Taiwanese Girls Dating Guide 2024 • Enter the “Land Of Legs”

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Ahh, Taiwanese girls, the precious little Asian women who pack a punch.

If you’re in the market for a land where the women are stunning and sweet, then you need to head to Taiwan. The women here are both striking and adorable.

Taiwan women come from what is still a relatively traditional culture. They have this really nice and cute personality.

Since being fat means a whole lot more than we are used to in the West, most of the females are in pristine shape.

Trust me, if you haven’t been before, Taiwan is the place to go for Asian beauties!

The skinny on Taiwanese Girls

Taiwan’s population is a mix of native Taiwanese, who actually are related to Malaysians, early immigrants from Southeastern China, and Han Chinese, who arrived by the boatload after the Chinese Civil War. As you can imagine, this makes for an interesting combination and some beautiful mixes.

I have to confess, I have a preference for East Asian women, which makes me a little biased. Honestly, women in Taiwan are some of the most beautiful in the world.


They are nearly all slim but have a reasonable body shape with definable hips and small waistlines. You won’t find many women with huge chests unless they are fat. If that’s your thing, then you might want to stick to Thailand and lap up those fake mams.

The term LOL has a double meaning in Taiwan. For those in the know, it stands for “Land of Legs.” Women here have UNBELIEVABLE legs. They are soft, smooth (you seldom meet a girl who has ever shaved them), and perfectly shaped.

I’ve always disliked the muscle line that ‘hot’ western chicks have, which is completely absent in Taiwan women.

A buddy of mine, who has lived in Taipei for years, nailed it when he said: “With Taiwan girls, you need to focus on the face because the body is almost certainly going to be perfect.” He was spot on.

Unlike Korea, where around 74% of the women have plastic surgery, in Taiwan, surgery is small scale. Most Taiwanese girls focus on getting their eyes done to make them appear bigger.

Makeup is a BIG deal in Taiwan. A Taiwanese friend of mine joked that Taiwan women spend half of their money on makeup, and honestly, that’s probably true.

What’s great about Taiwanese women is almost all of them have stellar bodies. Their faces might let some men down a bit, however, their cuteness factor makes up for it in spades. 

What’s also great is unlike Korea and Japan, where women seem disinterested in westerners, women in Taiwan dig foreigners.

So you’re in! What’s next?

Well, as with anywhere, in order to clean up, you need to learn the game. To break it down, we have to distinguish the different types of Taiwanese girls. First, there are the conservative, innocent types who will take a lot of work to get. These girls won’t be on Tinder, and they definitely won’t be in the clubs.

Tinder girls in Taiwan will play the innocent card but trust me, they are not. Obviously, there is a spectrum, but I know of some who have met 50 guys off Tinder and counting. Make sure to wrap up in the murkier waters, fellers.

My buddy recently broke into his girl’s phone and found out that she had ranked her long list of hookups in order of preference. To make matters worse, he saw his name halfway down the list! That’s just nasty.

I have a few of my own horror stories and can only say beware of Tinder in Taiwan! That much attention drives them crazy; they are nearly always playing the field.

As far as night game goes, club girls are generally a healthy balance. I met my ex in a club and could tell she played a little before we met. She was faithful after things became serious.

Basically, it’s all about how much attention they get. In the clubs, guys won’t swarm them like online. The key point is to stay away from the girls who are spoiled.

How to Hook Up with Taiwanese Girls

Considering you are here to play the field and not meet her parents before you get her little pink panties off, here are a few tips to help you out.

Tinder in Taiwan

Tinder is the best way to find a hookup that you can meet for a drink. You’ll stand a good chance of getting her back to your place afterward.

As always, use Tinder Plus if you want to have any kind of success.

I’ve had a few girls come straight over after a few weeks worth of texting, but these are the tavern girls who are in the minority. A tip for this is to make sure you get up to date pictures of her from places like Facebook.

My buddy once called me to tell me he scootered all the way over the city, only to find that she was a bit of a letdown. I remember offering my condolences after which he said, “Well, I’m here now” and then hung up.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.10.34 PM

  • Use good pictures that make you look like you have a well-paid job (that’s ingrained in Taiwanese culture).
  • Don’t use corny lines as most girls only have an intermediate level of English at best and won’t understand. 
  • Be nice, guide the conversation with questions and make yourself seem exotic (they love to travel here).
  • When you get a sniff, invite them out for a drink, if they say they don’t like bars or clubs, then hit them with a meal invite.

Tinder vs. Other Asian Online Dating Sites

Tinder will get you the score, but you definitely stand a better chance of getting a hotter and nicer girl off sites like this one or OkCupid.

It’s a numbers game, and there are much fewer guys on OkCupid compared to Tinder.

Tinder in Taiwan is a meat market. A girl who might love you if you had met her in a club won’t give you the time of day on Tinder.

I’ve met a bunch of nice dates using OkCupid, who were way less ‘damaged’ by foreigners than any of the Tinder girls I’ve met.

My last tip is as soon as you hear a girl talk about meeting foreigners and cheating on them, it’s time to dip.

Those girls seem to have a special rule for westerners and are too damaged. They ain’t worth the hassle, trust me.

Are you looking for a serious relationship with a beautiful Taiwanese girl? This site and this one are the ones for you, trust me.

Tinder Date vs. Club Date

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are two examples of ‘dates’ that converted into a score.


I started with my usual ‘Hey’ and then went from there. Next, I asked her a bunch of questions and linked my own experiences to her passions. These included things like travel, living abroad, etc.

I always made her feel pretty, special, and interesting. After ten days of build up, I asked her to go out.

I had mentioned the amazing view from my rooftop in a previous conversation. I suggested we grab a bite to eat, then hit the roof.

Well, we never even made it to the roof. 10 minutes after popping in to show her my apartment, she was naked on my couch.


I work hard in the clubs. There are a few foreigner-friendly bars and clubs in Taiwan where girls go to meet westerners.

One time, I ran around the club most of the night talking to women, then at 4 a.m. with a handful of numbers and plenty of denials, I spotted my buddy talking to a girl.

I said ‘hi’ to her friend, and she took to me. I asked her for her number (never try to get the girl home on the first meet in Taiwan, it’s a no-no unless she’s a tavern girl) and then spent the next afternoon messaging her.

She invited me over, and the rest of the night we were rolling around in bed.

Final thoughts

Taiwanese girls are some of the best in Asia. They are well-mannered, super cute, polite, and fun. They dig foreigners, and though not as easy for the one night stand as places like Thailand, with the right game and dedication, you can definitely get your numbers up in a big way.


If you are new in town, then you should check out the girls in the upmarket clubs around ATT 4 Fun area. Check out Room 18 and a little further afield Omni where the girls are simply stunning.

For a better chance of a successful score, you can head out to ATT 4 Fun on a Wednesday night, which is ladies night or to a foreigner ‘friendly’ club like Roxy Rocker, Korner or Box.

The women typically aren’t as spectacular, but I’ve picked up loads of times in Box. It’s all you can drink, so take care not to get too hammered and blow it.

Enjoy scoring in Taiwan, I know I do.


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