The Best Tongkat Ali Supplement Brands • (2024 Reviews)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Where to buy Tongkat Ali root extract for the best price? In this article, I answer that question plus share the best Tongkat Ali supplements I’ve used with success over the years. Tongkat Ali aka Longjack or Eurycoma Longifolia is a flowering shrub native to Indochina that’s roots pack a serious punch.

Men use it for a wide variety of reasons, including to boost testosterone and reverse or treat erectile dysfunction. The reason I began using it was to combat sexual exhaustion and enhance my performance between the sheets.

Little did I know that I would end up liking this fiercely bitter-tasting herb for a lot more than just a boost in the bedroom.

Where to Buy the Best Tongkat Ali Supplements

The first time I bought it, I searched online after having no luck finding it on a site I had used to buy herbs before I moved abroad. The trouble is there’s a ton of different Tongkat Ali supplement brands to choose from and two popular potencies.

Some men swear by the 200:1 extract ratio, while I’ve had success using both the 100:1 extract and 200:1. If one thing is for sure, Tongkat Ali must be taken in extract form.

Also, it must be taken in capsules or make your own capsules because the taste is bitter. I love bitter flavors and can usually handle even the most bitter tastes, but Tongkat Ali powder is too potent to eat raw even for me.

I recommend buying Indonesian Longjack from a reputable company. The best Tongkat Ali supplement I’ve used is the Indonesian 100:1 ratio version below, although, the directions offered by the company are crap.

This powder is available directly from the manufacturer in several sizes.

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali Capsules

You might consider buying Tongkat Ali capsules to avoid the bitter flavor or hassle of making your own capsules. A lot of men who buy the powder skip over making their own capsules and attempt to mask the flavor in creative ways.

My thought is why do that when you have the option to swallow capsules and skip that horrid bitter flavor altogether? The Tongkat Ali aroma is actually kind of pleasant, unlike the flavor. This stuff in its extract form is not meant to touch a human being’s tastebuds.

Stick with encapsulating the powder from Bulk Supplements.

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Tongkat Ali Supplements to Avoid

Longjack is a relatively inexpensive herb, even in its 200:1 extract form. Beware of companies who are overcharging for it or claim that only they sell a specific version.

Tongkat is readily available in Asia. Oftentimes, supplement companies make elevated claims once an Asian herb or supplement that’s been around for decades or even centuries gets introduced to the western world.

I trust the Bulk Supplements brand because they don’t overcharge or make far-fetched health benefit claims. They put out quality products consistently for affordable prices.

Aside from avoiding shady marketing, it’s best to buy a pure Tongkat Ali supplement from Indonesia as opposed to a “complex” version. I noticed that one company mixes Longjack with Tribulus and sells it as a complex. Personally, I would avoid this brand.

I’m a believer in Tribulus Terrestris benefits from experimenting with it, but I’m not a fan of herbal complexes or proprietary blends because they make it difficult to get an adequate dose of each herb.

On top of that, it’s tricky to experiment with complex blends since it’s impossible to know how each herb affects you unless you take one at a time.

Should you buy Tongkat Ali at GNC?

There’s no reason to overpay for a common herb when there are more affordable and superior options available online.

Overall, I recommend sticking with the Bulk Supplements version above because I’ve only had good experiences with their herbs (including their Tongkat), and they offer the best prices for male enhancement herbs that I’ve found.

Further Reading

I wrote a previous article outlining the best Tongkat Ali dosage for a testosterone boost. It explains exactly how I take it to get the best effect, the benefits of taking it, a scientific study, and other additional bits of information you may want to check out before you start taking Longjack.

Overall, Tongkat is one of my favorite herbs that work to enhance my physical performance. It’s also one of the most powerful herbs I’ve ever experimented with, and I’ve tried a lot of them. I prefer it over Tribulus, Yohimbe, and Korean red ginseng.

Bottom Line

Where to buy the best Tongkat Ali supplements? The final answer is Bulk Supplements. They offer the best prices and are the preferred option over GNC.

It’s best to steer clear of proprietary blends and complexes to get an accurate idea of how Tongkat Ali affects you.

Remember that it’s a bitter herb. I don’t recommend trying to force it down when you have the option to take capsules instead.

Is there a real difference between the Tongkat Ali 100:1 and 200:1 extracts? I noticed no difference and had the best experience with the 100:1 extract version sold by Bulk Supplements.

If you choose Bulk Supplements, follow my dosage guide because the dosage Bulk Supplements recommends is too small for most men.


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