Redwood Supplement Review 2024 • Do These Pills Work?

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Increased blood flow to the “extremities” is the name of the game as far as natural ED treatment goes. Is it possible to promote blood flow with plant-based pills? That’s what you’re about to find out in my Redwood supplement review.

Redwood pills are a plant-based supplement that promises to provide circulatory support and a bevy of other health benefits that all men would welcome with open arms.

The main question we’ll focus on answering is: Does the Redwood supplement really work?

In this review, we’ll explore:

  • Redwood supplement ingredients
  • Current Redwood supplement reviews
  • Potential side effects
  • It’s effectiveness as a natural ED treatment
  • Where to buy the Redwood supplement
  • My review and overall score
Supplement Ingredients
Redwood Plant-Based Supplement
  • Vitamin C (1000mg)
  • Garlic Powder (300mg)
  • Horse Chestnut Extract (250mg)
  • Casein Hydrolysate (125mg)
  • Pine Bark Extract (100mg)
  •  60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee 

Redwood Potential Health Benefits

  • Boost overall circulatory health
  • Visibly reduce unsightly varicose veins
  • Boost nitric oxide and blood flow to the extremities (this is where the ED benefits lie)
  • Help build muscle and make workouts more productive
  • Normalize blood pressure

Current Redwood Supplement Reviews

Before we dive deeper into my review, let’s see what people are saying about this “wonder” supplement. Does it really work or is your money best spent elsewhere?

Here’s what I concluded after reading through the current Redwood supplement reviews:

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The Bad

  • You may be one of the unlucky contestants who find no benefits with this product. As is the case with all plant-based supplements, some people feel the effects while others do not. It’s up to you whether you feel it’s worth the price to give it a try.
  • There appears to be a quality control issue with people receiving partially full capsules or capsules that are completely empty.
  • You find may that the odorless garlic isn’t actually odorless, which leads to it repeating on you later.
  • Several reports indicated no change in blood pressure after taking a full bottle of Redwood pills.
  • The quality of the Vitamin C in this supplement might be questionable, especially considering that the company, UMZU, simply lists “Vitamin C” on the label. According to UMZU customer service, their Vitamin C is a synthetic corn-based form. Click Here to check out the Vitamin C brand I’ve taken for years with fantastic results.
  • You may not experience a significant increase in energy.
  • There’s insufficient anecdotal evidence to support the advertised varicose vein benefit.

The Good

  • If you’re one of the lucky contestants who feel the positive effects, you may experience increased alertness, overall feelings of well-being, a positive mood, and an energy boost.
  • You may experience the advertised benefit of lowered blood pressure, which may also help calm anxiety symptoms.
  • One exciting benefit could be waking up with more energy in the morning.
  • Strength and endurance gains after taking Redwood pills as a pre-workout supplement could be the real deal.
  • If you’re over 50, you may find that the Redwood supplement enhances your performance in the gym.
  • There are certainly enough positive reports to conclude that Redwood is working for roughly 50% of users.

Side Effects

Does the Redwood supplement come with nasty side effects? I investigated user reports, and here are the side effects I discovered:

  • Heartburn
  • Headaches
  • Garlic burps and belching
  • General illness

Redwood as a natural ED supplement?

There are far from enough reports to say that Redwood is an effective natural supplement for ED. I have a lot of experience with natural ED and male enhancement supplements.

The key ingredient in the Redwood supplement, casein hydrolysate, does show promise as an effective natural treatment for high blood pressure in mildly hypertensive subjects, according to one study.

The study also found that the positive effect on blood pressure in mildly hypertensive subjects sustained for two weeks after supplementation stopped.

The main ingredient in Redwood that could help reverse ED symptoms is pine bark extract. The study (*) Redwood provides on its site involves subjects who supplemented with pine bark extract and L-arginine to boost endogenous nitric oxide.

Once the subjects began taking pine bark extract (pycnogenol) with L-arginine, most subjects experienced restored sexual function.

Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) may be an effective nitric oxide booster and natural ED treatment when taken with the semi-essential amino acid L-arginine. However, scientific data for L-arginine is not all positive.
One L-arginine study (*) found that L-arginine does not stimulate nitric oxide production. Considering the Redwood Supplement does not contain L-arginine to complement the pine bark extract in the formula, there’s insufficient scientific evidence suggesting that Redwood pills are an effective natural ED treatment.

Where to Buy the Redwood Supplement

Redwood pills are currently available through online suppliers with the option to subscribe.

My Review

Now it’s time for my Redwood supplement review. Is this stuff really worth it? Or are there better supplements out there? I broke my review into the points below:

  • There appears to be a lot of hype around this product, which usually equals a highly effective marketing plan with lackluster user reports. This type of product reminds me of Nugenix, a product I previously reviewed. It’s important to be cautious with this type of product and temper your expectations before you buy.
  • The positive Redwood supplement reviews do appear authentic to me, at least most of them. People who are over 50 seem to be reaping the most benefits from this supplement. There are enough reports of lowered blood pressure to say that it does work for some people. Also, the study I cited above showed promise for lowering blood pressure in mildly hypertensive subjects.
  • Are there better natural ED supplements? That’s a big YES! A great place to start is my cordyceps review or Tongkat Ali review for far superior all-natural options. I’ve put in the research to find encouraging scientific studies and have thoroughly tested cordyceps and Tongkat Ali myself.
  • The questionable quality of the ingredients is one of the biggest turnoffs in my opinion. I’d rather steer clear of corn-based synthetic Vitamin C. I also prefer to make my own capsules and buy high-quality powders from reputable companies that don’t use sketchy marketing tactics to sell their products. Over the years, I’ve learned that top-notch quality is harder to find because honest people don’t dump a lot of money into marketing.
  • A lot of “The Science” UZMU provides on its site is sound, however, it focuses on all the positive studies instead of pointing out the negative studies. Typically, scientific results are mixed for natural supplements, and no one is running to dump their money into studying a natural supplement that won’t fill their back account later. Take the science provided by UZMU with a grain of salt.
  • Several of the side effects reported by users lined up with the mild side effects subjects experienced in the casein hydrolysate study.

Final Score: 3/10

 The several points I awarded Redwood pills are based on positive user reports and the limited scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of this supplement. 

Bottom Line

How good is the Redwood supplement? Overall, I’m not a fan, and I wouldn’t buy this product. The small dosages and questionable quality of most of the ingredients are dealbreakers for me.

Before I buy any supplement, I look at the ingredients first. This gives me a better idea of what I’m working with than an advertisement designed to sell me far-fetched health claims.

As I mentioned earlier, it appears that UZMU knows how to market a product. No matter what they put in the bottle, it will sell because quality marketing angles will always work.

Lastly, there’s nothing special in this supplement that the world hasn’t seen before. Pine bark extract, horse chestnut extract, Vitamin C, and garlic extract are all readily available at a fraction of the price.

Why not get a more effective Vitamin C supplement for much less and eat more raw garlic? As for casein hydrolysate, the results of the study cited in this article are promising, but not enough to make this supplement worth the high price tag.

Proceed with caution on this one.