Tribulus Terrestris Supplement Review 2024 (100% Unbiased)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

In the bodybuilding supplement world, there’s a ton of shady activity. It’s hard to know for sure what works and what doesn’t. In my Tribulus Terrestris review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this herb before you try it.

Why should you trust me? I’ve sampled and tested more male enhancement herbs and libido boosters than most men on the planet. Over the past ten years, I’ve figured out what herbs provide real benefits and which ones are duds.

In my experience, most of them work, and it depends where you buy them and how you take them.

In my review, we’ll check out the benefits of Tribulus, where to buy it, the best Tribulus, my dosage guide, and my experience with this herb.

Let’s start with a list of benefits.

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits

In most cases with herbs, there are limited human studies since no one is emptying their pockets to research a natural herb that won’t pay them back down the line.

What I’ve found is the best way to discover the benefits of an herb is to try it yourself. Before we get to that part, here’s what the research says:

  • Blood sugar control and lower cholesterol in people with diabetes (human study)
  • Erectile dysfunction remedy (human study)
  • Libido booster for men and women (human study)
  • Diuretic properties for increased urine production (human study)
  • Improve kidney health and flush kidney stones (animal study)
  • Immune boosting (animal study)
  • Anti-inflammatory (test-tube study)
  • Pain relief (animal study)
  • Anti-cancer effect (test-tube study)

Does Tribulus Terrestris boost testosterone?

A lot of people want to know if Tribulus Terrestris boosts testosterone and if it’s good for bodybuilding. It’s one of the many herbs that’s suddenly appeared in bodybuilding “testosterone boosting” supplements.

I’ll tell you upfront that these proprietary blends are a waste of money in most cases.

Tribulus Terrestris requires a larger dosage than most herbs to feel the effects, and the bit of powder in a proprietary blend won’t get the job done.

Furthermore, Tribulus Terrestris doesn’t boost testosterone in humans.

So what’s the deal? Why are bodybuilding supplement companies claiming that it boosts T?

There are animal studies with more promising results.

However, in human studies, the researchers found no significant testosterone boost in both healthy men and women who took Tribulus.

There are superior supplements for boosting testosterone and vitality that I list in the better alternatives section below.

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My Tribulus Terrestris Supplement Review

Does Tribulus Terrestris boost the male libido? Yes, it does.

This is the reason I take it. It’s a great addition to my natural male enhancement rotation of herbs, mushrooms, and vitamins.

Is it my favorite of the bunch? No.

Does it fit in nicely to help me avoid building a tolerance to my libido boosters? Yes.

Tip: One of the most important points to remember is that almost all-natural male enhancement herbs shouldn’t be taken every day, or you’ll build a tolerance. For this reason, I recommend cycling herbs every 3-5 days.

What Tribulus Terrestris benefits do I experience?

Here’s what I’ve noticed when I take Tribulus:

  • Harder Erections
  • Increased libido and desire to meet women
  • Quicker recovery after sex
  • Energy Boost
  • Improved Mood
  • Better performance and more motivation in the gym

How I take Tribulus

To maximize the effect of this herb, here’s how I take it:

  • I eat at least one meal with healthy fats before taking it
  • Wait at least 45 minutes after eating to take it
  • Take it with a caffeinated beverage such as green tea to boost the effect
  • Take it at least one hour before sexual intercourse or going to the gym
  • Sometimes I take it after the gym or a 2nd or 3rd time in a single day to maintain the effect for a full 24 hours or more
The last step is how I’m able to cycle my libido boosters for weeks or even months at a time without any of them losing effectiveness, all the while reaping the benefits around the clock.

It’s incredibly fun, and I don’t have to worry about my health or taking any meds when I stop taking my libido boosters since they’re all natural.

The comedowns have been minimal in my experience. I just go back to feeling normal.

Tribulus Terrestris Dosage Guide

I always like to start with two “00” capsules of any herb. This dosage is larger than what you get when you take a proprietary blend containing Tribulus or capsulized versions with fillers.

