How to Get Out of the Friend Zone Fast • (Fresh 2024 Guide)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

The “friend zone,” that’s one of the filthiest, most wretched terms known to man. In this guide, I’m going to show you how to get out of the friend zone fast and avoid it altogether in the future.

Why should you take my advice? I’ve never been in the friend zone. It’s one of the things I’m great at avoiding without effort, mostly because I’m a natural-born lone wolf.

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about escaping the friend zone. Within no time, you’ll be out of the friend zone, never to return to that godforsaken place.

To make my guide easier to absorb, I’ll break it into 15 tips.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone: 15 Tips

Let’s get started…

#1 Be Stoic

In today’s world, the media tells men not to bottle up their emotions and let it all out. I’m not telling you that you have to be stoic, but I am stoic, and I 100% believe in stoicism. A man who shows his emotions is a weak man (in my opinion).

You’re more likely to enter the friend zone because outward emotions attract friendships with women. Women possess motherly instincts, and when they see a man who’s hurting or displaying emotions, they inherently want to help him as a friend.

Since you don’t want this to happen with the women you’re attracted to, don’t go crying on a girl’s shoulder anytime soon. That only works for children who want a girlfriend. It’s a different story for men who want to sleep with women.

Once you cut off access to your emotions from a girl(s) whose friend-zoned you, you’ll instantly begin your ascent out of the zone.

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#2 Go Cold

Is a woman using you? Perhaps you think if you stick around long enough as a friend, you’ll get in her pants? No way that’s happening. Once you’re a friend, that’s all you are.

When I say, “Go cold,” I mean stop doing whatever you’ve been doing for her. You need to completely flip the script in the snap of a finger. You’ll blow her mind when she sees the night and day difference, plus give yourself a chance to sleep with her.

An abrupt change in your behavior is the fastest way to get out of the friend zone. Look at it as an addiction. You quit an addiction cold turkey when you want to end it for good. You don’t slow it down. That’s why you always see exes carrying on for years “on and off” after they’ve broken up.

Wise men pull the plug.

#3 Ignore Her

Act like she doesn’t exist if you want to get out of the friend zone fast. You also raise the bar on your mental toughness by doing this. Are you man enough to ignore her and get her out of your head?

Your mental weakness allows women to occupy your mind. Especially, if you’re in the friend zone. C’mon, any guy who allows a woman – who he’s not sleeping with – into his head is seriously in the wrong place.

What’s the difference between going cold and ignoring her? Going cold doesn’t involve her. Going cold is the ability to turn off your emotions.

Ignoring her does involve her. When you give her attention, you bolster the friend zone barrier.

#4 Relationships Are Black and White for Women

Ever notice how long-term relationships typically don’t start with sex on the first date? Women tend to define a relationship from the get-go. You can either be a friend, a hookup, or a boyfriend. When you start out as a friend, the woman defines you as a friend.

It takes skill to break this connection and chances are you don’t possess this skill since you’re in the friend zone. The best way to avoid the friend zone is to avoid being a friend in the first place. The only time this rule doesn’t apply is if the girl is someone you grew up with.

If it’s a girl you met as an adult, then you need to avoid starting out as a friend to escape the “friend” tag from the onset.

The only men who get rewarded for staying in the friend zone are the ones who stay in it long enough to be there when a woman gets divorced, breaks up with her boyfriend, or someone close to her dies. These softies slither their way into the bedroom by taking advantage of women when they’re most vulnerable after a loss.

You must ask yourself, Do I want to be that guy?

#5 Gaslighting

This is one of the more sinister tips on the list since it involves manipulation – to a degree. If used correctly and in moderation, gaslighting is a surefire way to make a girl jealous or change the way she views you.

What is gaslighting? Gaslighting is when you make a person question his or her view of a subject and/or reality with your words and actions.

With enough experience, gaslighting is a valuable tool in a man’s seduction shed. However, there are different types of gaslighting, and there’s a fine line between good fun and evil with this method. Use it wisely.

