Truly Filipina Dating Site Review: How Legit Is It for Foreign Men?

Last Updated May 6, 2022

Online dating in the Philippines is as popular as Instagram in a sorority house. No matter who you are, there are single Filipinos/Filipinas for you to meet online. In this article, I share my Truly Filipina dating site review and answer the questions: How legit is this dating site? Should it be on your radar?

Over the past five years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time dating in the Philippines. From serious girlfriends to casual dates, it went down. Was the experience worth it? One word, yes.

I know that a lot of foreign men are eager to meet Filipinas online. I also know that there are a lot of scam sites eager to dupe men out of their money. You’re about to find out if I give TrulyFilipina the green light.

In this review, we’ll briefly go over the Truly Filipina sign-up process, check out the features, current members, and messaging before I give my final verdict.

My First Impressions

When I land on TrulyFilipina’s homepage, I’m not bombarded by random messages from women, which is a clear indicator that I’m not on a scam site.

Truly Filipina’s homepage is modern and clean. It’s apparent from the beginning that the site is best for foreign men who are seeking serious relationships with Pinays.

There are several authentic testimonials written by men and women who found true love on this site.

If you’re serious about meeting a Filipina bride or girlfriend, I can tell right off the bat that TrulyFilipina is worth a look. Do note that TrulyFilipina is desktop only, unlike TrulyAsian, which has a phone app available as well.

Overall, there are no red flags on TrulyFilipina’s homepage that make me feel like it’s unsafe. Now, let’s check out the signup process.

Truly Filipina Sign Up

Signing up for Truly Filipina is quite easy. It should only take you a few minutes before you begin messaging. What I like a lot about this dating site from the get-go is that they verify your profile before it goes live.

In the world of online catfish and fake dating profiles, it’s critical to have some sort of profile verification in place. I’m not talking Fort Knox level security, but at least something that’ll keep the number of fake profiles and online hucksters minimized.

Once you sign up with your email, you’ll automatically navigate to your new profile page. You’ll see a message at the bottom of the screen that “your profile is being reviewed.” This is the verification step that I mentioned.

truly filipina verification

Your Account Page

While you wait for your account to be verified by the Truly Filipina team, take a look around to see how the site works. The navigation menu is clean, easy to use, and your account page shows all your latest updates.

Your account page looks like this:

truly filipina account 2

I recommend adding your photos as soon as possible to increase your response rate and begin to get noticed by single women using the site right away.

If you’re new to online dating, I recommend my guide on how to write a dating profile for a man. It teaches you exactly what to avoid when creating your profile.

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to turn women off by making even the slightest mistake that you don’t even realize is a mistake until it’s too late.

Another thing I like about Truly Filipina is they give you the option to control your notifications right from your main account page instead of burying them somewhere you can’t find them.

If you want to go into stealth mode or avoid being bombarded with email notifications from women who are eager to meet you, this is the place to do it.

Once your profile is ready, and you’ve added a few photos, it’s time to start navigating the site.

TrulyFilipina Navigation and Features

truly filipina account

The screenshot above shows you your options. You have the ability to send interest to women, make friends, engage in chats, check your history, edit your profile, and adjust your account settings.

The menu is easy for anyone to use. If you’re an older guy who’s not computer savvy, there’s no need to worry.

The first place to click is “Search.”

Browsing Members and Chatting

sexy filipina

Once you click on the search setting, you’ll navigate to a page to see who’s online. At the time of this writing, there are a plethora of single Filipinas who have been online in the past 24 hours.

I’m actually impressed by the number of real single women using this site. To see how easy it truly is to sign up and start browsing members, I recommend clicking here to sign up and see for yourself.

I would post a screenshot, but I don’t want to post women’s photos on a public site without their permission.

So literally, in just a few minutes, I went from signing up to browsing single Filipina members. The best part is a lot of the women are online, and the women who aren’t currently online were online within the past 24 hours.

This is the type of active membership I look for when deciding to put my valuable time into using a dating site.

On another note, the women do range in age. This site certainly isn’t for older men or women only. There are also members from all over the islands.

Is it worth it to upgrade?

If you’re serious about meeting the women on the site, it’s necessary to upgrade to begin instantly chatting with them. This may seem like a scam or drawback, but it’s actually a highlight.

I’ve had the best experiences on dating sites that require an upgrade to chat with women. Why? Just look at the screenshot below:

trulyfilipina members

An upgrade option keeps the men who aren’t serious about meeting women out, and it draws more women in because they know male members are serious about meeting them for more than just, you know.

Dating apps like Tinder are the complete opposite. There are so many men using free dating apps and sites these days, that it’s impossible to get noticed without a sizzling profile.

It’s the same reason that I go to a bar to party first and meet women second. Every guy there is on the prowl to meet a handful of women.

TrulyFilipina cuts out the guys who are getting in your way and puts you at the front of the line.

Once you upgrade, you’re ready to start chatting with unlimited Filipinas from all over the islands.

Your Mailbox

To check your messages and chat with women, click the “Messages” tab in the menu. The mailbox is easy to use for anyone. You can choose between your inbox, sent messages to check their status, and your trash.

Overall, using the mailbox is straightforward.

Advanced Search

My favorite feature is the advanced search function. Click the “Search” option in the menu, and you’ll see the option for “Advanced Search” in the dropdown menu. This is where you can really laser target your Filipina dream woman.

TrulyFilipina advanced search

You have the option to search by “Relation Type” and “Body Type.” I recommend using the last activity option to search for women who were online within the past week.

Considering the number of single women on the site, you want to focus on the most active women or men first.

I also recommend searching outside of major cities since most men look in Manila or Cebu first. Manila girls and Cebuanas are a lot different than the more traditional Filipinas living outside of the major cities.

Manila and Cebu are better for dating, while smaller cities and more off-the-beaten-path locations are better for finding a Filipina wife.

Trust me, I’ve spent significant time in Manila, and it’s a lot more competitive than other places in the Philippines. That’s not to say it’s not an amazing place to meet Pinays, just know it’s more competitive and westernized.

My TrulyFilipina Site Review

TrulyFilipina is undoubtedly worth trying for men who are serious about meeting Filipina women and for women who are serious about meeting foreign men.

There are more than enough active members, and the upgrade option to chat is one that I like. Online dating is so big in the Philippines that there’s never a shortage of women.

In fact, Manila is the most densely populated city in the world (*) by a large margin. The density is more than double Dhaka, the second city on the list.

Then, on top of that, the Filipino cities Pateros and Cavite City are numbers 3 and 4 on the list. Cavite City is close to Manila.

Abortion is illegal in the Philippines, and families are big. This equals a ton of beautiful single women who are open to meeting foreigners.

TrulyFilipina is easy to use for men of all ages, and it allows you to customize your profile and notifications. The messaging system is straightforward. There are no red flags like I’ve seen before on obvious scam dating sites.

There’s also an option for a 7-Day Elite Member Trial that costs just a few bucks. In my opinion, this is the way to go. Most premium dating sites don’t offer members a taste like this.

Click Here to start your trial and see if your Filipina dream woman is currently waiting for you on TrulyFilipina. You never know what may happen, and there are surely enough women using the site to make it worth your time.


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