Why do I do it this way?

Because I can always take more, not less. By starting with two capsules, I can take 1-2 capsules more every couple of hours until I achieve the desired result.

In my experience, my body needs to “figure out” how to use an herb before it starts to work.

I’ve had to take certain herbs several times before feeling the effect. Once my body figures out the herb, I often lower the dosage to get the full effect.

The best way to take and test Tribulus for the best price is to make your own capsules.

This machine and empty capsules are the best way to get the job done.

You save money, you get more room to experiment, and you get a ton more capsules when you make your own. I stopped buying capsulized supplements many moons ago.


  • Start with two “00” capsules
  • Take 1-2 more every couple of hours until you notice an effect
  • Once you notice the effect, stop taking capsules
  • Don’t overdo it or you could upset your stomach

Consult a medical professional if you’re unsure about taking Tribulus. While minimal side effects have been reported – even with larger dosages – I’m not a doctor and take no responsibility for your actions or experience with Tribulus. Please read my disclaimer.

Where to Buy the Best Tribulus Terrestris

What is the best Tribulus available? First off, Tribulus is an inexpensive herb so don’t overpay for it.

You can pick up a bag of powder by clicking here for a very affordable price.

If you like to shop at iHerb, here’s a second option.

I recommend steering clear of extracts or bottled products that claim Tribulus will boost your testosterone since there are no human studies to prove that claim.

There are only a few instances where I take an extract version of an herb instead of the whole form. For example, with Tongkat Ali, it’s best to take the extract.

Better Alternatives for Bodybuilders

Tribulus Terrestris Supplement Review bodybuilding

I think it’s important to have the right expectations when taking any herb to “boost your testosterone” or build muscle.

I’ve tried a long list of herbs, and NO herb will make you look like a guy who’s juicing.

What happens is supplement companies pay a guy who’s juiced to promote their products, then men believe that Tribulus will turn them into the Incredible Hulk.

Every single time, these men aren’t satisfied with the results because they had too high of expectations.

Having said that, there are better options to supplement your bodybuilding routine and boost your energy in the gym.

I’ve gone from 133lbs to 166lbs twice in my adult life and taken the following herbs and vitamins to boost my performance:

Those are some of the herbs I prefer over Tribulus.

Keep in mind, I pack on mass by doing complex/bodyweight exercises, no partying, lots of sleep, sprints, eating a ton of the right food throughout the day, and taking my favorite mass gainer.

That one works quite well for me. I didn’t have much success with this brand that’s a lot more popular.

Herbs are only part of the equation…

I work hard and dedicate myself to bodybuilding when I want to get in shape. My metabolism is fast and my body is naturally skinny. I’ve always been a hard gainer.

Having said that, I don’t pack on muscle to meet more girls or perform better in the bedroom. I have more success with women when I’m not going to the gym since I have more time/energy to meet them.

That’s where herbal libido boosters such as Tribulus shine, not the weight room.

No herb is going to magically give you a jacked appearance. Only juice or hard work in the gym will get you there.

You can also take this route to see if it works for you.

Final Thoughts

Use caution when shopping for Tribulus Terrestris online or in the supplement shop because there’s insufficient scientific evidence proving it’s a test booster.

If you’re using it to boost your libido or improve a case of erectile dysfunction, it’s great to have in a cycling regimen.

The keyword there is a “cycling regimen.”

There are better options for improving sexual performance, performance in the gym, and increasing overall vitality.

My first choice is Cordyceps. I love the stuff and have been using it for close to a decade. Click here for an affordable option to get started.

Tribulus does work for me. I take it to avoid building up tolerances to my main herbs such as Cordyceps, horny goat weed, and Longjack.

It’s best to see how you feel when you take Tribulus because herbs affect people differently. You must also allow your body to “figure out” the herb before you feel the full effect.

That’s why making your own capsules and buying powders without fillers is the way to go. Without experimenting, you’ll never unlock the true power of an herb.

What did you think of my Tribulus Terrestris supplement review? How was your experience with this herb?