Tinder Plus: The Hidden Benefits You Never Knew About

Last Updated May 6, 2022

When I first began my bachelor travels many moons ago, I didn’t use Tinder.  Nowadays, I use it for much more than dating.

In my humble opinion, right now is a better time than ever before for international bachelor travel.  Especially for guys like me who like to sample every dish at the buffet.

Internet dating has bestowed bachelors advantages we never had before.

There are too many to list.

Being a 31-Year-Old Bachelor Has Its Perks

Living single like Latifah at age 31 is a dream come true.

Earlier in my life, when I was more naive, I envisioned myself married with kids at 30.

A couple of serious heartbreaks were serious blessings in disguise.

The past few years have been beyond my wildest dreams, filled with ardor, newfound motivation, the other pink meat and of course, exotic women.

bachelor travel

I have almost no bills while earning a modest income as a neophyte freelancer.

During the past couple of months, I cleared out a storage space, sold my car, and reduced my possessions.

I’ve been cut loose and plan to continue taking advantage of Tinder Plus to date internationally.

Some guys believe internet dating is weak or not a challenge, but these are new times.

I’m not interested in chasing barflies.  I prefer digging for the innocent women of Tinder, which usually entails meeting some not-so-innocent women.

Tinder is a great supplement to cold approaching women in the day and making valuable connections.

The Advantages of Tinder Plus for Bachelor Travel

  • Pipelining = making leads with foreign women.  I am not going to go over this in detail; it’s been beaten to death.  Although, I do have some intriguing additions I have learned to bolster this method.
  • Acquire intel on exotic destinations from local women.  Some of the most valuable info comes from girls I meet through internet dating, especially Tinder.
  • Cold approaching is always key, but online dating matches me with girls who are looking for dates ahead of my arrival, which saves me time while engaged in a hedonistic exploit.
  • More and more girls are using Tinder around the world, making it more and more valuable for bachelors.
  • Dating sites like the Cupid sites are populated by girls who are specifically looking for foreigners.  I use their fever to my advantage.  I have met some quality girls on those sites.
  • It’s cheap.
  • I ultimately spend less money than I would spend to go out every night.  In internet dating, simple dates are easier to pull off.  In some countries, the girls will even come straight over.
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Quick Overview of Tinder Plus

With Tinder Plus, men have several advantages.  Tinder Passport allows men to chat with girls anywhere in the world.  Tinder Plus subscribers can choose to hide their distance, so matches never truly know where they are currently located.

Tinder Passport is the best option out right now for making connections with foreign women.  I’m sure all the savvy bachelors out there are using this feature to their advantage.

Also with Tinder Plus, the user receives unlimited swipes, although Tinder recently made changes that limit the number of swipes per hour due to the now-banned companion apps such as Tools for Tinder that allowed men to swipe right on thousands of women in minutes.

bachelor travel

My face when I realized Tinder banned Tools for Tinder

I miss that app so very much.

One pitfall on Tinder is the hottest girls are usually flaky since they are most likely matching with every guy using the app.

I prefer to connect with women on Tinder over Facebook since I know they are single and can provide valuable information.

Instagram I’ve seen has come on strong recently, but I avoid social media altogether.  It has a negative effect on my aura and brings out the worst in me.

My buddy was swiping Tinder in Stockholm, Sweden, and the girls looked butterscotch.

Imagine making a few solid leads with Swedish women in Stockholm even if you weren’t planning on going for another year.

You can lay the groundwork and gather info in the background while embarking on other adventures.  Then by the time you go to Sweden, you’re ready to melt that butterscotch.

UPDATE 2018: I’ve since stopped long-lead pipelining due to my unrelenting case of yellow fever.  A certain nationality turns me on the most bar none.  It’s a borderline rabid hunger out here in the field that requires an uncanny displicine to contain.

Not every country is easy to score, but making a solid lead with a girl, then using your exotic energy to create a more exciting date will get you over the hump of obtaining the flag.

I call this long-lead pipelining.  I naturally fell into this method when I prepared for my first trip to the Philippines.

Nowadays, I prepare much less in advance, but for postulants, this is a heady method to use.

Quick tip:  Bachelors can ask a healthy pool of Tinder matches in a planned destination what they think of their profile pictures.  This method is a good way to discern what type of man women are attracted to in a particular area.

For example, while I was in Asia for the first time, it was ideal to stay clean-shaven.  In Latin America, girls preferred scruff.

Bachelor Travel Guide for Cupid Dating Sites

Cupid sites are the best, and the reason is that you have to pay to play.  However, I could blow the same amount of money for an annual membership in one night at the bar – and I have many times.

Read my Colombian Cupid review or my guide to dating Dominican Girls to get an idea of the dates a man can obtain from these sites.

I Love the Bachelor Lifestyle

bachelor travel

I love the bachelor lifestyle so much that I am terrified to have sex with an American girl – even with a condom – out of fear of getting her pregnant.

During my latest sojourn in America, fapping was in session.


  1. Masculine Profiles

    Fap life is in full effect back in the states hah I feel the same way. Not a huge fan of dating in the US

    • 199Flags

      Ha nice glad to see you agree with that one. Thinking about caving soon when I go down to NC, some of the Carolina girls are nice. When I first landed in San Francisco the scene was horrendous with high entertainment value. Instead of gaming at bars, I was twisting Js on bartops while piss drunk.

  2. Roly

    I’m an average guy in America. But I have SUPERPOWERS when I travel. Being a foreigner, especially if you try to speak to them in their language, is MONEY. I went to Spain for 3 months, and had a girlfriend within the first 2 weeks. Now I’m back in California, and haven’t been laid in 6 months. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! 😑

    • 199flags

      Interest levels can certainly plummet after a trip overseas haha.

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