#6 Act Superior

Women do this all the time to men, and weak men cave. It’s the reason why so many husbands ask their wives if it’s okay to do something. I’ll never understand that.

When you act like you’re too good for her or she’s not good enough for you, you’re taking a giant leap out of the friend zone. She may even ask why you’re suddenly acting differently? That’s when you answer, “What do you mean?” (gaslighting)

Getting out of the friend zone is mostly a mental battle. Believe me, a woman can sense when you want more than friendship, but she’ll act like she doesn’t know because she likes you as a friend.

You have to make drastic changes in your behavior to get drastic results.

#7 Make Power Moves

Getting out of the friend zone is an opportunity for you to grow. As I’ve mentioned before on this site, the hardest decisions are the most profitable ones. The sooner you muster up the strength to exit the friend zone the quicker you’ll grow as a man.

I sometimes reflect on the decisions I’ve made and admire the ones that took the most guts. Are you afraid of losing her if you get out of the friend zone? If you are, this fear is unhealthy and so is keeping her in your life.

You’re not going to change the way she feels about you without making a power move. I know this sounds trite, but actions speak louder than words.

When you show her that you’re strong enough to move on without her, you’ll not only escape the friend zone, you may also attract her sexually.

#8 Meet Girls on Tinder

It’s never a bad idea to remind yourself that there’s other fish in the sea. In fact, I squashed any residual feelings I had for ex-girlfriends by getting out there and having fun. Meeting women and sleeping with other women will help you grow as a man.

I don’t like to throw around the words “alpha” and “beta,” but the fact that being in the friend zone is beta male activity can’t be denied. I’m not saying you need to be what men online call “alpha.” You need to grow as a man and realize that focusing on one girl who’s not sexually attracted to you is a waste of time.

You only get to be young once. Don’t waste your youth obsessing over a girl.

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#9 Take a Trip Abroad to Meet Women

When I said that I went out there and had fun in the previous point, I literally went out of the country. My first trip abroad opened my eyes up to a secret world that few men know about. Had I not taken that plunge into the unknown, I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am today.

Most men live out their existence in a domestic comfort zone without getting a true taste of carnal heaven on Earth.

How does this relate to getting out of the friend zone? When you meet exotic women, you calibrate your worth in this world. In today’s American society, women get programmed to look down on men. Fortunately, this isn’t how society works in most parts of the world. And luckily, I’ll be dead before it does.

Want to know where to go and how to change your life by meeting exotic women? My book tells you everything you need to know – priceless knowledge in those pages.

Once you calibrate your worth, the friend zone will never come back to haunt you.

#10 Do Complex Exercises and Sprints

Everything to this point has looked at the mental side of the coin. Since “improve yourself” is the banalest tip you’ll find on men’s blogs, I wanted to dig deeper to a micro-level.

Before I started lifting free weights and doing sprints, I had yet to tap into my full potential. When I started doing squats (not on the Smith machine), it changed my life. It was the first time I fell in love with lifting. The deeper I ventured the more I loved it.

My mental toughness and self-discipline upgraded.

Now imagine combining physical strength and self-discipline with all the previous tips. By implementing all these tips together, your true self begins to take form from the inside out.

You begin to shrug off weakness and allow your inner strengths to envelop you. By the end, the girl who friend-zoned you won’t recognize you, and this my friend is how you ultimately attract her sexually.

#11 Realize You’re in the Friend Zone for a Reason

You didn’t just magically appear in the friend zone. You’re there for a reason. It’s your decision whether you sink or swim.

When you adjust your frame of mind to view the friend zone as a challenge instead of a major downer, your mindset changes. Because that’s what the “friend zone” is, a challenge.

You may find yourself comparing your situation to other men who aren’t having the same problem. Instead of having the woe is me attitude, take on the challenge and defeat it. Everybody likes to win, and getting out of the friend zone by any means necessary is a victory.

Do you want to win or lose? Your previous actions led you to the friend zone. Only your future actions can help you escape it for good.

