Best Condom Brands 2024 • My Top Picks After Testing 1000s

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Condoms are an important part of planning for every trip or even in everyday life.  You may be wondering where to buy condoms in bulk?

It’s never fun going to the store and buying them.  At age 31, I don’t mind doing it, but it’s not something I get excited about.

The one exception is when buying them on the fly while with my date.  Then it can be fun.

Problems with Buying Condoms in the Store

  • They are expensive.
  • The need for human interaction
  • The limited brands
  • Buying them in bulk in the store can be awkward.

Nowadays, I only buy them in the store after running out of my initial stock.  I tend to buy a lot before any trip.

Through trial and error, I discovered my two favorite brands.  Men may be wondering where to buy condoms if not at the store?

Where to Buy Condoms Online

The best place to buy condoms is online.  For years, the online route has served me well with no pregnancies.  Compared to prices in the store, online is dirt cheap.

I am currently preparing for a journey through Europe.  I haven’t been there since 2006.

Back in those days, all I wanted to do was enjoy Amsterdam, which was fun in its own right, but those days are long gone.

Western Europe isn’t on my list for this particular journey.

Men can do some browsing online to see if their favorite condoms are for sale or if they want to try other brands.  I’ve seen sampler packs online.

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My Two Favorite Condom Brands

There are two varieties, that in my opinion, are the best latex condoms.

The first one is Durex Performax.  It has a delay lubricant and a pleasant texture.  They are also not too small or big, just the right fit.  These can get expensive in the store.

Another reason these are great is that the delay lubricant isn’t overpowering.  I tend to get excited when I meet a new girl or a virgin.  These condoms are perfect for those situations.

The second condom I like is the Trojan Magnum Bareskin or Thin.  In my experience, this variety is the best overall condom.

The last thing any guy wants to do is run out of condoms while traveling or on vacation.

where to buy condoms best condoms

my current stock

The Magnum Thin is also perfect for the back door.  It can take a long time to enter through the back.  These make it easier not to lose excitement during the process.

An Experience in Amsterdam

My first backdoor virgin was in Amsterdam in 05′.  She was on her period, so I asked if she had ever tried the other way.  I didn’t bother to use a condom.

She was studying abroad from Illinois University.  It was the year they were crushing it in basketball with Dee Brown.

Later that night, my buddy tried to block me, demanding I refrain from any activity in the top bunk.  Of course, I didn’t follow his orders.

I also took her out to the 420 Cafe.  We drank draft Amstel and enjoyed Volcano bags full of Blueberry and Neville’s.  The coolest part was the staff delivered the Volcano bags right to the table.  All I had to do was give them some flowers.

We played pool too.  She was very relaxed that whole night; it was beautiful.

The best part about that cafe was they served beer and greens, which I’m pretty sure isn’t allowed anymore.  That was back when the smart shops were open too, and a man could buy himself some stones.

Going into the Van Gogh Museum while coming up from a full box of stones was one of the most glorious moments of my life.

I was soaring high in a dimension where all it took was the simple beauty of seeing a bird fly by to cause maniacal laughter.

I sat Indian style in Vondelpark with my buddies, and we laughed in 15-30 minute spurts before starting all over again.  This went on for hours or perhaps eternities.

At one point, an English married couple walked behind us.

The wife asked her husband, “What are those boys doing?”

The husband replied, “They’re trippin’.”

His response caused an uproar of laughter.


That’s about it.  Make sure to stock up because it’ll make life better while traveling.

Condoms are so critical to me that I put them in my carry-on.

A funny situation arose in Mexico on my way to Colombia.  The security agent took the fat bag of condoms out of my backpack.  I just looked at her and grinned.


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