10 Mistakes the Best Online Dating Profiles for Men Must Avoid

Last Updated May 6, 2022

Creating the best online dating profiles for men is an art form that takes years to master, however, it isn’t rocket science.

Women want men to believe that they are the most complex beings in the universe who are impossible to predict or understand, but guess what?  They aren’t.

Women are attracted to certain male traits, and men are attracted to certain female traits.  There are patterns on both sides of the coin.

Online dating novices tend to make mistakes on their profiles that instantly kill any chance they have at finding success in the online dating world.

Men who have been in the online dating game for years and found success have undoubtedly made some of the following online dating mistakes along the way.

In this article, I list the 10 all-important mistakes that the best online dating profiles avoid.

By avoiding these dating profile mistakes, men will have a much better chance of matching on Tinder or scoring on other dating sites such as OkCupid.

1.) Writing a Novel in the Tinder Bio Section

Instead, men should write a Tinder bio that asks an interesting question or perhaps a riddle.  Those methods have worked for me in the past.  Witty one-liners can also work for guys who are natural comedians.  There is a link at the bottom of this post that men can check out to get a few free examples of opening lines I use.

Long Tinder bios make men look needy or lost in life.  Women are more attracted to men who have options, even if they don’t want to admit it.  Tinder is all about photos anyway, only bogus dating sites tell guys that their bios will make or break their profiles.

One of the aforementioned marketing sites banned me from commenting because I called out the female administrator for posing as a guy.  The site is called Tinder Seduction; it’s an utter joke.

best online dating profiles for men

Don’t be Sven

2.) Posting Creepy Shirtless Bathroom Selfies

The worst types of selfies for online dating profiles are bathroom selfies and car selfies.

Only girls can get away with tawdry selfies because men are much hornier than women in general, so men don’t care where the photo was taken.

The example of “Sven” is the exact type of photo you wouldn’t want to use.

However, men who are in the best shape can get away with car and bathroom selfies, especially if they use filters.

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3.) Rocking Mesh Shorts or Sweatpants

Style matters.  Some guys posts photos of themselves in mesh shorts or sweatpants, then complain about getting no matches Tinder.

It’s important to remember that there are roughly double the number of men on Tinder than women.  Men need to sell themselves to get matches on Tinder, and that’s only the first step.

Turning Tinder matches into dates and eventual scores is where true skill comes into play.  An average-looking guy with great style and photos will do better than a good-looking guy who looks like he just rolled out of bed.

4.) Posting Photos Drinking Beer with Your Bro(s)

This may have worked in college when sorority girls were on the prowl to slay at least one guy from each fraternity, but once those glory days are over, women tend to be more attracted to class.

5.) Men Who Describe Their Dream Woman

It’s easy to make a woman feel insecure.  I’ve noticed in my life that men tend to overvalue themselves (I’ve been there).  Every guy has that friend with no style or money who complains about girls not being hot enough for him.  It’s similar to Jason Alexander’s role in Shallow Hal.

A lot of men need to learn how to look at themselves from an outside perspective to see how ridiculous they are.  Every few years I change and do this very thing to realize how much I’ve grown.

Getting back to the point, the best online dating profiles for men aren’t including content that makes women feel insecure.

6.) Obsessing Over a Tinder Bot

Firstly, women are masters of altering their photos, especially in the age of Instagram.

Secondly, I used to see a lot of guys on forums complaining about how they can’t “close an HB9.5” on Tinder (I still don’t know what HB stands for, nor do I want to know).

“HB9.5” profiles are Tinder bots.  Do men honestly think that the hottest women in the world are on Tinder?  These profiles are guys who catfish men into paying for something, typically a dating site that guarantees sex.

Two takeaways: don’t overrate women and don’t waste your time getting catfished.

best tinder profiles

Extreme closeup selfie with a corny joke

7.) Posting Pictures Alongside Taller Friends

Even if a guy is tall, his taller friends can make him look short.

I’m of average height, but I have photos of myself alongside shorter friends that make women think I’m taller than I actually am.

In all my travels, only white women (particularly American) have been overly concerned about height.  I’ve dated several girls who are my height or an inch taller in Latin America and Asia.

Check out my Tinder tips for short guys if you’re self-conscious about your height.

8.) The best pictures = the best profiles

There are so many free photo editing apps available these days to enhance photos in minutes.  My brand-new unlocked Huawei phone cost under $200 in Asia and has built-in photo editing software that does a marvelous job.

Guys don’t need to be art majors or have any Photoshop experience these days to put together a great set of profile photos.

9.) Zero Pictures Showing Off Hobbies or Skills

People are happiest while doing the things they love.  Women want to see men who have interesting hobbies.  The key to creating an irresistible profile for men is to sell the experience.  Are you someone a woman can have fun with and admire?

Men who don’t have any hobbies or skills, get some!

10.) Showing Off a Lackluster Body or Overdoing Shirtless Photos

The quality of women who men attract with these types of photos is sub-par at best (I’m not only talking about looks).

In some circumstances, this rule can be broken.  For example, men can bend the rules when they possess exotic value in a foreign country or if they have a great body.  Even with a great body, coming off as a brainless gym bro won’t attract the highest quality women.

Sure, she might have a great body too, but is there any potential to have a conversation that has enough substance to make the date bearable?

I know guys who stick to pros to avoid engaging in dull conversations altogether while getting what all men need in the process.


Men who want to find success dating online or on Tinder should consider the aforementioned mistakes that most men make on their profiles.  Once guys start finding success, they will learn how to properly bend the rules.

The worst thing men can do is check out a blog post of a guy who is jacked and over 6′ with shirtless bathroom selfies and suggestive photos, then think they can turn around and do the same.

Men can also check out my popular article explaining how to get a girl’s number on Tinder with photo examples to further boost their online dating success.


  1. Charles Sledge

    Definitely agree with the selfies. Something about selfies seems feminine anyways. Lol no idea what HB stands for either.

    • 199Flags

      haha yeah I think HB has something to do with rating women on a 1-10 which is bogus anyway. The funniest part is these guys or kids thinking the women aren’t bots on Tinder. There’s so many bots these days in America that Tinder is nearly unusable. It works like a charm in other countries though.

      I’m planning to make a post of all the funny stuff I’ve been saying to bots and the smart-ass comments to the real American girls. Been cracking up some of my friends when I show them the sly comments.

      Selfies are bad, but in other countries you can get away with them. I was using a bathroom selfie in Colombia that was getting me some prime (it was a nice stone bathroom). Use a filter and make it look sexy. The close up selfie or car selfie should never come into play.

      • Charles Sledge

        Haha nice. I never had facebook so have never experienced tinder. Looking forward to that post.

        • 199Flags

          Never had Facebook, that’s awesome.

  2. Charles Sledge

    Definitely agree with the selfies. Something about selfies seems feminine anyways. Lol no idea what HB stands for either.

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