15 Proven Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You Sexually

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

So you’ve been spending time with a girl or found a girl you want to escalate with but don’t know if the time is right?

That’s where your friendly guide 199flags comes in to share with you the most tell-tale signs a woman is attracted to you sexually.

Once you learn these sign and keep an eye out for them, you’ll be able to know for sure if she’s giving you the green light.

Since women make it less obvious than men, it’s critical for men to know what to look for and capitalize on a woman’s signals before it’s too late.

Note: Even just a couple or few of these signals is enough to confirm she’s sexually attracted. You don’t need to see all 15.

1. She asks you to meet first

I’ve gone on hundreds – if not over a thousand – dates, and every time the girl asked me to meet first, I scored.

There’s something about playing hard to get right off the bat that really turns women on.

Men using online dating apps tend to pull the trigger too quickly.

Men with patience have the most success because they’ve already separated themselves from 9 out of 10 men.

Women are tired of being asked if they want to meet within the first few questions.

A lot of them will call out your intentions after you ask too quickly.

Next time, wait until she asks you to meet first, then see what happens.

2. She doesn’t want to go home after dinner or coffee

For a long stretch of time, I went after the easy score, and it was one heck of a time.

After a while, it got old, so I began traveling to places where I was attracted enough to the local women to ask them out for real dates.

That’s when I noticed this sign.

If you find yourself in a situation where the girl doesn’t want to go home after dinner or a couple of drinks, there’s a good chance she wants to escalate.

However, this isn’t one of those signs that you can go off alone.

She could also be bored or want you to buy her drinks or something of that nature.

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3. She agrees to meet for a date near your place

This is one of the most guaranteed signs a woman is attracted to you sexually.

When a girl is willing to commute a good distance to meet you, you should be a shoo-in.

Click here to read an article I wrote a few years back that teaches you how to score on the first date.

4. Her hair becomes her new favorite toy

When a girl can’t stop touching her hair around you, she’s displaying a subconscious female attraction signal.

female attraction signs playing with hair

This particular sign is well-known and tested.

In my experience, once I began noticing it a few years back, I escalated each and every time I noticed it.

If she is inside your place, or you’re inside hers, it’s time for you to make a move.

5. Her inability to wipe the ear-to-ear smile off her face when she’s around you

Everyone smiles for a reason.

When a girl is mesmerized by your presence, she shows it with a nonstop smile.

She will also have a look in her eye that makes her appear drunk.

When an ear-to-ear smile combines with that look, you know for sure that she’s into you sexually.

6. She thinks you’re hilarious and is your new biggest fan

Unless you’re a professional comic, a woman who’s following you around and laughing more than anyone else at your jokes is undoubtedly into you.

This is her way of trying to get your attention.

In this situation, you can play harder to get than usual.

By the time you let her know that your down, she’ll be rearing to go.

7. She texts or calls you at strange hours

It’s one thing for a girl to call and text you at normal friend times.

It’s when she starts texting or calling you at strange hours in the night or morning while she’s “in bed.”

When a girl is thinking about you in bed, you must remember that girls touch themselves too.

8. “Green-light” Eye Contact

Here’s another one of my absolute favorites.

There’s a mental spark that can occur between a man and woman when they first make eye contact.

If you can pick up on it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

A sexual mental agreement occurs when a man and woman are destined to sleep together.

The most distinct time this happened to me was back in 2014 in Manila.

9. Active around her friends, shy around you

Now let’s take a look at the flip side of the coin.

We’ve already gone over most of the outward signs.

The key takeaway here is that any time a girl acts differently around you than everyone else, there’s a chance she is attracted to you sexually.

As long as the look on her face isn’t a look of disgust when she’s in your presence, it’s worth probing the situation.

10. She can’t stop talking to you about romantic topics

This sign is a bit of a double-edged sword because when women make it too obvious that they want you physically, it can be a bit of a turnoff.

However, if you’re into her, and she keeps bringing up sexual topics, the least you can do is make a move.

You’ll kick yourself later if you fail to hit the ball when it’s teed up that high for ya.

11. She doesn’t mind when you touch her or vice versa

Where there is touch, there is romance.

If you notice a girl touching you a lot, it’s a sure sign that she likes you as more than just a friend.

The one exception is if the only touch is friendly hugs.

Don’t misinterpret her signals.

Also, this works both ways.

If she has no problem with you tapping her on the arm or leg on her skin, it means she’s open to your touch.

12. Dresses skimpy and invites you over

This is a classic sign a woman is attracted to you sexually and ready to escalate.

The perfect way to describe this scenario:

She’s wearing her favorite pair of Daisy Dukes while laying on her stomach on the couch.

Her bare feet are up in the air, and she’s waving her legs around while twirling her hair.

This one brings me back to my teen years.

13. She turns into a tomato in your presence

You know those times when you run into a girl you know and when she spots you, she turns bright-red?

This could mean that she was just talking about you with her friends and feels embarrassed.

Or your presence alone makes her too nervous to function properly.

14. She puts her number in your phone or writes it down for you

This is one of the female flirting signs on this list that screams that she wants you in bed.

I can’t imagine a woman putting her number into a guy’s cell phone without being attracted to him.

Certainly, there are scenarios where she would need to give you her number for nonsexual reasons, but those scenarios are easy to spot.

Then there’s the act of her writing her number on a piece of paper or even your hand.

These are more tell-tale signs that she’s into you.

15. Her friends give you a nudge

When her friends begin dropping hints that a girl is into you, you can be sure that they planned it.

They will do their best not to come right out and say it, but there’s a good chance they’re telling you it’s time to escalate.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to look for, you should have no problem knowing when it’s time to escalate.

Of course with all things in life, practice makes perfect, but knowing is half the battle.

Once you begin to identify these female signals in your dating life and casually in social circles, your bedroom will be a few degrees hotter on a regular basis.

And last but not least, don’t let too many opportunities slip through your fingers; you’ll regret it.

Cheers and good luck.


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