Has Tinder Stooped Too Low with Its Advertising?

Last Updated Aug 8, 2018

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Miss Piggy appeared to show off her Tinder profile while Kermit the Frog sat next to her.  Apparently, they broke up and Kermit has a new girlfriend, Denise.

People are actually reaching enough to write news stories on the topic today.  If you want to read this rubbish click this link to ABC7.

One quote by Miss Piggy was cheesy at best.  Even Donald Trump had his moment.

“Anything that happens to me is going to be front-page news,” Miss piggy said. “I’m kind of like the Donald Trump of love. Everything I do is huuuge.”

The real point is that people are missing how Tinder was slipped in there to the masses.  Blatant advertising of a “hook up” app to probably millions of viewers, including kids.  Watch the Youtube video below to see the skit.

I Wonder How Much Money Tinder Paid for the Advertisement?

Do you think they could have used someone better for the advertisement?  For example, a single celebrity paid off to say he or she uses Tinder.  In reality, no person would want to lower himself to that level.

But wait, there are celebrities using it: click this link, it’s surprising.  Celebrities can verify their statuses as social figures to make it easier to score.

But no one wants to talk about using Tinder.  We all masturbate, but we don’t want to talk about it in public.

Instead, Tinder used Miss Piggy, an icon for children who watch The Muppets.  To think, a child icon representing an app that people use to have sex.  I can see a father now wondering why his daughter dresses so racy and talks like a drunken sailor.

Not only has Tinder taken their advertising campaign too far with this, but mass media passes it over as being comical.  It reminds me of how Hollywood makes death comical.  The ideas that can make it into people’s heads, rather subliminally on TV, have been out of control since before my time.

People Wonder Why There Are Bots on Tinder

I have seen a lot of complaints recently about bots on Tinder.  These complaints mainly stem from America and the UK.  I bet these two places have by far the largest Tinder advertising campaigns.  Where there is exposure, there are scammers.

In Colombia, I have never seen one bot while using Tinder.  Tinder uses the trickle-down effect of advertising to get recognized in other countries.

While I was in the Dominican Republic, a guy told me, “Yeah a lot of people use Tinder now.  The foreigners came here, used it and the locals caught on.”  No wonder the small population of white Dominicans or girls with wealthy families were the only people I ever saw on Tinder.

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Now kids can say, “Hey Miss Piggy uses Tinder, what is that mommy?”

The American culture has become slimy at best.  Each day it gets worse and so does the music.  I wonder what pile of horse manure, driven by paid advertising, they will be spewing out next.


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