Best Supplement for Stamina in Bed • (Ultimate 2024 Stack)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Are you ready to blow the doors off every sexual performance you’ve EVER had? The best supplement for stamina in bed is not 1, 2, but 3 ingredients that’ll make your partner forget every man who came before you (pun intended). Or if you’re the only man she’s ever been with, she’ll be wondering where you were her whole life.

I call this natural male enhancement formula, “The Energizer Bunny Stack.” The key to getting it right is all about timing. Once you have the ingredients, you have to dial in the timing for the perfect storm of sexual enhancement.

There are several stacks I’ve created over the years to last over an hour in bed or go multiple rounds in a matter of hours.

Earlier this year, I had so much great sex in one day that I could barely walk straight. Afterward, my mind entered a calm euphoric state that reminded me how great life can get.

This is where you’re about to go, and the woman on the other end of your delivery is going to be blown away by your unforgettable performance.

The Best Supplement for Stamina in Bed: A 3-Pronged Approach

I’ve been testing natural supplements including herbs, mushrooms, and vitamins for the past decade. I’m a curious person who likes to push the boundaries.

Through experience, I realized that maximizing stamina in bed requires a 3-pronged approach. In this section, I’ll briefly explain what I mean.

Step #1 – Load Up

The first step is to load up. You need extra juice if you want to stay hard longer in bed and recover faster. Loading up can be done daily, hours before sex, or for several days or weeks before sex.

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Step #2 – Enhance Oxygen Delivery/Utilization

Oxygen and stamina go hand-in-hand. Part of the stack is a supplement that enhances oxygen delivery and optimizes the way your body uses oxygen.

Most guys only focus on blood flow when they seek to increase their stamina in bed. Oxygen delivery is more important when it comes to stamina.

Step #3 – Boost Your Libido

Once your body is prepped, it’s time to get in the mood. This is where the third part of the stack comes into play.

The third part boosts your libido and unleashes the inner beast you’ve been brewing up inside yourself. The whole point is to blow your girl’s mind, and that’s what this stack is built to do.

“The Energizer Bunny Stack” Ingredients

energizer bunny

Now that you know the approach, I’m going to unveil the ingredients to my best supplement for increased stamina in bed. Each step above is linked to one of the ingredients.

#1 Load Up with Zinc

Zinc is essential for male-specific organs to function properly and produce testosterone (*). This is the “food” you need to load up on to increase your stamina in bed. The best way to do it is to supplement with zinc and eat zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, nuts, shellfish, meat, and eggs.

I notice an increase in my load size and the number of rounds I can go when I load up on zinc. Increased stamina requires enough zinc to go the distance.

After the ingredients, I’ll share how to take them for the greatest increase in stamina.

#2 Enhance Oxygen Delivery with Cordyceps

Cordyceps mushrooms improve tolerance to high-intensity exercises (*), and what’s more high-intensity than sex? Nothing (at least in my world). Cordyceps maximizes oxygen delivery throughout the body to boost stamina and blood flow.

When I get a good cordyceps rush, I notice that I’m breathing more deeply without extra effort. Cordyceps is the best natural supplement I’ve ever taken to boost both mental and physical performance.

Researchers found that three weeks of cordyceps supplementation improved oxygen utilization and blood flow by increasing vasodilation and metabolic efficiency. In my experience with cordyceps, it requires several weeks of supplementation for your body to become accustomed to it.

Once your body “figures it out,” it’s possible to take it hours before engaging in sexual intercourse or for several days leading up to it.

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#3 Boost Libido with Horny Goat Weed

The final step is to get hungry. No natural supplement boosts my libido more than horny goat weed. A good horny goat weed rush can last for days. I take cordyceps a few times a week to boost my energy and work production. It also boosts my libido, but not like horny goat weed.

I don’t dare take horny goat weed unless I know I’m about to have sex. Strangely enough, horny goat weed doesn’t work well on its own for me. It does boost my libido, however, it’s best used in the male performance enhancement stacks/blends I’ve created over the years.

A lot of men refer to horny goat weed as “Herbal Viagra.” I wouldn’t go that far. It does do a great job of boosting the male libido, but cordyceps does a better job of boosting erection quality, which is the real key to more stamina in bed.

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When done correctly, this natural 3-pronged approach – “The Energizer Bunny Stack” – is the closest you’ll get to a stack that includes Viagra or Cialis.

How to Take the Best Supplement for Stamina

#1 The Loading Phase

The first step is the loading phase. The loading phase includes zinc and cordyceps. The zinc I take is a high dosage. For the first week, one tablet a day is good. After that, reduce to one tablet every 2-3 days or on the days you plan to have sex.

As for cordyceps, it’s best to follow the instructions on the bottle or my preferred cordyceps dosage. Take cordyceps daily for three weeks.

After the loading phase, it’s better to cycle it or take it 1-2 times per week on the days you want to boost your stamina. I minimize my intake to avoid building up a tolerance.

Horny goat weed doesn’t require a loading phase. It’s best taken a few hours before you engage in sex.

However, a good plan is to find the dosage that works best for you by testing it beforehand. Once you know your dosage, that’s how much you’ll take on the days you want to increase your stamina.

#2 The Day You Want to Increase Your Stamina in Bed

Cordyceps can take a while to kick in, and I usually feel the effects for a full day or more. What I’ve switched to doing is taking it before bed the night before I want to feel the effects. This method has treated me quite well.

The steps:

  1. Take cordyceps before bed the night before you want to boost your stamina in bed
  2. On the day you want to boost, take zinc in the morning on an empty stomach after breakfast (I once became nauseous after taking zinc first thing in the morning with green tea before breakfast)
  3. Take horny goat weed 2 hours or more before you plan to have sex

Those are the steps to get the most powerful effect. If you time it well, and you’ve already completed your loading phase, expect BIG things between the sheets.

This stack enhances my life on more levels than just stamina. I get more adventurous and creative when my libido gets boosted to this degree.

Long gone are the days of boring monotonous sex with this stack in your arsenal!

Final Thoughts

Now you know the best supplement for stamina in bed and how to take it. “The Energizer Bunny Stack” is the real deal and works wonders when taken correctly.

The best part is the effects last much longer than one day. Once you unlock the power of this stack, you’ll refine the dosages and timing to make it work the best for you.