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Last Updated Jun 4, 2020

Are you struggling to get matches on Tinder?

Perhaps feeling discouraged because a girl gave you her number, but it went nowhere?

Maybe you are getting a lot of matches but none of them are turning into scores?

Are you having trouble writing an enticing Tinder bio or choosing the right profile pictures?

Encountering a ton of bots?

Men who answered yes to any of these questions are just one step away from finding consistent success on Tinder.


Say no to BOTs!
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The questions above are only a sampling of the problems men are facing on Tinder.

There’s a special science to scoring on Tinder, and it’s not easy to learn on your own.

Once you get the hang of it, the scores will start pouring in like Jordan in his prime.

My Results on Tinder

Everywhere I go, I use Tinder to consistently meet women for dates and scores.

tinder dating service

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Recently, I’ve been scoring so much that it’s borderline insane.

The amazing part: I’m not going on extravagant dates or spending a dime.

I’m using my methodology to arrange new dates every day.

My most recent achievement was 20 girls in only 9 days!

The hardest part wasn’t finding the girls, it was making sure I possessed the stamina for three or more girls per day.

Aphrodisiacs kept me running like a bull!

The women weren’t pros or semi-pros, they were normal women who pass by men every day in the street.

I had one run of five girls in 24 hours!

Right now, I want to focus on how my methods can help men all over the world achieve the same.

I’m just an average guy, which means all men can mirror my success.

I want to help men who want to…

  • make positive changes in their life
  • are motivated to start scoring
  • want to score but find themselves giving into free tube sites
  • have a desire to improve themselves on more than one level
  • travel the world
  • want to master Tinder
  • boost their Tinder matches
  • choose the right profile pictures
  • take their Tinder game to the next level
  • improve their performance in the bedroom
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I can’t help men who…

  • have thin skin and can’t handle rejection
  • aren’t motivated to improve their sex life
  • don’t want to score
  • aren’t willing to learn
  • have no patience

The Reasons Men Fail on Tinder

  • They get discouraged by rejection.  I have slept with hundreds of women and thousands of women rejected me along the way.
  • They quit without putting in enough work.
  • They don’t know what to say to score.
  • They think getting her number is a monumental achievement.
  • They live in a small city or town where they know every girl on Tinder.
  • Their photos are terrible.
  • Their Tinder bio is creepy.

How can I help men score?

My expertise on Tinder comes from years of experience and over a thousand dates.

I’ve scored with over 100 Tinder matches this past year alone.

My results speak for themselves.

Girls are coming straight over, and I’m not spending a cent in the process.

  • I can show men how to supercharge the Tinder experience.
  • I can show men how to automate the entire process.
  • I can teach men exactly what to say to score.
  • I can coach men on how to deal with troublesome women.
  • I can teach men the psychology behind scoring.
  • I can teach men what not to say in a message or write in their bios.
  • I’ll provide men with tips on what to do during dates to score.  I’ll reveal secret body language techniques that drive women crazy.
  • I’ll review profiles and instantly improve them.

A lot of the time, the problems are subtle yet completely ruin a man’s chances of scoring.

Whenever I review a Tinder profile, the problems jump off the page.  A lot of the mistakes are the same ones I used to make.

Start Scoring Today!

Anyone who advises men to do exactly what they do to score doesn’t account for the human factor.

Every man has a unique personality, hence the need to custom tailor a plan.

My goal is to lead men to water, and show them how to drink it for the rest of their lives.

Check out my current Tinder account below!

tinder dating service matches

Contact Glen directly at oneninenine@199flags.com with serious inquiries only.


  1. Veni Vidi Vici

    Is Tinder mostly a younger mens’ game?

    • 199Flags

      Hey Veni, how you been man? I don’t why my response didn’t connect to your comment. Hope all is well! Are you in Brazil?

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        Returned home December 1st. Going to return around April.
        I only have 46 days left on my Brazilian visa until 8-July-2017 then my 180 day per year cycle renews. Read some of your stuff about SE Asia on Skin’s forum sounds like a blast over there have to go myself and I need to decide which country first.

        • 199Flags

          Nice! We may be crossing paths. The Asian buffet is starting to lose some luster. Although, there are a couple countries I’m going to check out I haven’t seen yet on my way out.

          How was Brazil? Still fun there?

          • Veni Vidi Vici

            it is now that I am starting to understand Portuguese better and have more money I will enjoy it far more. That’s the cool thing about Brazil if you get tired of an area there is so much more here to see not mention an incredible variety of women this is one thing that turns me off about SEA ( I don’t find most asian women that attractive.)There are even towns down here with blond hair blue eyed german speaking women but as I mentioned before Portuguese is essential to get the most from your trip..
            1. I want to leave around April 7th but I have to wait 3 weeks.maybe Columbia or Peru? or might just stay home but it is already getting on my nerves.
            2. after that I will spend May 1st to June 9th in Brazil then leave til July 9th with my GF probably spend that month in Argentina.
            3. Back in Brazil July 9th til Oct 7.
            4. Free Month til Nov 15. possibly Asia?
            5. Nov 15 USA…
            Can’t wait to hear about those other countries your going to see also
            Why is Asia losing some luster?

