How to Meet Asian Girls Online in 2024 (Pro Dating Guide)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Are you ready to learn how to meet Asian girls? I hope so because I have a ton of valuable information for you. I know there’s a lot of information online about dating Asian women, both good and bad.

I’ll tell you right now that a big chunk of that information is bogus or outdated. Through outreach, I realized how much bunk knowledge is floating around about dating Asian girls – a lot of cutting, pasting, and re-wording if you know what I mean.

Why do I know how to successfully meet and date Asian women?

I’ve spent the better part of the past 5 years living in Southeast Asia and the better part of those 5 years dating Asian women.

In my opinion, Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world, and they’re one of the main reasons I’ve been meaning to go back to Latin America for over 2 years.

In my dating guide below, I tell you where to find single Asian girls to meet online, the best places to meet Asian women, how to attract them, how to talk to them, and what to expect once you meet them.

Let’s get started…

Where to Meet Asian Women

The most important part of this guide is this tip right here:

Don’t meet Asian girls in Western countries, meet Asian women in Asia.

That’s far and away the most important tip in this guide. Yes, you can meet Asian women in the Western world, but it’s apples and oranges compared to meeting them in Asia.

Trust me, I’m from the US and have zero interest in American Asian women, yet I’m extremely attracted to the Asian women in Asia. In fact, I’m more attracted to them than any other women.

Before we move onto the next part, let the tip above sink in before you embark on your journey to meet Asian women.

How to Meet Asian Girls Online

The best way to get your feet wet is to sign up for several Asian dating sites and begin chatting. The key is to choose the right sites because there are a lot of scam sites that want to take your money and give you nothing in return.

Fake women often populate these sites and display fake interest in you to trick you into signing up.

Avoid these sites by choosing the sites I recommend.

The Best Dating Sites to Meet Single Asian Women

meet asian women online dating guide

Over the past three years, online dating in Asia has changed a great deal. You can no longer sign up for free Asian dating sites and expect beautiful Asian women to flood your inbox with messages before you contact them.

Unfortunately, the golden age is over because a lot more men are aware of the benefits of dating Asian girls.

In 2015, I barely saw other foreigners in major cities. Nowadays, I sometimes feel as though I’m not in Asia, even in second and third-tier cities.

The key takeaway is that you need to use the right sites with less competition. The sites with less competition are the top Asian dating sites.

The best part is the Asian women on the sites I’ll show you want to meet foreign men, and they can speak English.

Here’s a list of the best countries to meet Asian girls with links to dating sites.

The Best Countries to Meet Single Asian Women

  • ThailandClick Here for the best dating site in Thailand (Option #2)
  • The PhilippinesClick Here for the best dating site in the Philippines
  • IndonesiaClick Here for the best dating site in Indonesia
  • ChinaClick Here for the best dating site in China
  • CambodiaClick Here to find a girlfriend in Cambodia
  • VietnamClick Here to meet single Vietnamese women
  • Taiwan & Hong Kong – Click Here for the best dating sites in Taiwan & Hong Kong
  • South KoreaClick Here to meet Korean singles
  • Japan – And last but certainly not least, Click Here for the best dating site in Japan

Not sure which country you want to visit?

Use the top general Asian dating site to meet women all over Southeast Asia. It’s free to sign up and a great way for you to decide which country interests you the most.

I also recommend this site if you want to find an Asian wife or serious girlfriend.

Looking for something casual or a hookup?

This site is the best site for casual dating in Asia. Women from countries all over Asia use this site, and there’s a lot less competition.

Is Tinder in Asia worth it?

If this is your first visit to 199flags, you don’t know that I have a lot of experience using Tinder and am one of the leading Tinder authorities online and in the world.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve used Tinder in Asia extensively and have had massive success.

However, Tinder in Asia is not what it once was. It’s a lot harder to be successful on Tinder in 2020.

You also have to avoid getting banned or shadowbanned, which is a challenge in itself.

Having said that, I still have a lot of success using Tinder in Asia, and it’s the best overall Asian dating app.

