Awhile back, I searched for Tinder online to see if they had an online version of the dating app.  I wanted to speed up the process of using Tinder and have a larger viewing area to sort through my matches.  One of the app’s downfalls is the small viewing area – the larger the phone, the more matches you can see.

There is also no version for tablets or iPads…yet.  I think eventually they will have it for tablets since tablets are more mobile a desktop version.

In this article, I will give my opinion on why I think an online version is a bad idea.

Why is Tinder Online a bad idea?

First off, there are already enough bots trying to make money off hopeless men.

Beware: if a super horny and hot girl contacts you, and she wants you to sign up for an alternative dating site, it’s a bot.

tinder online

If Tinder creates an online or desktop version, more bots will surely flow in and ruin it.

Secondly, the dating app thrives because it is only used on mobile which cuts out a lot of people most men or women wouldn’t want to talk to anyway.  If a person can’t afford a smartphone, it’s probably not someone you want to meet.

Third, a desktop version could potentially become Plenty of Fish or OKCupid.  Both of those dating sites are now bogus because of Tinder.  In my opinion, nothing beats the big T.  It could be called the “Facebook of online dating”.  If you see someone else say that, just remember you saw it here first.

See my post here to get an idea of the results I get and all the matches I am able to make.

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My Tinder Plus Review is also a valuable resource and breaks down some of my favorite features including passport and unlimited likes.

Fourth, if the do roll out an online version, it will interfere too much with the mobile version.  The company would have their hands full making a smooth transition.  It would also cost a ton of money, but why spend a bunch of money on something unnecessary?

Fifth, you must connect to Facebook which adds a layer of security.  I’d bet a lot of money that most of the women still trolling POF or OkCupid are the lowest of the low even if they look hot.  At first, I thought those sites were cool, but the sausage to girl ratio is sky high.

Tinder offers a better girl to guy ratio.

tinder online girls

Sixth, the Instagram integration allows users to see more photos of their matches and takes out A LOT of the guesswork.  It’s always good to see tons of pictures of someone before meeting.  If someone connects their Instagram, it shows you how long ago the most recent photo was taken.

It’s Better to Stick With What Works

Tinder found themselves a great niche, and they should stick with it.  You can see some of my gripes with the app here, although, I have solved a lot of those old problems.

After years of use, I learned a lot of little tricks to make my online dating experience the best one possible.  I also get a lot of entertainment value out of the dating app when I’m bored.

It’s impossible not to run into a few miserable girls with their panties in a knot or the girls who feel entitled.  Come on, it’s a dating app, not VIP in a popular Los Angeles nightclub.

Don’t let me drift too far off topic, or this could turn into a dissertation.  The focus of the article is why Tinder online is a bad idea.

It’s simple, it goes back to the subheading.

Will They Ever Make Serious Improvements?

The BIGGEST problem with this app has been and always will be the lack of sorting until they do something about it.  Awhile back, I found a guy who made an app to sort matches, and Apple nixed it from the app store.  It was a sad day in my little poon hounding world.

I’ve found some ways around it, and that’s why I offer my service.  Soon, I will turn it into a book so everyone can have all the tips they need at their fingertips.

The only problem is the app is constantly changing.  They like to add new features to boost their profits and take them away (the old moments).

Using my strategies, I always do well if my current location has a big population or is new to me.  You can see my article here to figure out why you haven’t been getting any matches. It covers every reason you may be failing – girls or guys.

tinder online

Allow me to finish up by saying one thing that could help is if they added sorting.  It’d be nice to be able to sort matches by age, distance and even favorites.  I’d love to make my own app, but I know it will get shot down the same way the guy I knew had his beloved app taken down.

Plus, there isn’t a big enough market for it.  Girls most likely would never buy it since they are the hunted, and maybe it does make things too easy.  In my book, optimization is always a good thing and one of the most important words in life.  I love saving time and getting better results.  Money isn’t a problem when I’m paying for optimization.

Final Thoughts

Will the online version ever happen?  Well, like they say “never say never” but in this case, there would have to be some kind of huge change for the company to come out with a desktop or online version.

tinder online

The way they are doing things right now is working out really well for them, and like I said before, why change it?  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

One of the newest features is the Boost, which I should write a post about.  I’ve used it with some success and can share how to use it to get the best results.

As always, contact me at if you want to improve your online dating experience.

Happy hunting!