          • 199Flags

            I feel you on that, Asian women get old after awhile, but there is variety if you skip around. Latina women never get old.

            The luster can be lost due to a low-ceiling on the top-tier. A top-tier Latina, black or white girl will blow any top-tier Asian out of the water (besides maybe Japanese women). The highlights in Asia are best pussy, softest skin, submissive and a few others.

            In the same breath, I bet I’d lust for them if I hadn’t banged one in awhile, but it’s been nothing but Asian for almost a year now.

            It sounds like you have a solid itinerary. I can’t wait to get back to Latin America myself for many more reasons than just the women. After banging countless amounts this past year, I got back to more of a business/adventure mindset.

            You’ve got me wanting to learn Portuguese. I think Brazil is a good place to go for overall quality of life instead of strictly poonhunting. I’d like to talk more with you when I make my way back to South America. Argentina and Peru both interest me.

            I’m thinking of hitting up Amsterdam and Haarlem on the way back to relive some good ol’ days.

            Money is def key too for enjoying travels more, it’s crazy to think the jump I made from making $0 online a year ago to where I’m at now.

            Get out of the US before April if you can, you don’t want it to dig too deep into your nerves!

          • Veni Vidi Vici

            Returning to Brazil mid May for a month then going to Buenos Aires and Iguaçu Falls for 2-3 weeks. Then back to Brazil for 3 months and enrolling in language school.
            In terms of women Brazil has it all and I am surprised by the number of blond haired women I see. Another plus is few men speak Portuguese as a 2ND language also Spanish speakers have much harder time then reverse as Portuguese is more phonetically complex with 14 vowels vs 5 in Spanish. Outside of Rio there is not much of a gringo infrastructure as only 5% of Brazilians ( 3% English ) speak a 2nd language but knowing Spanish does make learning Portuguese easier so I guess this situation makes life more difficult for the casual tourIst.

          • 199Flags

            Sounds awesome man! You’ve got me wanting to go to Brazil, but I want to do some intensive learning of Portuguese first. From what you say, it sounds like it’s essential. Same thing before I go to Russia or any other Russian speaking country. I met an older German fella in Asia, and he said knowing Russian is essential.

            Keep me posted with your travels! It’s only a couple of months away! I’m planning on heading back to Latin America this summer. The yellow fever is still too strong to break away from. Plus, there’s a lot of girls from different countries roaming around SEA for a nice change of pace from time to time. For living, I still like Latin America the most.

          • Veni Vidi Vici

            Russia is too cold for me and the language is a bitch too learn but I understand you want a taste of each country before you decide where you want to settle down that’s the advantage of youth I guess. When someone is older you “should” know yourself a bit and have a better idea what countries appeal to the most. If I had to choose a country to visit. in Europe I would choose Poland.
            1. 40 million people same as Ukraine but more condensed.
            2. Near Germany (partying) and Ukraine
            3. Eu citizenship possible if I stayed or marry.
            4. English widely spoken compared to Ukraine or Russia.
            5. More 1st world conditions.
            If I decide to get married then I am going to spend 3 months in SEA first.

          • 199Flags

            Hmm, those are some interesting stats on Poland, and I’ve heard of guys having high success there. I’ve noticed a connection with German girls during my travels in SEA. Sometimes, they are easy but sometimes not either.

            I match with a lot of cute Russian girls on Tinder, but am usually not feeling the whole structured date thing and multiple dates to get the lay. Maybe, that will change soon when I hit up a place next month packed with Russians. What’s nice is the Russians abroad always speak English.

            If you end up going to Asia, hit me up, I’ll give you some key intel and spots I’ve been not mentioned here. In a few months, I’m heading East from Asia and considering some Nordic stops along the way back to South America. A man can only be away from Latina curves for so long.

          • Veni Vidi Vici

            Ok sounds good I will keep you updated and I will tell a bit about some of Cities I have visited as well and a good time to start writing things down.

          • 199Flags

            What’s the latest?

          • 199Flags

            Speak of the devil, I captured the Japanese flag two nights ago. They really do make those sounds you hear in porn.

          • Veni Vidi Vici

            So jealous right now, I really wished I started travelling 10 years ago.
            I noticed after 41 years of age that my energy levels started to decline and that is a real shame because I have the funds now to travel and live anywhere I please. I am debating spending 3 months in South East Asia but I know my current GF will not be happy.

          • 199Flags

            I think the keys are finding a balance and following your gut. If you love her, that’s cool, but withholding some once-in-a-lifetime activity due to her feelings might not be the best decision. Keep me posted with your travels!

  2. 199Flags

    Honestly, I think Tinder is so big, you can probably use it up through your 50s especially in countries outside the US. I’m 32 and match with girls between 18-35. I’d assume 35 yr old women would date men in their 50s. In SEA, men in their 50s can pick up whatever they want. Hope that helps!

  3. Masculine Profiles

    Love the results you show, I like what you have to offer. Maybe you can teach me some pointers in the future. Cheers!

    • 199Flags

      Glad you enjoyed it MP! Let’s talk more about those pointers soon.

  4. Dave

    I can’t wayt

    • 199flags

      Haha for what?

tinder mistakes

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