Tinder Pros and Cons

  • It has a huge user base and a lot of single Asian girls use it throughout SE Asia
  • It’s a good place to meet Asian girls who speak English
  • Better chance of finding a hookup or casual encounter
  • Tinder in Asia is convenient since mobile data is cheap

The Cons

  • There’s a massive number of men using Tinder
  • Not good for online dating beginners
  • The women get spoiled with attention
  • A lot of Asian women are bitter since foreign men constantly ask them for sex (I don’t blame the women)
  • More female players
  • You need to have a really good Tinder profile to stand out from the crowd
  • You need to know how to text women efficiently and get their numbers quickly
  • Writing a Tinder bio is tricky for a lot of guys

Overall, the Tinder pros and cons weigh heavily in favor of the cons. I see a lot of guys strike out on Tinder in Asia because they don’t know what they’re doing.

Over the past five years, I learned how to create the best Tinder profile, bio, and how to text girls on Tinder.

I’ve met women for hookups, ONS, short-term relationships, and serious relationships.

Can you do the same? With zero experience using Tinder in Asia, more than likely not.

I’m not saying I’m better looking or superior, I’m saying you need the right approach to be successful on Tinder in Asia.

You can and will have huge success with the right approach, and you’ll avoid the ban hammer.

How can you do this? My Tinder guide for men contains everything you need to know, and it’s essential to read it before you start using Tinder in Asia.

Asian Dating Culture and Traditions

conservative asian dating culture

Once you begin chatting with Asian girls online, it’s important to remember that Asian culture is more conservative than in the Western world, especially compared to American culture.

The women are more feminine and don’t have the mouth of a sailor.

Here are several tips:

  • Keep the conversation clean and your English simple. Asian women aren’t familiar with idiomatic English. The one exception is Filipinas because a lot of them speak perfect English.
  • If you’re looking for an Asian wife or serious relationship, let the conversation build naturally. You will scare a lot of women away if your words are too aggressive at the beginning.
  • Avoid writing long opening messages that make you appear needy
  • Don’t skip over Asian girls who live in smaller cities that you’ve never heard of. Oftentimes, the sweetest Asian women live off the beaten path and have met fewer foreigners or none at all.
  • Asian women have good attitudes in my experience, and they love compliments.
  • Asian girls can be very shy. Avoid mentioning anything sexual in your messages.

Meeting Her Family

In my experience, Asian families are very friendly to foreigners as long as you treat their daughters right.

It’s not uncommon for an Asian girl to live with her parents. I had Asian girlfriends who couldn’t stay overnight with me or out past a certain time.

For example, in Taiwan and Vietnam, the dating culture is more conservative.

When you meet her parents, shake her father’s hand, but not her mother’s. This is a good example of how Asian culture can operate.

If you’re looking for an Asian wife, it’s best to speak with her father about your intentions in the more conservative Asian cultures. In the more westernized Asian cities, you may not have to meet her parents at all.

I once met a Filipina’s parents on our first date after we had slept together. It was an awkward experience for me as an American yet memorable for sure.

Overall, you shouldn’t worry about the Asian dating culture or traditions until you meet the girl anyway. She’ll let you know what’s up before you meet her family.

The Most Attractive Race in Asia

Before I moved to Asia, I didn’t know how to distinguish Asian women from different countries. Once I arrived in Asia, I quickly realized that different Asian nationalities look a lot different.

Personally, I think it’s unfair to label one country as the most attractive race in Asia. Every guy has a different taste.

You may find that Filipinas are the most attractive race while another guy prefers Korean women.

Who do I think is the most attractive race?

beautiful asian woman

She’s my exact type

In reality, I think all Asian races are the most attractive, but I tend to gravitate toward Vietnamese women the most. I have a special bond with them that I really can’t explain (well I could, but not right now).

Pinays with Chinese blood are gorgeous in my opinion. The Asian girl I dated the longest is a Filipina-Chinese mix.

Indonesian girls sometimes have Middle-Eastern blood. One of the most beautiful Asian girls I met is Indonesian. She’s Jordanian-Indonesian with darker skin.

Chinese and Taiwanese girls are extremely pretty and petite.

How to Plan Your Trip to Asia

Traveling to Southeast Asia is easy and safe for the most part. Parts of the Philippines such as Mindanao can get dangerous for foreigners.

However, there are amazing and beautiful Filipinas in Mindanao. It’s where I met the girl’s family on the first date and wondered if I would survive the night.

Major cities in Southeast Asia are all safe. Depending on your level of street smarts, you should be fine.

