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Last Updated May 6, 2022

Welcome to 199flags!  I’m your host, Glen.

I’ve been traveling the world for some years meeting beautiful women wherever I go.  The name 199flags signifies the number of countries with flags in 2015.  The number is debatable, but I like the number 199.

My mission is to capture as many of these flags as possible by making sweet love to at least one woman from each country.  This feat is near impossible, but it’s a great motivator.

I created 199flags to bring my knowledge and ability to pick up beautiful women to the public.

My knowledge extends from how to talk to a woman, all the way to how to perform like a star.

In addition, I was able to naturally heal from erectile dysfunction during my travels.  My mission is to help men around the world do the same.

Before my travels, I felt depressed, lost, under-sexed, and swimming in a sea of women I no longer found attractive.  Money consumed my thoughts.  This is all part of Westernization.

One night, I had the most profound epiphany of my life; I knew it was time to embark on an international journey.

The epiphany led me to read a post on a web forum that would later change my life forever.

It was time to research, research and research some more for my first solo international trip.

In the meantime, I caught up with my family and took a long trip to Hawaii to visit my aunt and uncle.  This was the basis I created before embarking on the big trip.

Hawaii began my inner-healing process.

While planning for the trip, I realized almost everyone in my life, including my family, tried to bring me down or make me fear the trip.  It almost worked, but it didn’t stop me from taking the plunge.

It took me almost a year to plan the trip.  I made leads with women from all over the Philippines through Philippines dating sites.

By the time I landed, it felt like I had already been there.  This is the importance of trip preparation.  I cannot stress enough how important preparation is for any solo journey.  The problem is preparation takes a lot of time.  This is one reason I started 199flags to help you save time and get more out of your time abroad.

The Epic Journey

Back to my journey, by the time I arrived I was lost in my love life.  I had been in serious relationships all my life and dealt with some serious heartbreaks.  On top of that, I lived in a country with women I no longer found attractive.  Bummer.

My flight landed super early before sunrise.  I booked a studio apartment on a high floor in a high-class building.  When I arrived, a beautiful, voluptuous woman greeted me.

It was an immediate turn-on.  She took me up to my room, and we watched the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen.

I hadn’t been so attracted to a woman in years.  Before I knew it, we were fooling around and making love.  The feeling was mutual!  And the grand prize was that she was not a gold digger or a termagant, just a normal, beautiful woman!

From this point on, my life changed drastically in a three-month period.

I had found myself as a person and a new passion for life.  I met women from all over the country.

It was the most gratifying experience of my life, and making love to 45 women in 79 days was something I never thought possible.  Money was no longer as important to me – only a tool to help achieve happiness.

Since this is an introduction, I only want to touch upon what led me to create 199flags and my new feeling of bliss!

Please feel free to explore my site and leave comments!  Tell me about your escapades!

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