Tinder Plus Review 2024 • Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

My Tinder Plus review picks up where my last article left off.  If you are a Tinder user, you have probably seen the option to upgrade to Tinder Plus.

When most guys see this, they most likely are on the fence about upgrading.  I am confident my guide will help men make an informed decision.

In my Tinder Plus review, I explain the added features, reasons to buy Tinder Plus, reasons not to buy Tinder Plus, and other intriguing Tinder tips.

Note: When I signed up, Tinder Plus cost $4.99/month, and that price has locked in.  I have been using the upgrade since May 2015.

Tinder Plus Exclusive Features

  • Passport – Tinder Passport allows users to match with anyone in the world.  If you read my previous article, you know Passport is an excellent feature to use for pipelining – the best available right now in my opinion.  Other dating sites offer better targeting options, but Passport gives users the whole world at their fingertips.
  • Unlimited Swipes – this Tinder Plus feature is self-explanatory.  With the standard free membership, users have a limited number of swipes per day.
  • The Tinder Rewind Button – This allows users to rewind their last selection in case they swiped the wrong way or need to do a double-take.
  • New Tinder Plus Features – Tinder has added two key features since I first published this article in 2016.  It is currently August 2018.  Tinder Plus subscribers are now allotted 5 Super Likes per day and one Tinder Boost per month.  Tinder Super Likes are nice to have in larger cities with a vast number of users.  Guys who matched with girls they Super Liked can easily see by the blue star that she’s a top match.  As for Tinder Boost, it can work wonders.  I wish Tinder gave Tinder Gold subscribers more than one Boost per month.  I’d probably buy it again if they did.  For those readers who have never heard of Tinder Gold, it comes with all the same features as Tinder Plus and the ability to see who likes you.
best tinder plus review

Users who purchased Tinder Plus can go into their discovery settings to change their location to anywhere in the world.

ultimate tinder plus review

Here is what the map looks like when a user changes his location. Tinder maps are powered by Google.

Reasons NOT to Buy Tinder Plus

  • Guys who are using it to score in a small town – Chances are that once a guy swipes through his town, there is no point in having Tinder Plus.  The best option here is to use the limited number of swipes per the standard membership until swiping through the entire town.  Guys who don’t score can later rinse and repeat with better pictures.
  • Guys who have no plans to travel – The guys who have no plans of going anywhere, Tinder Plus is worthless for them.
  • Before purchasing, guys should consider whether they are going to use the features.  Tinder Plus doesn’t make men’s profiles more desirable or help them score in a small town.  It’s a feature for guys who travel or live in big cities with constant turnover, e.g., New York City.  Imagine this extreme example, living in Midtown Manhattan (yes, buy) as opposed to a small town in Kansas (no, don’t buy).
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Top Reasons to Buy Tinder Plus

The following are the reasons I like having Tinder Plus.  Some have already been gone over a bit, so I won’t go into great detail.

  • This reason is most likely unique, but I get paid to use it.  By putting my name out there in a different channel, I landed an opportunity.  It’s not much, but it helps put food in my belly.
  • Pipelining – As I said before, meeting girls ahead of my arrival enhances my exploits.  I’ve scored on my arrival dates in some countries, with girls even meeting me at the airport through pipelining.  All my gallivanting through the Philippines was captained by pipelining.  That’s another huge advantage to pipelining; I discover places I never knew existed with girls waiting for me there.  However, it takes some street smarts and experience to sniff out if the situation is copacetic.
  • Tinder Plus and Tools for Tinder  Tinder has since shut down Tools for Tinder, which prompted the abrupt and heartbreaking end of the golden age of Tinder.
  • Tinder Plus allows me to socialize with single women and ask questions I wouldn’t normally ask in a public setting.  Since I can match with women from all over the world, who cares what I say.  No one knows me there.  I created a Facebook account exclusively for Tinder since I don’t use social media but a handful of times a year.

2018 UPDATE: Tinder is quick to ban these days with their user-policing system.  I bounce most of my conversations to different apps within a few messages on Tinder.

This list can go on and on, but this is only a blog post.  What I am trying to explain is the mindset.  How to train the mind to think outside the box by using Tinder Plus. I do the same with any tool I purchase.

Guys should now know exactly what to expect after reading my Tinder Plus review before they purchase.

Tinder Plus Review Conclusions

Making leads with girls on Tinder shouldn’t only be about draining buckets.  Guys who use it strictly to score may be disappointed.  They may find a quick score(s), but the quality may be lacking.

2018 UPDATE: Due to my raging libido, I broke the above rule for years and still do sometimes.  I’m only human.

In America, I’ve noticed a lot of ducks expecting the red carpet treatment.  That’s why Tinder Plus can help guys discover places in the world with butterscotch.  Experimentation is key.

You can see in my post 31 reasons Tinder can blow the statistics from my journey in Colombia.

Most of my scores came from Colombian Cupid, and even through minimal use, Badoo treated me well.

By noticing that no one was using Badoo, I uncovered a couple of nuggets and met my first suicide girl lifetime in Bogota.  You know those girls covered in suggestive tattoos that look like vampires?

tinder plus review

Now, getting back on track and wrapping up my Tinder Plus Review.  Yes, Tinder Plus is worth it, but it depends on the situation.

I’ve seen some guys have great success on Tinder while others haven’t.

A lot in life is luck (right place, right time) even if guys want to convince the world that it was all skill – it wasn’t.


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