Ultimate List of Good Tinder Openers to Get Laid Fast (2024)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Good evening fellas, tonight I’ll be continuing where I left off yesterday with my article on the best way to start a conversation on Tinder. In this edition, I’ll share with you good Tinder openers that have dropped panties.

The point of using Tinder is to get real dates and score. Don’t get caught up wasting your time on girls who are looking for a court jester or chat buddy.

A lot of the Tinder pick up lines you’ll find online will get a response, but they more than likely will not lead to the score unless you look like Chris Hemsworth.

When you get too fancy with your Tinder openers, you put off the vibe that you’re desperate or have too much time on your hands.

However, there are no absolute rules in online dating like almost everything else in life.

In a previous article, I shared with you the giant mistakes the best online dating profiles for men don’t make.

While it is good practice to follow those rules, it doesn’t mean they can’t be broken.

Tinder Openers Overview

The most important thing to do is test your openers.

Use a mixture of corny pickup lines, funny ones, basic ones or ones that connect to her interests to see what’s working best for you.

Always remember: her response and phone number are meaningless if the conversation never materializes into a date or score.

Yesterday, I showed you how I used extremely basic opening lines to score with girls, including virgins.

There are two actions you must take when talking to girls on Tinder: test photos and don’t take anything personally.

If a girl doesn’t respond or turns you down, use that instance to get better moving forward.

I’ve made thousands of Tinder matches that ended in nothing while hundreds ended with the coveted score.

I equate successful online dating to the way a great white shark moves.

Rip and tear through the ocean without ever stopping or looking back and devour all the golden opportunities.

Tinder Opening Lines Tips

Now that you know the different types of pick up lines for guys.

I’ll share with you the most critical tips to follow to save yourself time while fishing on Tinder.

After that, I’ll provide you with photo examples of openers I’ve used that have led to the bedroom.

Okay, so you want to test cheesy pickup lines?

My suggestion is to test five different lines that you create, or you can use mine.

Once you have a collection of good lines, then you should add them to the clipboard in your phone for quick access.

If you don’t have a clipboard app, then go get one!

Once you have the lines loaded, you can begin testing them on new matches to see which ones work best.

After you’ve messaged at least a handful of girls using each line, you can trash the ones that didn’t work and keep the ones that did.

An important note to remember is that those lines you trashed may work in other places or countries.

Save them to test later.

If you’re staying in one place, then you can continue testing lines until you have at least three winners.

In the end, you get a winning batch of lines you know work.

Plus, you’ll save yourself a bunch of time when messaging girls since all you need to do is copy and paste from your clipboard.

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How long should you wait before sending the first message?

This depends heavily on the time of day you first match with the girl.

If you match with the girl during normal working hours or in the morning, I’d usually wait at least a few hours to a full day before messaging.

Sometimes I message new matches days later with the excuse, “I’m not very active here,” which is true for me these days.

You don’t want the girl to think you’re constantly checking your phone for Tinder messages or appear overly eager.

Those are both instant turnoffs for girls.

Now on the flip side of the coin, say you match with a girl late at night or on a weekend night.

There’s a good chance she’s swiping to meet someone.

I went on a long run of picking up girls in Manila using Tinder at 1 a.m. or later.

I had great success using that method because girls who are up that late are usually down to party or working a graveyard shift.

Competition is a lot lower during the wee hours.

My List of Best Tinder Openers

Today’s lines have more flavor than the messages I shared yesterday.

The point of yesterday’s lesson was to teach you how using basic opening lines filters out the chat buddies and girls who aren’t genuinely interested in you.

This is the route I take, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get creative from time to time.

Here’s a solid mix of good pick up lines that have worked for me:

1. Always on the hunt for virgins! She wasn’t one, but this approach did end in a score.

good tinder openers

good tinder openers

2. Straight to the point

good tinder openers

3. Here’s an example of the late-night conversion method I mentioned earlier.

good tinder openers

4. I ended up getting into a short-term relationship with the curvy 18-year-old I used a cheesy pickup line on here.

good tinder openers cheesy

5. This was 100% corny, but it worked.

good tinder openers corny

6. Another example of a corny line that worked.

good tinder openers

7. Another late night example

good tinder openers late night

8. The Tinder hearts led to a conversion with another curvy 18-year-old.

good tinder openers

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several different approaches you can take to land dates and eventual scores on Tinder.

However, the game is constantly changing.

One critical tip I must offer is to use the lines that suggest fun in bed with caution. Girls are quick to report, and you must be on your guard. If she reacts negatively, you need to immediately unmatch her before she can report you.

If you do get banned, click here to see how to get back on Tinder.

The beauty of the late-night message is it tells the girl you’re looking for fun without you having to come out and say it.

Girls know if a guy is messaging them in the middle of the night that he is most likely looking for fun.

The girls who message you back are the girls who are on the same page.

I usually break out the cheesy pickup lines when I come across a curvy girl who is 18 or 19 and catches my eye.

The key is to have fun without looking overly eager, desperate or try-hard.

If you follow my gameplan, you’ll have success with girls on Tinder.


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