Best Cordyceps Supplement • (Ultimate 2024 List & Reviews)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Good evening fellas, I’m feeling a little tired tonight, but I’m going to give you the lowdown on how to save money on a good cordyceps supplement. In this article, I share with you the best cordyceps supplement to buy if you want to avoid being ripped off.

Guys who take incorrect dosages or try to cut corners won’t get the soaring cordyceps high that the guys who do it the right way are experiencing.

The main reason I love cordyceps is that I get a serious energy and libido boost without the hangover.

That’s the qualm I have with chemical substances.

They may work for a few hours or one day, but then I have to pay the price for a minimum of two days.

Before I dive into the article, you can click here to read all about my cordyceps journey and how it’s benefited my life.

I’m not going to explain what cordyceps is in this article.

What to Look for in a Quality Cordyceps Supplement

When you buy cordyceps, the first thing you should do is avoid the bottled products altogether.

If bottled mushrooms are your only option, Real Mushrooms cordyceps are the only brand I recommend.

For those of you who are serious about reaping the benefits of cordyceps, the powder is your best bet.

The best route to take is encapsulating it yourself.

You want to avoid putting it in a smoothie.

I’ve found that taking cordyceps alone on an empty stomach after one meal gives me the most powerful effect.

Whole cordyceps fruiting bodies are what you are looking for.

You also don’t want supplements that contain any fillers or mycelium.

I’ve seen brands attempt to market products with mycelium since people have no clue what it is.

They see the word and think it looks cool.

In reality, mycelium is what gets tossed out after the mushrooms have grown.

Without getting too scientific, the mushrooms suck the nutrients to grow out of the mycelium.

Once the mushrooms have grown, the mycelium gets thrown in the compost.

Why do I know so much? I practiced and studied mycology for over a decade.

My Pick for Best Cordyceps Supplement

There are quite a few cordyceps powder options currently available.

I’m here to tell you which one is the best.

Before I get started, I recommend picking up a capsule filling machine and a bag of capsules. You can use this machine for all your supplements and save a ton of money in the long run. You’ll make your money back with a single bag of cordyceps.

Here’s my top pick:

Real Mushrooms is the most legit powder currently being offered.

What do I like about this powder?

They explicitly say their powder is made from 100% pure mushrooms and contains zero mycelium, grains, starch or other fillers.

This is the exact statement to look for when on the hunt for the best cordyceps supplement.

You also want to buy cordyceps militaris, not cordyceps sinensis.

The mycelium grows on grains and starches, then the mushrooms grow from the mycelium.

You don’t want any grains either.

An Alternate Version

It’s grown by mycologists with three decades of experience in California.

Most of the best mushroom growers in the U.S. live in the Pacific Northwest, although this farm is located in Southern Cal.

I lived in Norcal for over five years and went on plenty of mushroom hunts in the forest.

I also like the dosage they recommend.

They recommend 2 grams per dose.

I typically take three “00” capsules of cordyceps, which equals slightly more than 2 grams.

What’s the problem?

I read the label, and their cordyceps is “mycelial biomass powder cultured on organic oats.”

This is exactly what I mentioned earlier.

Using fancy terms like “mycelial” to make the customer think their product is superior.

Cordyceps fruiting bodies are difficult to grow in a lab or on a farm since it grows from dead insect carcasses in the wild.

Mycelium or “mycelial” is much, much easier to grow than the actual mushrooms.

It’s shady that they used a lesser-known version of the word “mycelium” to describe their powder.

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Mycelium vs. Fruiting Bodies

It is possible to feel the effects of cordyceps by consuming the mycelium, but they won’t be near as potent as the effect the fruiting bodies give.

Most of the suppliers use dubious means to try and hide that their powders aren’t made from fruiting bodies.

They use terms like “whole-plant” without mentioning fruiting bodies.

The brand I recommended is the only powder I’ve seen that’s selling fruiting bodies.

Green Tea and Cordyceps

Cordyceps is often combined with coffee to boost the effect and help it kick in faster.

I rarely drink coffee, but I do drink green tea daily.

I’ve noticed that when I take cordyceps with green tea, I get much better results.

I’m actually drinking it right now and couldn’t imagine writing without it.

My mind is super sharp on green tea and when I combine the effects of cordyceps with green tea, I turn into a machine.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to look for in the best cordyceps supplement, you can avoid falling into the traps companies set for customers.

This lesson should serve as an overall lesson when purchasing any supplement.

Get to know the ingredients before buying a supplement on impulse after reading the purported lofty health benefits.

I fell for that trick a lot when I first started taking supplements over fifteen years ago.

Companies pay big to stay at the front of the advertising line to get those “benefits” in your face, knowing they can sell you on them.

The key takeaway is to make sure you’re buying a cordyceps supplement that is fruiting bodies only without mycelium.