There’s nothing like the smell of a fresh Tinder ban in the morning. The ban always comes when you least expect it, and all your date leads instantly go down the drain. The worst part is all you’ll see is Tinder Error 40303; they don’t even have the courtesy to tell you straight that you’ve been banned.

In today’s lesson, I’ll explain how to get unbanned from Tinder and other options you can use to get back in the Tinder game.

I’m assuming if you’re here right now, then you’ve been banned.

Don’t worry, I’ve been you on several occasions, and I’m still in the Tinder game.

Feel free to jump between sections using the table of contents below.

What is Tinder Error 40303?

Error 40303 is the worst message you can get on Tinder.

It means you’ve been banned due to other users reporting you.

Later in the article, I give you tips on how to avoid getting banned in the first place and how to get a fresh account setup.

As I’ve already mentioned, the worst part is that Tinder doesn’t directly tell you that you’ve been banned.

What happens is once you try to log into Tinder after you’ve been banned, the app shoots you back to the sign in screen.

It displays the error message and says that “something went wrong.”

Yup, what’s gone wrong is that you’ve been kicked off Tinder.

I have no clue why they hide behind the message.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder

I’ve been banned several times on Tinder and have had my account successfully unbanned at least twice – who’s counting, right?

What you need to do once Tinder won’t let you log in is open a Tinder ban appeal with support.

You have a better chance of getting your account back if you are polite and are a paying member.

After all, they don’t want to lose too much money since paying members are the people who often get banned.

If you’re not a paying member and sent dirty messages to girls, don’t expect to get your account back.

I sent moderately naughty messages and got reported enough times to get banned.

Tinder allows users to self-police their dating app, which means if you rub enough girls the wrong way, you will most likely get banned.

Girls are quick to report men since Tinder makes it so easy to report people.

The person reporting you doesn’t have to match with you to report you.

After you’ve messaged Tinder support, they won’t immediately reply.

Also, wait at least 24 hours after being banned to message Tinder.

One of my mentors once advised me to “never send an email or message while you’re angry.”

On the occasions that I did get my account reinstated, it took at least several days.

They also won’t tell you that you’ve been unbanned.

One time I waited a couple months, and when I went to sign in, my account was magically back.

While waiting to find out if you’ll get your account back, it’s a good idea to open a temporary account with a phone number or alternate Facebook account. More on that below.

Is there a 40303 Tinder fix?

The answer to this question is no.

The only fix is appealing to Tinder support.

These days, it’s harder to get an account unbanned compared to a couple years ago.

Once I got hit with my latest ban, I opened up a new account with a phone number.

Alternate Solutions to Get Back on Tinder

One of the problems you may run into is getting around the Apple iPhone subscription.

Once you use an Apple ID to pay for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, Apple saves your login.

You can create a new account with your phone number, but then you can’t sign back up for Tinder Plus or Gold.

And as most men know, it’s a lot harder to score without at least a Plus subscription.

I don’t recommend paying extra for Gold.

I went months with a Tinder free subscription in Manila and still had success.

Eventually, I bought a cheap Huawei phone (not just for Tinder) and installed the Tinder app for Android.

This way, I could sign up for a new Tinder Plus subscription through the Google Play store. If you get banned on Android, you could always use an alternate iPhone to sign up through Apple. If you manage to get banned on both, you will need to appeal to Tinder or wait months before you can sign up for Tinder Plus again. OR use the workaround below.

It’s super easy to get fresh SIM cards around Asia, and since Tinder allows you to sign up with your phone number, you should take advantage of this option.

If you can’t get your hands on a fresh phone number to open a new account, there are ways to get SMS messages online to verify your account.

Although, Tinder periodically makes you sign in, which could lead to trouble with this method.

I’d seek out a friend or family member who isn’t using a phone number for Tinder and ask one of them if you can use theirs.

Trust me, I’ve had stretches of no Tinder due to getting banned at inopportune moments and had to get creative to get my account back.

Another solution is using a private IP or proxy to create a new Facebook account. You can then get around the Apple ID situation by creating a fresh ID. I’ve used this method with success. Make sure to line up your IP addresses because if you cross contaminate so to speak, they could ban you again.

The main point is that it’s possible to get back on, but it’s hard to find posts online that give you instructions on how to do it.

Now you know exactly how to do it with the help of 199flags.

How to Avoid Getting Banned

The best way to get unbanned is to avoid getting banned in the first place.

Tinder has tightened up security by making it easier to report users, and the “no hookups” phenomenon has made girls quicker to report you.

Here are several tips to follow:

  • Don’t mention anything political in your profile: something as simple as writing that you support a politician or party could lead to opposers reporting you.
  • Avoid writing anything sexual or sexist in your profile
  • Don’t post offensive photos or comments
  • Avoid vulgar language or overtly cocky behavior

Here’s another important rule I follow:

Once you start chatting with a girl, and you want to heat up the conversation, get her number to chat on Whatsapp, Viber or Line.

Once you begin chatting with her on the app, go back to Tinder and unmatch her before you say anything sexual.

This way, she can’t go back and report you if she doesn’t agree with what you have to say.

Once you unmatch her, your profile disappears from her phone and desktop account.

One last factor to consider is that if you’re fishing in the same pond with a new account, the girls who reported you before will see you again.

However, there is a way to get around this, listen closely:

  • Once you have your new account set up, check the setting to hide your account in the Tinder settings screen
  • Subscribe to Tinder Plus
  • Go in your Tinder Plus settings and choose the option to only be shown to people you’ve liked
  • Only like girls who you know for sure didn’t report you
  • Mission accomplished
Show me on tinder setting

Uncheck “Show me on Tinder” setting

Tinder Plus Settings

My Tinder Plus settings

Control Who Sees You on Tinder

Choose “Only People I’ve Liked” in “Control Who Sees You” in Plus settings

Final Thoughts

If you take the time to read this entire article, you can recover from error 40303 no matter what the cause is.

I’ve laid out every possible scenario and solution.

Unless Tinder makes drastic changes, these solutions will work for years to come.

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Final notes:

  • If you’re using Tinder abroad, pick up a cheap SIM card and create a phone number account to protect your identity.
  • Always consider everything you write before hitting send and move conversations to other chat apps as quickly as possible.
  • Use the “Only People I’ve liked” option to your advantage.

Cheers and good luck.

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