During my last couple of years living in Asia, I noticed a growing – and increasingly agitating – trend in the online dating market.  Due to the influx of guys reading blogs (like this one), then rushing off to a country with a preemptively strapped condom, women have started to push back against men with the no hookups movement.

It’s always important to remember that women, who aren’t looking to exchange sexual favors for money, don’t want to feel like sluts.

How Does This Impact Getting Laid Online?

Well, if you want to get laid in Asia, there’s a simple trick you can use to gain an advantage over 90% of your competition instantly.  The comical part is that I gathered this bit of information from reading a girl’s profile.

Before, I could employ my usual tricks to pick up multiple lays per day, mainly through the volume/less-time-wasted method.  Once I began working most of the time and sculpting my body, my time to get laid became limited.  That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to optimize my online dating tactics.

My first suggestion is to read my post on why you’re getting no matches on Tinder, as that post supplements this current post.

The “No Hookups” Culture in Asia

Nothing irks me quite like the term “hookups.”  It vexes me to the point that I want to bat hoes in the mouth Kevin Gates style.

Women who overvalue themselves, which is a blossoming problem in previous Asian pussy paradises, is a repulsive hindrance.

Anyone who’s traveled to Asia recently and used Tinder knows about the “no hookup” culture.  Almost every girl has it written as a caveat on her profile.

Here are a couple of photo examples that I just scraped off my account:

no hookups no hookups

I watched the “no hookups” culture grow from nothing into a tremendous force.  The first time I visited Asia in 2014 – with no game and a head full of wonder – I absolutely crushed it.

I’d bet that guys are getting hit with the painful realization of the “no hookup” reality left and right these days.  Later asking themselves, Why did I listen to that guy who said he banged a million girls in two days until his dick literally went into a comatose?

Yeah, that’ happening.

My Initial Reaction to the “No Hookup” Phenomenon

My initial plan to circumvent the “no hookup” barrier was futile and left me feeling uninspired to continue doing what I had done for years up until I first encountered the beast.

The problem with the “no hookup” culture is it’s mightier than the Niagra.  If you try to fight against it, you will inevitably lose.  And not just lose, you’ll fall flat on your face in a fit of frustration with a noxious case of the blue balls.

Also, I’m sure this problem doesn’t exclusively endure in Asia, and it surely isn’t anything new.  However, its meteoric rise is a crucial consideration to make before diving head first into a licentious quest.

One of my flaws is the fact that I’m hardheaded.  There’s almost nothing I enjoy more than proving someone or something wrong.  I endeavored to conquer the “no hookups” culture, and sometimes, I won.

In the end, the number of losses became too much of a time suck.

The older I get, the more I value my time.  These days, I’m juggling tasks the entire time I’m awake.  My sleep is more recuperative than ever before.  It’s more of a sojourn in the great beyond than traditional rest.

Nonetheless, we all need to get laid, and there’s nothing more divine than making that task as easy as a trip to the bathroom.

Just this past weekend, I spent about forty-eight hours with an eighteen-year-old amateur model with C cups.  I used the one-second trick to seduce her, and it worked brilliantly.

We had four rounds together before my bed turned into a bloodbath, and the complexion of our indulgence changed.  The icing on the cake was the exceptional blowjobs, complete with salad tossing and swallowing, which leads us to the meat and beans of the article.

How to Get Laid, Despite the “No Hookups” Culture

As I mentioned earlier, I discovered this tip while browsing girls’ profiles, and when I saw it, a light bulb went off.  In one girl’s profile, she derided men who write “I’m not here for hookups.”  While she might have been privy to the trick, most girls are not.

I added that tidbit to my profile — in the beginning.  I even prettied it up by writing that I’m open to long-term dating.  I’ve used the long-term dating tactic before, but explicitly saying “not here for hookups” was a brand-new toy in the chest.

Here’s what I noticed:

First, girls were more polite and engaged.  Through coaching men, one of the glaring errors I always see guys make is allusions to sex in their profile.  By doing this, you pull the carpet out from under yourself before you even had wheels.

Second — this is my favorite part — I continue to invite girls straight to my place.

One thing I’ve realized is that my addiction of ordering girls to my place like pizza could only possibly die a slow, reluctant death.  The reaper will need to pry that one out of my hands once all is said and done.

In my opinion, pussy paradise is fundamentally living in a place where pizza delivery pussy coolly edges into a man’s realm.

So getting back to my point:

Some girls would say, “I’m not here for hookups,” which are the most offensive words I can read.  I respond, “Did you read my profile?”  That’s when they become confused.  They think to themselves, Is this guy really here for a hookup or did he just invite me over for a drink?

This mind game can end with a win.

Reap the Rewards

Any guy who’s slept with hundreds of women knows that feat entails white lies.  One of the most valuable comments I ever read was the response to a guy asking what he should say to women to get laid?  The answer is simple: tell them what they want to hear.

And in this case, all they want to hear is that the guy isn’t into hookups.


I started thinking, and I arrived at a conclusion that makes perfect sense.  If you’re in a place, particularly a third world country, where there are a lot of hookers and sex travelers, the no hookup hurdle is obliged to rise in height.

As men, we can’t fault women for caring enough to want to avoid being viewed as hookers.

The key here is to go with the flow, rather than struggle against it.  Once we submit to the problem, solve it, and continue; we will rack up more lays with less effort.

The best part is that even if the date does become a hookup, and you did your job as a man, the girl won’t mind anyway.

She may decline to meet you again, knowing that you were solely after sex, but that’s why there’s always the next date.

I hope this trick helps some guys traverse the murky waters of the no hookup culture.

What’s on the Horizon for 199?

It’s been months since I’ve posted at 199.  I’ve been working on other projects and dabbling in more profitable ventures.  However, 199 is not dead.

I plan to focus more on men’s health, erectile dysfunction cures, male enhancement, valuable tips (as opposed to canned BS designed to rank in Google), and anything else I think provides utility.

In my opinion, there are enough location reviews, braggadocios stories about getting laid, and impotent information already out there.

Also, most importantly, my first book is on the horizon.  I spent years writing it because I want to provide something that everyone can love and give people an authentic taste of what it’s like to experience pussy paradise.

I view it as more of artistic expression.  The quote that drove me to take the piece to uncharted territory is Hemingway’s, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” I spent every drop of my blood in my body to get the book where I want it.

My close friends will be the first people to read it later this month, and I’m thrilled to share the tale thereafter.

Until next time!  And remember, every man can defeat the no hookups monster.