Steer Clear of Pinay Sex Site Scams and Do This Instead

Last Updated Apr 3, 2019

The Philippines is a great foreigner-friendly country. However, it can become a dangerous place in a hurry for men who fall into the tourist traps. One of these traps is the Pinay sex site scam.

Before endeavoring to meet and date beautiful Pinays, you should ensure you are taking the correct path.

Any Philippines dating site that is offering sex is a scam.

Meeting the girls on these scam sites can lead to major trouble in obscure places on the map.

Foreigners are often tricked into entering a hotel room with a Pinay, then feeling the wrath of the cops busting in to extort them.

Trust me, I’ve spent years in the Philippines and have seen what goes down.

The key to staying safe and meeting the wholesome Filipinas before your arrival is to use the best online dating sites.

Is the Philippines an adult playground?

The short answer to this question is a resounding YES!

Men from all over the world travel to the Philippines to engage in sex tourism at places like Burgos Street in Manila.

A lot of men go straight to Malate, where working women are easy pickings.

It’s heaven on Earth for guys who seek pros since the prices are much lower than in the U.S. or other First World countries.

If your goal is pick up pros in Manila don’t waste your time searching for a Pinay sex site ahead of your arrival.

You’ll have no problem finding what you are looking for once you are on the ground.

Just make sure to steer clear of the massive number of ladyboys if you’re not into them.

An Example of a Filipino Scheme

I dated a Pinay with big naturals, and she was out one night with her cousin when a Korean guy grabbed her chest.

Her cousin became angry and told the cops.

The Korean guy ended up paying them and the cops over a thousand U.S. dollars to stay out of trouble.

These are the types of schemes happening every night throughout the Philippines.

It’s one of the main reasons I choose to refrain from the nightlife because I tend to get out of control when I start drinking.

Guys who can keep it together while getting trashed should have a better chance of avoiding the scams, but there is no guarantee.

Once you get targeted, that’s it.

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How to Avoid the Scams

I prefer online dating in the Philippines because it keeps me away from all the crazy shenanigans going down every night in major cities.

Manila and Cebu are where most sex tourists congregate.

Of all the places I’ve been in the Philippines, Cebu was by far the filthiest I’ve seen as far as sex tourism goes.

Click here to check out my guide on how to meet normal Pinays in Cebu who aren’t out to get your money.

Cebuanas are very beautiful Asian women, but their cutthroat nature is a sight to behold.

There are currently two main dating sites in the Philippines that are safe to use to meet normal women.

The Best Philippines Dating Sites

For those men who are looking for a serious relationship with a Pinay or marriage, the hands-down best site is Filipino Cupid.

Cupid used to be great for both serious relationships and hookups, but the Pinays have been asked for sex so many times that they’re very aware why some guys are using the site.

hot pinay

This doesn’t mean a hookup is impossible.

As long as you take the right approach and act like a gentleman, the women will be very receptive to your advances.

The beauty of Cupid is you can search for women throughout the Philippines.

Considering how flooded Manila is with foreigners these days, competition is higher than ever before.

Second and third-tier cities are where the real gold is since most men aren’t willing to venture outside the major cities.

You’ll be amazed by how sweet the Pinays are once you get outside of Manila or Cebu.

Manila girls are so spoiled these days that men who don’t have thick skin will get eaten alive by their tests.

Just a few years ago, men had the upper hand, but now the tables have turned.

Click here to sign up for Filipino Cupid and get the ball rolling with real Pinays who aren’t out to take advantage of you.

With just a bit of patience, you can have a lot of fun in the Philippines.

Don’t fall for the instant gratification being offered by bogus Pinay sex sites that employ well-developed techniques to scam foreigners.

Does Tinder still work in the Philippines?

Men who have little online dating experience may find Tinder difficult to use in major Filipino cities, particularly Manila.

Both Manila and Bangkok have become Tinder hotspots.

Men with Tinder Plus accounts who aren’t in the Philippines switch their location to Manila which increases the competition dramatically.

Then you’ll have to deal with the men who are actually there.

This past year in Manila I saw more foreigners walking around Makati than local Filipinos.

The first time I traveled to Makati in 2014, I barely saw any foreigners, and the ones who were there were mostly older men.

Now the place is littered with guys from all over the world in their 20s and 30s.

The Philippines loves foreigners because the government capitalizes on longer stays with their visa system.

Temporary visitors can stay for years as long as they pay the visa stamp fee.

For this reason, I recommend sticking to Cupid and aiming for girls outside of Manila.

The problem with using Tinder outside of major cities is not as many girls are using it.

You’ll need to do extra work to research the cities and have a Tinder Plus account.

Cupid lists the girl’s location right next to her profile picture.

My Story

The first time I traveled to the Philippines, I let the women I met on Cupid guide a portion of my travels.

sexy Filipina

It’s awesome to meet a girl online, do a few Skype calls, then travel to a lesser-known spot in the Philippines with a girl waiting on you there as a guide.

That’s the best way to get a true taste of the mystique of Filipino women.

Manila is quickly becoming more westernized, and Cebu is a sex tourism circus for the most part.

I met a guy in Manila who was happier than a pig in you know what.

He married a Pinay in Bohol and was living for dirt cheap with no worries in his life.

You can’t put a price tag on that.

Final Thoughts

Don’t fall into the Pinay sex site trap.

Do it the right way and click here to sign up for Cupid right now.

Talk to women outside of Manila and Cebu.

The women living outside of the major cities aren’t getting hit up by hundreds or even thousands of guys every day.

Plus, there are A LOT fewer men on Cupid, which instantly boosts your chances of finding a hot Pinay to date.

You’ll be surprised by the looks of the women who are willing to meet and talk to you when you switch your search settings to the lesser-known cities.

If Manila is your destination, you’ll do much better staying in Makati instead of BGC.

Click here or here for the best places to stay in Makati.

If you choose to travel to Cebu, click here for a reliable hotel that will allow you to have women as guests.

Last but not least, here’s the best budget hotel in Cebu.

Cheers and best of luck!