

He took it to a level way beyond what I did.  I hope to experience this someday.

Wrapping Up (Although, I didn’t)

Throughout the years, I have heard the topic of sex on psychedelics come up several times, and I wanted to give my opinion.

Psychedelic sex is something special, spiritual and a type of erotic pleasure most people will never experience in their lives.  It will always have a special place for me because it showed me the highest form of pure animal passion.

Disclaimer: In no way do I condone the use of illegal drugs or recommend anyone try them.

Share some of your tales!  I can’t be the only doing shit like this.  If you are new, you can click here to read what 199 is all about.  Merry Christmas!