Top 5 Legitimate International Dating Sites – (2024 Reviews)

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Welcome to my guide to choosing the best international dating sites for marriage and serious relationships. In this no-nonsense guide, I share only legitimate international dating websites that’ll help you achieve your dream of connecting with an exotic woman

For the past 7 years, I’ve lived in the Caribbean, South America, Eastern Europe, and most of Southeast Asia. Living in countries across the world has taught me a great deal about how to meet and attract foreign women.

Most importantly, I’ve learned which international dating sites work and which ones are bogus. Below, I share the top 5 websites for meeting foreign women for serious relationships and marriage, along with bonus online dating tips.

My aim is to help you find your dream woman and lead you to the best site(s) to achieve your goals.

The 5 Best International Dating Sites

#1 The Best Worldwide Dating Site

Let’s start with the site with members from all over the world. This site is best for men who are unsure where they want to find for their mate and are open to meeting women of all races.

The women who use all of the sites included in this guide are looking for serious relationships and marriage. The sites also implement security measures to keep out scam artists and fake profiles.

After the 5 sites, I’ll go into greater detail in the online dating guide section.

Click Here for the best worldwide dating site for men who are seeking foreign brides and girlfriends.

Now, let’s move onto more continent-specific sites with single female members from groups of countries.

#2 The Best Asian Dating Site for Serious Relationships

beautiful asian woman

Over the past 5 years, I’ve spent the greater part of my time living in Southeast Asia, from the Philippines to Thailand and everywhere in between. Asian women are very open to meeting foreign men for marriage, and I highly recommend you give Asia a serious look in your search to find a foreign bride.

In my experience, Asian women are dedicated to their husbands and boyfriends. Once you commit to her, she’ll do everything in her power to make you feel loved and wanted. Most Asian women I’ve met aren’t looking for money or material possessions.

All they want is a loyal man who will stay committed and be sweet. If you’re shy and prefer women with a gentle nature, your dream girl could very well be Asian.

Click Here to sign up for free to the top Asian dating site for foreigners that I recommend.

#3 The Best Site to Meet African Singles

pretty african woman

African women are gorgeous and open to meeting foreign husbands and boyfriends. More and more men are safely traveling to Africa, as the continent progresses, to meet African women for serious relationships.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting African women from Nigeria and South Africa during my travels, and they impressed me on several levels. The best way to meet African women is online, although you must do it safely and avoid the scammers that are out to dupe foreigners.

By using the site I link to below, you give yourself the best chance of having a safe online dating experience. The main reason I recommend chatting with African women is the advantage of knowing the woman you want to meet before you arrive in Africa.

You only live once, you might as well enjoy the beauty Africa has to offer. Just think of how romantic it could be to meet your African queen in her home country.

Click Here for the African dating site I recommend for foreign men seeking single African women.

#4 The Best Caribbean Dating Site

pretty Caribbean girl

Is your Rihanna waiting for you in the Caribbean? The Caribbean is home to some of the most exotically beautiful women in the world. On top of that, the Caribbean is awesome! I’d love for my wife to be from there to give me the perfect reason to live or visit there as often as possible.

The Caribbean country I’ve spent the most time in is the Dominican Republic, and the chance to date Dominican women was one of the greatest privileges I’ve ever had. Who knows, if I had been at a different point in my life, I could be married to the Dominican girl I dated.

You may want to check out a different country in the Caribbean, and this site gives you the best opportunity to meet women throughout the Caribbean. If you’re American like me, you already know how cheap it is to fly to the Caribbean.

Click Here to sign up free for the top Caribbean dating site.

#5 The Best Site for Latin Dating

beautiful latina

The final site is best for single men who are seeking Latina brides and girlfriends. Spanish and Portuguese-speaking women throughout South America – including Colombia and Brazil – are searching for foreign husbands on this site.

In general, South America is one of my favorite places in the world. A big part of the reason why is the strikingly gorgeous Latin women who defy gravity like no other.

You may have to wear a neck brace after a trip to South America because your head will be on a swivel for all the right reasons.

I spent a good part of my time abroad in Colombia. I loved it so much that it’s one of the top countries on my list of potential places to someday settle down and marry.

The femininity of Latin women reminds me of Asian women, yet with more fire. If this sounds like your type of woman, you should definitely give Latin dating a shot.

Click Here for the top Latin dating site for single men looking for Latina brides and girlfriends.

The 199 Guide to Being Successful on International Dating Sites

I’m going to share several tips that I’ve picked up over the years that’ll give you the best chance of finding your dream bride or girlfriend on the international dating sites listed above.

How to Message & Approach Women Online

One of the key tips is to be yourself. Keep in mind, the competition level on these sites is a lot lower than you’ll find on Tinder or other free dating sites and apps.

There’s no need to send women fancy opening lines or craft the perfect opening message for each woman who interests you. The women using these international dating websites are looking for serious relationships, and they appreciate honesty above all else.

Keep your opening messages simple. Women are looking for men who are sincere, kind, and serious about meeting a foreign bride. Also, a lot of women using these sites don’t speak perfect English.

When you use a corny pickup line or send a long-winded message, there’s a good chance she won’t understand. Keep it simple: “Hello, good afternoon, it’s nice to meet you here.”

Online Dating Safety Tips

If you decide to use sites not mentioned in this guide, be extra, extra careful. There are a lot of scam sites promising easy, quick marriage. These aren’t the types of sites you want to be using.

The sites included in this guide will lead to a more organic experience than sites that are essentially selling you a foreign wife. If you still have some gas left in the tank, it’s worth putting in the extra effort to get to know a woman with substance before you commit to marriage.

A Russian mail-order bride may sound awesome at first until the reality of the situation seeps in, and there’s no turning back. Sure, some men may find success taking that route, but why make that dice roll if you have enough time and energy to find your perfect match?

Beware of sites that:

  • have popups on the homepage with women who are interested in you before you’ve even had the chance to sign up
  • look like someone built the site in the ’90s
  • promise a perfect marriage with a girl of your choice
  • ask for money in exchange for their “services”
  • look suspicious in the least
  • implement zero security checks for members such as identity verification

NEVER send money to women using international dating sites before you meet!

Video Chatting

The final tip in this brief guide concerns video chatting. Once you connect with a woman and are sincerely interested in meeting her, it’s always a good idea to schedule a video chat.

One of the key lessons I’ve learned during my years of dating internationally is how critical a video chat is before traveling to meet a girl. It’s vital to see what she looks like in a video chat, especially with all the free photo editing apps available these days.

Video chatting also gives you a better way to connect. You’ll have a deeper connection and a better idea of her mannerisms before you meet her in person. Plus, you verify that she is who she says she is.

This tip may seem trivial, but a lot of men get lost in the excitement of meeting women abroad which inhibits their ability to think sensibly. Trust me, I’ve had more than my fair share of learning experiences over the past 5 years.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the best international dating sites. Whether you’re looking for marriage or a foreign girlfriend, these are the sites to use. Women from all over the world are using these sites, and they’re looking for men like you.

You’ll be surprised by the reception you receive from beautiful exotic women. Who knows, you may be saying to yourself after you meet your perfect match, That guy who wrote that article actually knew what he was talking about…


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