#12 Be Straight with Her

One of the quickest ways to escape the friend zone is to tell her how you feel.

Come right out and say it: “Hey, I want you to know I have no desire to be in the friend zone. If you only want to be friends, it’s best for us to go our separate ways.”

End the conversation there. Don’t let the situation turn into an emotional meltdown. You need to say it to her face, then turn around and walk away.

Do you know why this is so powerful? Because it forces her to examine her feelings and decide what she wants.

She may not know she likes you more than a friend until you tell her those words directly. Those lines can evoke sexual attraction toward you that she didn’t know was there.

By putting the ball in her court and going silent on your end, you give yourself the best possible chance of being more than a friend. Remember, drastic changes equal drastic results.

#13 Nofap

I love this one. Over the past five years, I’ve gone on and off with nofap. Chances are if you’re in the friend zone, you’ve never experimented with nofap.

The sheer discipline you learn from nofap alone will empower you, not to mention the energy boost you get from it.

Have you ever felt guilty after masturbation? That’s your body’s way of lamenting over the energy you just wasted.

How does this help you get out of the friend zone? You need all the physical and mental power you can get to escape the friend zone. The weaker your mind and body are the smaller your chance is to escape or avoid the friend zone altogether.

#14 Sexual Transmutation

Sexual transmutation is the act of transforming your sexual energy into a raw mental drive. I started practicing this method a couple of months ago, and I’ve gotten a ton of work done.

I’ve learned how to channel my desire for sex and masturbation into a higher form of energy. My next article focuses on how I do this. There’s a mechanism in your mind that allows you to remove the blockage that forces you to succumb to your sexual desires.

By practicing sexual energy transmutation, you also undo the control women have over your emotions and decisions.

If you’re in the friend zone, you’re being emotionally controlled by a woman. She’s winning, and you’re losing.

Sexual transmutation goes back to nofap, that’s why I listed these tips sequentially.

#15 Be 100% Sober

To complete and put all the tips I’ve listed here into practice, you need a sober mind. Alcohol, marijuana, and other substances weaken the mind. The weaker your mind the more likely you are to enter or remain in the friend zone.

I stopped using after 14 years of addiction. I love beer, but I don’t drink it every day. Only when it’s time to celebrate does a bottle of beer enter my hand. Or if I’m in the mood to go on a sexual escapade and put work aside for an undetermined period. Those are the moments I work hard for because they don’t come for free.

Sobriety leads you to yourself. You need a clear mind to grow and find yourself. I had to play catch up after quitting my addictions. Don’t do what I did, and if you did, it’s never too late to start down the right path.

My only brother is dead because of addiction. I know what the beast looks like, and it’s ugly.

How to Avoid the Friend Zone

You already know that escaping the friend zone starts with you. I’ll keep this section short and sweet.

Once you get out of the friend zone by putting the tips listed above into action, avoiding the friend zone is a piece of cake.

As I mentioned in the opener, I’ve never been in the friend zone because I’m not programmed that way.

For this reason, I feel like an authority on this subject. You may think I’m cold and emotionless, and you’d be correct to a degree. I’m only human, but I can see right through people and have an extraordinary ability to dissect any situation.

This article is for you.

It’s full of tips that you can start using right now to change your life.

Once you absorb the methods I outlined above, you’ll learn a whole lot more than just how to get out of the friend zone. You’re in it for a reason, and once you view your predicament as a challenge that you can win to make you stronger, you’ll ultimately benefit.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to get out of the friend zone, and it’s up to you to act.

Will you linger in the friend zone and stunt your growth as a man or take action right now? You have all the tools. It’s time to use them.

I did my job by showing you the way and asking for nothing in return. Welcome to 199flags.

What you learned:

  • How to become the dominant man she craves sexually
  • 15 ways to escape the friend zone starting right now
  • How to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit to become the man blueprinted within you
  • Actionable methods to avoid the friend zone in the future

Will you get out of the friend zone?