31 Hilarious Reasons Why Tinder Sucks

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

With the rapid increase in people using Tinder, everyone raves about it.  “If you want to get laid, get on Tinder!”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that, and the best part is it’s 100% true. The reality is Tinder sucks, but it’s awesome at the same time.

How Tinder Works

It works by matching you with people you find attractive that also find you attractive.  You swipe through pictures of people answering yes or no if you would hook up with her or not.  If she answers yes to you too, it’s a match.  Not very romantic, yet it’s efficient.

What Other Tinder Reviews Miss

In this article, I am going to outline why Tinder is sometimes one of my last choices for finding quality dates. Keep in mind, I travel internationally. My examples are not only drawn from an American standpoint.

My chief goal is to touch upon aspects other reviews miss.  A lot of people will give a great Tinder review for scoring with a 4-6.

UPDATE: I’d like to point out, I’ve used the app A LOT since I first published this article, and it’s been my first choice for years now.

Here goes my list:

  1. Welcome to the sausage party – I remember when my buddy was on Tinder before anyone I know.  He scored like a boss.  Now that everyone knows, it’s infected with Sausage.  This includes potential matches who look like Jabba the Hut.  American women also expect intricate Tinder pickup lines.  Forget that.Jabba the hunt Tinder Meme
  2. A lot of girls think they are on Twitter – Girls use it to boost their egos by gathering followers aka matches.  “Hey look I’m on Twinder!”
  3. Flight Mode can negatively affect men that are physically in a place if men from afar are barging in on Flight Mode.  Flight Mode is a feature in Tinder Plus that allows the buyer to match with people anywhere in the world.
  4. The only people buying Tinder Plus are most likely men, adding to the sausage fest and creating a longer line to meet quality women.
  5. Chat Buddy Warehouse – A lot of girls are only looking for chat buddies.  Make sure to screen them out fast.
  6. You can not use the app without Facebook –  Anyone can make a fake identity with Facebook as the only confirmation of identity (this has since changed thankfully).
    No Tinder Without Facebook

    You can not use Tinder without a Facebook account

  7. Gay men can find their way into potential matches by posing as women.  Pump the brakes.
  8. Girls will easily forget about you since it’s more exciting to get a new match than to continue a conversation.  Ever notice how the conversation starts out hot and fades out quickly?
  9. Getting a girl’s number is only the first step on a long flight of stairs.
    phone numbers in tinder dating app

    Here I have 3 girls’ numbers in a page of 6.  I have not had enough time to work on these girls.  They are all dead ends.

  10. There is a problem with the notification system – Many girls tell me they are sorry for not responding because the app never alerts them.  The same thing is going on in my iPhone 4.  Don’t make fun of me, I’ve had two iPhones stolen in less than a year.
    Tinder not sending notifications

    Here a girl gives me her number.  We never met after.  She also told me she is not receiving notifications.  No me notifica cuando me escriben = Tinder does not notify me when people write me.

    Girls tells me tinder chat sucks

    A girl asks me if I have Whatsapp because Tinder chat s*cks.  I never hooked up with her after.  Suckea = S*cks

  11. The app crashes a lot, forcing me to reopen it and then wait for it to reload.
  12. It completely freezes.
  13. Problems logging in – It repetitively asks me to verify my Facebook account.  Then tells me the account is already verified.  I can’t use the account until I verify the account X number of times.
    Tinder login problems

    Tinder repetitively asks me to authorize my Facebook account

  14. It’s slow – If you need to send a message in an instant forget about it.
  15. It only accepts Facebook pictures – Personally, I don’t post suggestive pictures on my Facebook account.  A lot of my friends are family members.  This can limit the attractiveness of a profile (this has since changed thankfully).
  16. I can’t favorite matches – This would be great for jumping to girls I have a lot of interest in who could get lost in the sea of matches.
  17. It’s a phone app – I can type much faster on my computer (Tinder online is available now).
  18. The preview photos are hard to see and give no info on the person besides his or her name.
  19. There is no way to organize or sort through matches – It’s just one big blob (No offense, Jabba).
  20. Guys are considerably less picky than girls – Every time a girl swipes right, it’s probably a match.  Good luck getting to the front of her line before she runs out of swipes or patience.
  21. You cannot privately send photos to matches – Which forces the conversation to move elsewhere to share more pictures.  The best place to bounce to is Whatsapp.
  22. The Facebook friend feature – I don’t want to date girls who are in mutual circles.  I’m trying to find new land like Christopher Columbus.
  23. It’s not possible to only view unread messages.
  24. It’s not possible to communicate with smoke shows without matching – It usually takes a couple of attempts to get a smoke show’s attention.  Even if your game is tight, it takes time to lure the best fish.
  25. Tinder Moments are literally pointless – I have gotten 50+ likes on a photo and it didn’t get me anywhere.
    Tinder Moments Tinder Reviews

    59 likes and it didn’t result in success

  26. The distance measurement isn’t always accurate.
  27. Without paying for the upgrade, having limited swipes makes the app worthless.
  28. It’s free – For me, the best dating sites are paysites.  The following are sites, I have used with high success: Filipino Cupid, Dominican Cupid, and Colombian Cupid.  These sites are also very cheap when you take into consideration the quality of girls you will find.  Also, less competition than any free site, better sorting, and unlimited messaging to girls of your choice.  I wouldn’t recommend them if I personally did not use them.  Most of my scores come from these sites as a platinum member.
  29. Without the rewind function (included in Tinder Plus) it’s not too hard to accidentally swipe left and end up missing out on some potential matches.
  30. There are bots – Make sure you screen women that you think are too good to be true.
  31. Low conversion rates – Too much work for little reward.  When you work as much as I do, while fitting in time to make love, spending too much time on Tinder is detrimental to my workflow.
Tinder Matches for Tinder Dating App Review

Here you can see my number of matches in 4 Colombian Cities in 4 months

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Tinder in Colombia

Currently, I am in Colombia.  Of my 22 scores here, only 3-5 are from Tinder out of over 850 matches in 4 cities.  5 ÷ 850 = .0058 conversion rate.  I think I have the same amount of scores off of this site and have barely even been on there.

The rest is mainly from Colombian Cupid, where I can put in much less effort than Tinder to meet higher quality dates.  You can try the site for free.

In Colombia, online game is critical.


Yes, you can use Tinder to score, but take these factors into consideration before you get all pumped up about it.  I plan to make another list of the advantages of Tinder to shed light on both sides of the coin.

Considering there are not many apps like Tinder, it is still the winner in the “are you hot or not” app category.

  • “The Tinder Hookup App” will get you laid, but for quality, you need an attractive profile and time to put in the work.
  • Review my list, the app is lacking many conditions that could make it better.
  • Beware of girls using it like Twinder or Jabba the Hut types seeking validation

How is your Tinder experience?


tinder mistakes

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