Let’s face it, being short in today’s burgeoning online dating world is a tough assignment for most guys.

My 5 essential Tinder tips for short guys will undoubtedly help short guys boost their success online.

I stand 5’9″ on a good day, and I’ve been able to sustain my success – 100s of scores and 100s of dates.

Men who are able to find themselves and use their strengths efficiently will never feel self-conscious about their height again.  They will also start to realize that women who are overly concerned about a man’s height aren’t worth the time of day anyway.

Look at it this way: I prefer women with natural Ds or bigger, but does that mean I will only date women with that attribute? Of course not.

Moving right along…

A lot of self-conscious men dwell on their faults, which is a disastrous habit to form.  Men who are self-conscious about their height tend to overthink every situation while short men who are comfortable with their height never let the thought affect them.

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Top 5 Tinder Tips for Short Guys

1.) Short men should avoid listing their height in their Tinder bio or mentioning it during chats with their matches.

There is absolutely no reason for height to be a topic of discussion.  The more a guy thinks about it, the more it will become a problem.

It relates to the Law of Attraction.

2.) Ignore the girls who say they need a tall guy.

Don’t sweat it.  If a girl is screening men based on their height, let her go.  There are a ton more girls out there.

If you want to make her question herself, write, “I mean, I like girls with double Ds, but do you see me complaining?”

Also, if a girl is 5’9″ or taller, it’s reasonable for her to want a taller guy.  If the girl is 5’5″ or shorter, she is more than likely full of herself and not worth the time.

3.) Don’t post pictures alongside tall friends.

This tip is self-explanatory and included in my list of 10 Mistakes the Best Online Dating Profiles for Men Avoid.  Try to flip the script by finding a shorter friend.

Another Tinder tip for short guys is to use a full-length photo and add white space on the sides of the photo.  This way, the photo will appear full-length instead of a cropped section of the body.  This tactic gives men a more lengthy appearance.

Remember, Tinder uses square photos.  Short men need to compensate.

Girls have told me that they thought I’d be taller, but it never stopped me from scoring.  My successes prove to me that my tips are effective.

4.) Use photo filters and aperture settings to create a more attractive profile photo.

Men can ask their friends to take a handful of photos.  My best Tinder profile photo was taken by my good buddy in San Francisco.  I was super blazed, and the photo was supposed to be a joke.

In the photo, I am pulling back my hair and putting on my best face.  Surprisingly, it came out really well and has gotten me hundreds of scores since it was taken.  Experimentation is key.

Tinder Tips for Short Guys

This is the type of background men can experiment with.  My cheap smartphone came with this function.

5.) Don’t look broke.

This technique could come back to bite novices if they are not careful about avoiding gold diggers, but if used properly, it’s worth the risk.

Starving artist game only works for so long.  Most women want to meet men who have moved out of their parent’s house and can support themselves.

Savvy men can take this tip a step further to amplify their profiles.


After reading through my Tinder tips for short guys, short men should know what it takes to score on Tinder.  Not every woman in the world needs a tall guy.  There are plenty of attractive women who don’t care about a man’s height.

A lot of famous actors are short.  James McAvoy surely doesn’t have trouble playing the field at 5’6″.  Tom Cruise was once married to the taller Nicole Kidman.

Tinder Tips for Short Guys

Rick Moranis is the biggest baller to ever live.