Here are several tips to consider before traveling to meet Asian girls:

  • Don’t send them money (this is a common scheme)
  • If the situation seems shady, then it’s definitely shady
  • Book a hotel with good reviews
  • Always video chat with a girl before you travel all the way to meet her (to avoid being catfished)

Personally, I like to use Airbnb. Click Here to lock in an Airbnb coupon for your first trip that you can use anytime.

Asian Dating Sites to Avoid

There are several Asian dating sites that are no longer worth it:

  • Dateinasia
  • Any site that seems too good to be true
  • Hookup apps

Date in Asia was great up until a couple of years ago. Once the whole world found out about it, the guy/girl ratio skyrocketed.

It’s best to stick with the sites I linked to above for serious relationships or use Tinder for something casual. A lot of women who used sites like Date in Asia switched to Tinder.

Keep in mind, Tinder isn’t great for finding a serious relationship, and the Asian women who use it are more westernized.

You need skill and an attractive profile to meet the beautiful women using Tinder because they have a lot of options.

First Date Tips After Meeting Online

I know you’re excited to meet Asian women in person after meeting online, especially if you traveled all the way to Asia to meet her.

Here are several first date tips:

  • Asian women love for you to take them out to dinner and be romantic. You’ll find that they’re mushier than what you might be used to at home.
  • Meet somewhere in public like the mall or other crowded places
  • Talk enough to make her feel comfortable but avoid telling her your life story on the first date
  • Avoid touching her in public on the first date (save the touching for inside your place)
  • Don’t mention anything sexual, make her think that sex is the last thing on your mind even if it’s the first
  • Dress casual yet sharp  (no sandals, shorts, old shirts)
  • Compliment her appearance
  • Bring her a flower or chocolate (romantic gestures like this will take you far if your goal is to meet an Asian wife)

Bonus Tip

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love Asian women. Over the years, one of the worst things I’ve witnessed is the flood of foreigners with zero dating skills who make Asian women sour toward all foreigners.


A lot of foreigners don’t appreciate women, and they use Asian women to build up their weak egos. It’s one thing to sleep with Asian women, it’s another to treat them like a piece of meat.

I’m not a white knight because I’ve met and slept with 100s of Asian women over the years. The difference is I treat them with respect and value their femininity.

I’m not here to brag or build up my ego, and this site is not a game blog. This guide isn’t meant to show you how to have sex with Asian women.

It’s meant to show you to find Asian girls to meet, date, or marry.

The best bit of advice I can give you is to treat the women right, and they’ll treat you even better in return.

If your goal is to come to Asia to “bang Asian chicks,” you make it worse for the real men who sincerely enjoy the company of Asian women. Plus, you won’t have much luck meeting beautiful Asian women.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the words “no hookups” on a girl’s Tinder profile or had girls assume that all I want is sex due to the rude foreigners who approach them.

If I do want to meet for sex, I don’t talk about it or ask girls for sex beforehand. Asian women – and women in general – appreciate a man with finesse who can lead a date to the bedroom.

The clods who don’t know how to talk to women have effectively ruined the way a lot of Asian women view foreigners. It annoys me when I chat with an Asian girl, and she assumes the worst about me because other foreigners don’t know how to act.

First-tier Asian cities aren’t what they used to be due to the guys who lack a moral compass.

Bottom line, be aware of this new reality.

Are you ready to meet sexy Asian women?

Now you know how to meet Asian girls online and the best places to meet them in person. Asian women changed my life for the better when I was in a dark place.

Are you curious to know how amazing life in Asia can truly be for a man? My book tells you everything you need to know about dating in the Philippines and the best Filipino cities to meet beautiful Filipinas.

The book is a great way for you to experience what it’s like to meet hot Asian women before you arrive because it really is a life-changing experience if you do it the right way.

Be careful what you read online because a lot has changed in Southeast Asia over the past couple of years. Dating in Asia in 2020 is quite different than it was just a few short years ago.

Women are more aware of the foreigners who want to use them for sex because they can’t get laid in their home countries.

Long gone are the days when a foreigner with no dating skills could step off the plane and attract beautiful Asian girls.

The sites I recommended give you the best chance of successfully meeting Asian women online. The competition is lower, and the women are sincerely looking for foreigners to date or marry.