Psychedelic Sex: Why It’s Nuckin’ Futs and Worth It!

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

In the past, psychedelics were a fundamental part of my life as well as a steady girlfriend.  The aforementioned combination led to instances of making love while riding a mutual trip into the ethereal expanses of the nonphysical universe.

Those blissful experiences have never left my mind.  The lovemaking was otherworldly in the best sense of the word!

These experiences all occurred before aphrodisiacs came into my life or really any form of male enhancement (in my opinion, aphrodisiacs have subtle psychedelic properties).

At the time, I was in college living it up with my friends while managing to steady ride the Dean’s List.

Big football weekends for home games were bonkers.

A Psychedelic Sex Checklist

The point of this post is to tell people, who are on the fence about exploring the psychedelic sexual realm, my story.

Here is my brief guide on how to get the most out of it:

  • Make sure you are with someone you trust and have strong feelings for.  I think it could still work with a stranger, but it’s a dice roll if you run into a loose cannon.
  • Stay away from the chemical psychedelics and go for the more spiritual natural psychedelics.
  • Aim for more of a body high than a visual trip.  In my experience, psychedelic sex can turn strange in a hurry.  I’d rather lay in the grass at a music festival while studying the sky if I’m taking that route.
  • Make sure the event takes place in a comfortable setting.
  • To really maximize the pleasure, try to have relations outside in a clandestine nook of nature.  This boosts the experience.
  • The greatest perk is if you are with your significant other, the female should be on birth control.  To reap the full benefits, it’s imperative to go raw.
  • The rest is up to you!

I think if one follows these steps, he or she will achieve great success.

Psychedelic sex is unlike anything else in this wonderful world.

Why I Love It

I will now break down why I love it:

  • When I do it, I get as aroused as I can possibly get – pulsating with raw, primal energy.
  • This is the closest it gets to feeling like an animal.  That may sound odd, but getting in touch with this part of myself opens up doors that I like to have open.
  • I tend to deliver a superlative sexual performance.  I think my performance stems from having absolutely no anxiety and living wholly in the moment.
  • I never want to stop, and it’s difficult to finish.
  • When I do finish, it’s wondrous – think brain fireworks.

My St. Louis Sexcapade

I will recount one experience I had that is a certified example.

A few years ago, I was dating a petite American blonde who attended college in St Louis.

We had met on the music festival scene.

She was a Georgia peach.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for Georgia peaches and Carolina blondes.

We went to a party one night and beforehand, I discreetly dosed.  She didn’t know that I had.

As the night progressed, the next thing I knew, we were blasting deems.

When the party ended, we returned to her place, and she felt tired.  Meanwhile, I was still soaring.

I told her I had dosed, and she decided to take one too.  Once it kicked in, she became aroused and wanted to sleep together.

I don’t know exactly what came over me, but I couldn’t get going inside her room and craved to break out of her place.

After I told her how I felt, we decided to go to the park in the middle of St. Louis.

It was around 2 a.m., and St. Louis is not exactly the safest place.

When we arrived at the park, a switch flipped inside me.  We began passionately kissing.

Before I knew it, we were rolling around in a small grass field, aggressively stripping each other.

We didn’t care about the dirt; all that mattered was our primal passion.

199flags having psychedelic sex

Credit to Alex Grey at

For hours, we made love right there in a public park similar to animals in the wild.

I’ll never forget the moment I came.  She was bent up against a tree while the sun rose.

The resplendent beauty of the rising sun painting the sky finally allowed me to finish.  I proceeded to watch my seed flow down her leg.

We embraced after – the moment was indescribable.  Our auras were perfectly in sync.

On the walk back to her place, I noticed some discomfort in my foot.

During our wild escapade, something had cut my foot.  She cleaned the cut back at her place and bandaged me.

For the remainder of the summer, I had my foot bandaged, and people regularly asked me what happened.  When it was the right person, he or she heard the true story.

Before we went to sleep, she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “That’s the craziest sex I’ve ever had.”

I still couldn’t fall asleep and listened to some tunes while burning that good Gouda.

It had been a legendary night in St. Louis.

Terrence McKenna’s Experience

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Terrence Mckenna, you can read a quick biography of him here.

He was a unique person and a prominent figure in the psychedelic scene.  The following is a video of him recounting a psychedelic sexual experience he once had:

He took it to a level way beyond me.  I hope to experience this someday.

Wrapping Up (Although, I didn’t)

Throughout the years, I have heard the topic of sex on psychedelics come up several times, and I wanted to give my opinion.

Psychedelic sex is singular, spiritual and a type of erotic pleasure most people will never experience.  It will always have a special place for me because it revealed to me the rawest form of primal passion.

Disclaimer: In no way do I condone the use of illegal drugs or recommend for anyone to experiment with them. Please read my disclaimers.


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